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@Jedi_Tiger said in The Papenhuyzen decision...:

Cotric is officially listed as a Canberra raider in the nrl squad list Geo
so may not be right with Harry as he has West Tigers / Melbourne Storm
but I am with Cotric take a look

Cotric may officially still be a Raider, but they are officially about to lose him, which is what I think the original point was about.

All good.

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@CCTW said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

McIntyre has re-signed. No word on when the announcement will be.

And thank you mate, great news!!

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@JoshColeman99 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Matt Eisenhuth also signed with Penrith… Ivan really picking up all our rejects. Two players and a coach

Really though it’s a good pickup for them, Eiso had a good year and is a solid depth pickup for them, happy he found a club to play at

Good luck for the Huth. Good on him.

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@jirskyr said in Crawley Warning - ripping us to shreds:

@851 said in Crawley Warning - ripping us to shreds:

@jirskyr said in Crawley Warning - ripping us to shreds:

@Spud_Murphy said in Crawley Warning - ripping us to shreds:

That’s just it, they haven’t bounced off! Everything negative thing written or spoken about our club has stuck and is repeated ad nauseum until it does. The club needs to call out the falsities in their stories and shut it down once and for all. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of hearing it.

No everything hasn’t stuck, you only think this because you are a Tigers supporter and you are on here all the time consuming all the Tigers news.

Most fans don’t pay particular attention to Tigers news, not any more than any other club, and most of the comments nobody pays much attention to. For example the DT “300K” salary cap comment, nobody really cared in the wider NRL beyond Tigers fans.

You don’t think there is any connection between these malicious stories and our inability to land a top signing, I think they are closely related.

No I don’t think there’s a direct connection. Souths are copping a hammering in the press but they might be signing JAC and they did sign Latrell. Titans have been dismissed for years and years in the media but they landed the biggest fish of all in 2020. Newcastle have been dragged through the media for years whilst earning wooden spoons, but within a few years they’ve landed Ponga, Klemmer and Pearce.

It’s like media talk of politics or business - the people who are really in politics and business know better than the media what is going on. You might hear stories in the edia but you also know better because you are actually part of the organisation.

I’d be more worried about players talking to each other, or player managers giving opinions, than media articles.

If you are a footballer or any employee really, you don’t dismiss an organisation simply because you read stuff in the paper. You go and see for yourself, talk to them for yourself. Or send your representatives. If you do otherwise, well then you are a moron, doing yourself a disservice and we are better off without you.

The thing about landing “a top signing” that so many people seem to overlook is that Tigers weren’t so bad back when we were last competitive - Ellis, Blair. Yes that was 10 years ago, but in the time that those players moved on, they were replaced by big-name juniors, so you don’t go out spending your salary cap on marquees when you have them emerging within your squad.

This gets us to 2015-2016 when those marquees (Tedesco, Woods, Brooks, Moses) are cementing themselves as prominent talents, some of them rep-level. We have a bad run of coach change and player loss, but those guys were indeed replaced by big-name signings like Reynolds, Matulino, Packer, Mbye. Problem for us obviously is that these signings were not value for money.

Now we are ~1 year away from clearing those big contracts and at that point you should expect to see some big-name signings again, unless of course we have developed more prominent juniors and need to keep our funds to retain those players.

Which big-name footballer did Penrith sign to transition from 2019 no finals to 2020 minor premiers? Koroisau and Tetevano, not superstars. The core of their success came from footballers they’d nurtured for many seasons.

Which big-name player did Melbourne sign to be premiers? Nobody, they recruited nobodies and developed them. They made Papenhuyzen a star player, they didn’t sign him on as one.

The fixation on “top signings” in silly, it’s not going to do the heavy lifting that Tigers really need - good young kids, good value for money, who together develop a strong team and work ethic, a winning culture, and then perhaps a top signing can ice that cake.

Very well expressed, and everything you say makes sense to me.

Focusing on our juniors does seem to be the way forward. I do have a couple of questions for you however, as I don’t know what the answers are to these questions but I suspect you might have an idea.

  1. Do you think the club sees it this way?
  2. Why then did we chase Latrell Mitchell last year?
  3. Why then are we chasing JAC this year?
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@pawsandclaws1 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@TheDaBoss said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

the only chance we have of getting Sualli imo is if we get a clubman like Rowdy to go and speak to him and just get him to lay everything the club represents, culture etc

It’s interesting the Roosters feel the need to use SBW. Perhaps negs.are not going their way?

It’s what they and the Storm do. Take your big guns out to see the juniors, players that the prospective junior idolises. Good business practice imo.

Imagine being a young kid and having Benji Marshall trying to convince you to sign. Mate, I would listen.

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@TheDaBoss said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

the only chance we have of getting Sualli imo is if we get a clubman like Rowdy to go and speak to him and just get him to lay everything the club represents, culture etc

That is exactly the role Robbie or Benji should have been filling for us. But for some reason it hasn’t turned out like that.

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@Earl said in November 1 is the day:

@pawsandclaws1 said in November 1 is the day:

If we’re the cats with the cash, we need to play hardball. Douelhi was a great buy, as was Luciano Leilua. More like them please. Saab would be a great buy.

These are the type of signings that can turn our club around. We just need to ignore the noise and focus on developing a quality squad. If we keep picking up a player or two like that going forward we will be good to go.

I’m even going to state BJ was a good signing mainly because if he doesn’t perform this year he won’t get another contract. We have to start looking at the downside of contracts as well as the upside.

Good words mate, very well put.

I don’t think we actually need JAC at this stage in our rebuild, I just feel considering we have tried to sign him that now if we fail it will hurt our reputation a bit more (strengthening the viewpoint of us as an undesirable club to be at).

It would almost have been better if he was never on our radar at all.

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@Cultured_Bogan said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Jesus this infatuation with Benji being let go on Facebook has hit fever pitch. Fans of the club even going so far to say that they hope Benji puts on a clinic against us next year if he has signed with the Cowboys.

Great committed fanbase we have.

I don’t understand that at all. Imo Benji was great, but as a Wests Tiger player. Because he was a Wests Tigers player. The minute he dons another jersey and opposes us, he’s an enemy. I mean he’ll always be a Wests Tigers legend, and I hope he personally does well, just not against us.

No way would I ever hope he did well over us, at our detriment, to our expense. That I just don’t understand.

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I feel that this protest against singing the anthem is disrespectful against Australia, because the anthem is supposed to represent Australia. The act of singing the anthem is an act of respect. It’s a tribute to Australia. And Australia is a great lucky place to live within. We have a lot of problems, get a lot of things wrong, have done a lot wrong in the past, all true, but we’re still a great country. Singing the anthem is showing respect to our country. A person/player doesn’t even have to sing it really, doesn’t even have to move their lips, just show some respect, stand there respectfully. Don’t stand there with an aggressive defiant expression.

I’m happy for people to change the anthem, that’s fine, whatever’s best for everyone, no worries at all, but in the meantime, go about that process of change respectfully, because a lot of this protest comes across as entitlement, and arrogance, and that’s just stirring the pot.

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Was that a photo-shot job (Benji in the Cowboys kit)? As kiwitiger said, where’s the tats, and that body looks too skinny for Benji (not muscly enough).

Good luck to him if he does end up there. I would think it shuts the door to any post-football job at the WT though, but I think Benji will be right, the media has always loved him and he can get a permanent job there if he wanted.