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After the way we have welcomed back Benji and Robbie, watching them get to their 300, I can’t see Chrissy playing for another club against us. If he’s determined to play on, we need to come to an agreement and sign him up.

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Well, it’s been said, but i also want to put my name out there for saying it also. - Please let the WT take no player from Souths, not Johnston, not Gagai, not anyone. We aren’t going to come out anywhere near on top in all this, we are pretty much guaranteed to come out near the bottom, so let’s at least not help our opponents in manipulating the system.

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So, first reaction is that I’m impressed. We made an offer, Latrell didn’t really want it, we moved on. We refused to make special allowances for one player which would have created player disharmony and made us weak. You don’t let the inmates run the asylum. Impressive we took that stand despite the inital backlash we would receive.

So now, can we look at JAC and Lomax? Lomax at fullback? Can we afford Arrow as well? In all honesty, if we can land two of those players (plus Luciano) I will be pleased.

We have stood up to not be walked on, that’s good, but we need now to land some signatures. Hoping for Luciano soonish.

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@Ponyo said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Buzz reckons NRL are set to approve a 10 year Burgess payout for Souths in adminastration role “The NRL is expected to approve his medical retirement by the end of the week. Outside of the new job at Souths, Burgess also recently signed a new commentary deal at Fox Sports”. They’re saying the end of the week now? It seems like they’ve fast-tracked it all if Buzz is on the money here. It would be crazy if it got approved so quickly after Greenberg said in the new year. Wouldn’t be surprised if the timing was by design

I thought this was a joke when originally posted. Just rubbish by Buzz. But now I see a story on Fox about the same, and think it might be happening.

This game is so corrupt, so fixed. Some teams are definitely favoured higher than others. Absolute rubbish that this “post career” admin job, paying $360k a year for 10 years, with the total happening to equal the contract he signed last year, wasn’t sorted before he agreed to retire. Obviously it’s too offset the retirement, to pay him outside of the cap. If it was a for real rmedical retirement, why do they have to sort any deal? And it is obviously used to convince him to retire, which is a bigger breach than we were pinged for.

Fuming, so much so that I had to edit this post to take out a few words.

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Sometimes I think our only chance for a fair comp is if the ATO come and bust down some doors. Come on ATO, NRL is practically an organised crime syndicate - all these wages being paid without tax, and they’re all in on it. From players to players’ families to player managers, clubs, NRL administration, club CEOs, NRL CEOs.

NRL will never change from within, they are rotten to the core. They need external pressure to uproot the disease. Every organisation needs something over them to keep them in line, NRL is no different, but it is long overdue.

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@Madge Thank you for that, that was really good. I’m not the biggest Robbie fan, but he expressed himself very well there, and i think pretty much all of this forum would be 100% behind him on his comments.

He said a player has to earn his right to ask for big money, and that’s by a lot more than one good year. If Matto had put in another good year next year, WT would probably have been looking to upgrade him on bigger money then for the future. But now, due to probably bad advice he has burnt his bridge at WT pretty much.

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@Spartan117 wait wait wait. So Mannah had an offer of an ambassador role made to him, for after he retires, which influenced his decision to stay with the club?

Isn’t that the exact sort of thing which cost us over $600k off our cap and got Pascoe suspended for 6 months??

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Let me try to close that can of worms.

Really, who cares what the business men in suits who are steering the business side have on their corporate logo, we are Wests Tigers, with a long two pronged history, and a united path forward, hopefully to finals and a few premierships.

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We need to improve the overall class of our squad - very very true. But that is not going to happen by upgrading every single player. Not immediate;y anyway. We need to upgrade some players but first get the money from retaining relatively cheap good value players. Thompson fits here for mine, good value (preferably either starting on the wing, or as a backup winger fullback),

Plus we stuck it up Penrith - bugger them. Good signing.

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With four or more clubs chasing him, I doubt the winning bid will b less than $500k. Unless Roosters snare him for $150k.

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Merry Christmas all, and if you choose not to celebrate Christmas, then I hope you enjoy spending the time as you choose.

If I had a festive wish, it would be for no one else to be hurt by these bloody bush fires, and for it to rain and put them all out.

Peace all.

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As I don’t live in Sydney, and I have various commitments, I can’t get to the games at Leichhardt or Campbelltown. There’s a certain sense of community I’ve felt when I’m at those grounds, surrounded by thousands of people just like me, it’s a feeling I can’t describe, but to people on this forum, I don’t need to because I’d bet you all feel it too.

Since I’ve found this forum, for me it gives me that feeling just like I’m at the stadium, surrounded by many who share my passion. I don’t even like to check or anywhere else anymore for my football updates, I just come straight here, it has everything I need to know.

I thank you Kul for making that possible. I hope you know how much you are appreciated and how much this forum means to a lot of people.

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Considering we have two rookies as starting props, our captain centre and only hooker have gone down injured, for us to be leading and have them scoreless is a great effort,

We will win this game, against the odds, and march on forward to the finals.

Here we go Madge, inspire them!!!

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@851 He’s certainly played better this year. The way he threw a tantrum and dogged our club to me is unforgivable. I’d prefer Brooks to him any day, even if Moses is the better player over all.

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Maybe the issue lies with opinion as opposed to faith. If you don’t believe in a god, then that’s your opinion, and having a different opinion is fine, opinions change anyway. But if you believe in a god, you have faith, and faith is absolute, and unquestionable, and demands that it is the one true faith and that those that don’t have it should.

To those who don’t believe, faith is just another opinion, and shouldn’t stand above others. I can’t comment from the perspective of one with faith.