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After the way we have welcomed back Benji and Robbie, watching them get to their 300, I can’t see Chrissy playing for another club against us. If he’s determined to play on, we need to come to an agreement and sign him up.

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Well, it’s been said, but i also want to put my name out there for saying it also. - Please let the WT take no player from Souths, not Johnston, not Gagai, not anyone. We aren’t going to come out anywhere near on top in all this, we are pretty much guaranteed to come out near the bottom, so let’s at least not help our opponents in manipulating the system.

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This V’landys chap is starting to grow on me.
How good is this…

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Thompson’s agent Mario Tartak of Crown Sports International was confident a deal was imminent.

“We’re just finetuning a few things now,” Tartak told The Daily Telegraph.

“We’re looking at a multi-year deal with Corey stepping into the starting team immediately.

“The position he plays and the leadership he brings to a team like that will bring the Titans on leaps and bounds.

“We’re working on him for next week but hopefully it will happen this week.”

Thompson was the Tigers leading tryscorer last year with nine tries from 22 games but was moved to the bench for fullback Adam Douehi.

It is believed that the opportunity to take on a bigger role and move closer to his family were the key drivers behind the move.

I just hope that Thompson gets at least what he was on here, but he really deserves a bit more.

He came to us a player who had played most recently in England, and as a player who was not expected to play much First Grade. He did play First Grade, being picked at the start of the season over players many of us thought were ahead of him. His heart and will to perform outshone. He became a valuable player to our team, one who despite everything that happened will probably be most renowned for being one of our gutsiest players who never gave up trying.

If he joins the Titans, he will be a major asset for that team and they will certainly be a better squad for his inclusion. He contributes more than the mere sum of his parts.

If he would like to stay a Wests Tiger a bit longer, good on him, I can completely understand not wanting to leave our club.

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What an absolute piece of work that guy is. Unless I missed it, he said it wasnt money that made him leave, and that he was misunderstood, but he still didnt give a reason for him leaving apart from saying it was out of his control.

Apology not accepted Matterson, but i for one won’t waste any time lamenting over you mate. Enjoy the slimy Eels, hope you find whatever it was you were looking for, and not at our club ever again.

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NRL statement on Isaac Moses

NRL Media Release

The National Rugby League (NRL) has today announced the conclusion of disciplinary proceedings against Mr Isaac Moses in relation to his accreditation as an NRL player agent.

Following the conclusion of this process the NRL has determined that Mr Moses’ accreditation as an NRL player agent should be cancelled.

The NRL found that Mr Moses breached his obligations as an Accredited Agent in 2017 by procuring and assisting one of his clients, Mr Tim Mannah, to give evidence to the NRL that was false and intended to mislead an investigation of the NRL Integrity & Compliance Unit.

The determination found that Mr Moses’ conduct was in breach of the rules that govern the conduct of NRL player agents.

“Player agents have a very influential role in the game and with the players they represent. Where agents fail to adhere to the standards expected of them, we will intervene to take action under the NRL Rules. That is what we have done in this case after a thorough investigation by the League’s Integrity & Compliance Unit,” said NRL Interim CEO, Andrew Abdo.

Under the NRL Rules, Mr Moses has the right to apply to appeal the determination to the independent Appeals Committee. The cancellation of Mr Moses registration will not take effect pending confirmation of any appeal. This means that if leave to appeal is granted his accreditation will continue to be recognised until notified by the NRL.

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A person could legitimately say that there are occasions in every game where every team should have received a penalty or a ‘6 again’ call, and it was missed. You win some, you lose some. Luck of the draw. Humans are not perfect, mistakes are made. Fair enough.

When the luck is against you in every game, and you receive less calls than the other team in every game, so consistently, then that is not luck. To pass it off as an unconscious bias humans have towards the teams who are thought to perform better, is still a bias, it is by it’s very definition unfair.

It is either that unconscious bias or a deliberate bias or no bias at all and we are either genuinely the more ill-disciplined team every single week or the most unlucky team every single week. I don’t believe the third or fourth options for a second. No one is that unlucky or that undisciplined. That only leaves us with the other two options, both of bias against us.

Absolutely sick of it, and I don’t understand how the WT can put up with it without making a stand against the administration.

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So, first reaction is that I’m impressed. We made an offer, Latrell didn’t really want it, we moved on. We refused to make special allowances for one player which would have created player disharmony and made us weak. You don’t let the inmates run the asylum. Impressive we took that stand despite the inital backlash we would receive.

So now, can we look at JAC and Lomax? Lomax at fullback? Can we afford Arrow as well? In all honesty, if we can land two of those players (plus Luciano) I will be pleased.

We have stood up to not be walked on, that’s good, but we need now to land some signatures. Hoping for Luciano soonish.

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Buzz reckons NRL are set to approve a 10 year Burgess payout for Souths in adminastration role “The NRL is expected to approve his medical retirement by the end of the week. Outside of the new job at Souths, Burgess also recently signed a new commentary deal at Fox Sports”. They’re saying the end of the week now? It seems like they’ve fast-tracked it all if Buzz is on the money here. It would be crazy if it got approved so quickly after Greenberg said in the new year. Wouldn’t be surprised if the timing was by design

I thought this was a joke when originally posted. Just rubbish by Buzz. But now I see a story on Fox about the same, and think it might be happening.

This game is so corrupt, so fixed. Some teams are definitely favoured higher than others. Absolute rubbish that this “post career” admin job, paying $360k a year for 10 years, with the total happening to equal the contract he signed last year, wasn’t sorted before he agreed to retire. Obviously it’s too offset the retirement, to pay him outside of the cap. If it was a for real rmedical retirement, why do they have to sort any deal? And it is obviously used to convince him to retire, which is a bigger breach than we were pinged for.

Fuming, so much so that I had to edit this post to take out a few words.

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Roosters will be giving him so many perks, we can’t compete on sheer salary cap alone. He’d have to have a personality change and have the goal of helping a struggling club develop into a successful one.

He didn’t have it before, but who knows, his priorities might change one day.

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Secretly good to see Simon Dwyer’s name still associated with the WT. I see him on the telly up in the box during games sitting near Madge.

Hope he and all the others are all well.

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Sometimes I think our only chance for a fair comp is if the ATO come and bust down some doors. Come on ATO, NRL is practically an organised crime syndicate - all these wages being paid without tax, and they’re all in on it. From players to players’ families to player managers, clubs, NRL administration, club CEOs, NRL CEOs.

NRL will never change from within, they are rotten to the core. They need external pressure to uproot the disease. Every organisation needs something over them to keep them in line, NRL is no different, but it is long overdue.

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@Madge Thank you for that, that was really good. I’m not the biggest Robbie fan, but he expressed himself very well there, and i think pretty much all of this forum would be 100% behind him on his comments.

He said a player has to earn his right to ask for big money, and that’s by a lot more than one good year. If Matto had put in another good year next year, WT would probably have been looking to upgrade him on bigger money then for the future. But now, due to probably bad advice he has burnt his bridge at WT pretty much.

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@Spartan117 wait wait wait. So Mannah had an offer of an ambassador role made to him, for after he retires, which influenced his decision to stay with the club?

Isn’t that the exact sort of thing which cost us over $600k off our cap and got Pascoe suspended for 6 months??

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Let me try to close that can of worms.

Really, who cares what the business men in suits who are steering the business side have on their corporate logo, we are Wests Tigers, with a long two pronged history, and a united path forward, hopefully to finals and a few premierships.