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To average 45 in the era he played in against some of the best attacks ever showed his class.

NZ’s pitches back then weren’t the best either. RIP.

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Any other league spots open?

My team is Tigerstripes

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I’d give him a go in the #13 next year. I know for some, his size may be an issue but remember we just had Liam Fulton there and he was probably the smallest lock forward in the game over the past decade.

If we are going to go with Moses and Brooks in the halves next year, they will at times need another option in attack to take the pressure off. With Tedesco more of a hole runner rather then a ball player, Austin could be that extra option.

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He just doesn’t seem the right fit for Canberra.
I think Sheens would of been a better pick for them. He is good at developing a core group of players and as he showed when he took over at the Tigers, he is good at taking over a disjointed club and bringing the players together.

Stuart just seems to have the opposite affect.

As for dud signings as far as players go, I would have to say Ben Barba would be right up there considering the amount of $$$ he would be on.

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Based on last week, I would say it was a fair call today. However, I hate the obstruction rule. I don’t remember hearing this much conjecture about the obstruction 10-15 years ago. They should get rid of this rule where if a guy is taken out, it is no try, forget about this inside shoulder business and just wipe the slate clean. Place it at the discretion of the referees with one simple question. If someone has been taken out, would he of affected the play or not?

Also, with two referees on the field, we shouldn’t even need to go to the video ref to determine what is an obstruction or not. The pocket referee should look at the play, have a feel for the game and be able to determine if an obstruction has occurred or not. He would have the perfect view for it.

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My story begins in the early 90s when I was only about 4 or 5 years old. We lived in the Campbelltown area (Still do) and we used to have a house down at St Georges Basin on the south coast. At the time my parents were still finishing building the house, so for a little kid like me there wasn’t much to do besides plonk myself in front of the old TV and watch the Rugby League.

I remember watching some finals matches on channel 9, generally the teams would be Canberra, Brisbane, Canterbury and Norths. So I was a bit of a Norths and Canberra fan back then. Then a few years later my Dad told me he followed Balmain but also had a soft spot for Parra as he lived there in the 80s. So naturally I became a Balmain and Parra fan.

Anyway in 2000 the merger occurred, unlike most people at that time, as an 11 year old I was ecstatic that one of the teams that I followed merged with my local team. It wasn’t until about 2003 that Wests Tigers became my clear cut number 1 team, where as my interest in Parra has diminished to the point that I cannot stand losing to them.

It’s funny how as a little kid, sometimes it’s the smallest things that determine the team you go for.

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@happy tiger:



awesome finish to the test. so glad the aussies won it as they really deserved to.

unfortunately, as ftb says, there may always be the spectre of steyn’s injury hanging over the result. also have to agree that before proclaiming themselves as the best in the world, the aussies need a sustained period of success now.

i think the only gauge is the icc rankings? i guess until they are number 1 they cant really say they are number 1.

I hope not. We lost the Ashes in 2005 with McGrath having injury issues but overtime it’s been forgotten and rightly so. Injuries and luck play as much of a part as a win as does form and umpiring decisions.

And I agree about the sustained period of success. South Africa have lost some leadership with Kallis and now Smith, as have England with Pieterson and Swann. But as always the game moves on and new players take the places of the games former top players but that usually takes some time. Australia has a real chance to have a good year or two at the top if they can keep the team healthy and in form.

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I still maintain that Shaun Tait cost us the Ashes in 2005

If we could of managed another 15-20 runs I reckon we win that test and that ridiculous shot he attempted :brick: :brick: :brick: :brick: :bash :rant

I remember that shot too. He was almost off the pitch he was that far inside the line of the ball. But if we’re going to talk about that innings then I think what cost us the Ashes was Simon Katich’s dismissal. Harmison bowling a 1/2 tracker pitching about a metre outside leg stump and yet Aleem Dar gave him out lbw when he was well set…. I guess that might be why Shane Warne has never rated Dar as an umpire 😆

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I was cheering too. Then it hit me, he is in my NRL Supercoach team 😦 haha

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I liked Gus Gould’s comment last night: “Aaron Woods, he looks like someone that would be fun to have a party with”

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Yeah I am a bit confused with what the video ref said afterwards with his explanation. But with a penalty try the referee has to be 100% sure that he would of scored. I am not sure he 100% would of scored. Maybe 90% or even 95%. But you can’t really compare that to the Jamie Ainscough high tackle on Craig Smith in the 1999 Grand Final because that hapened nowhere near the sideline.

I could see why they didn’t award the penalty try despite the explanation given afterwards.