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@Tiger Watto:


So the rumours and txts starting to flow within the last hour is that its Cowboys and its to do with houses being built for players under market value.

Reckon its a good bet it will boil over tomorrow.


So players aren’t allowed to make good investments?

If thats all the NRL have, they are stretching a long bow!

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A long bow???They are buying houses to be built by a builder for $200,000(instead of the normal $450,000 price tag)and the club makes up the other $250,000.

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God help me. It’s a game of football, not life and death. Please get a life.

Then please kindly stop supporting our club. If your not going to get behind the Tigers whole-heartedly, then why bother?[/quote

He simply said Its not Life and death.Whats the punishment for watching a tigers game without a life or death jihadist attitude “Tigersbra”???A stoning???.Some people do have a life outside football you should try it “bra”’.What size r u anyway???38 DD or what “bra” 😆 And this is the poor guy(magpiecol)who gets bashed from pillar to post by some on here. :crazy :crazy

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Jerry we know you have a real axe to grind with humpty.
Funnily enough you fail to mention that next year the only players under contracts organised during humptys watch will be farah & Lawrence.

The rest?? All under grant mayer. Pretty safe to say it’s obvious why GM got punted by the new board. Both our last CEOs were the kings of the backenders.

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Once you structure a teams contracts in a particular way as Humpty did with all these backended contracts it was always going to be near on impossible for the next CEO to fix which is why I often stood up for Mayer.Despite popular opinion last year The poor bastard had no chance.I now take my hat off to Marina Go for having the “balls” 😆 😆 (sorry I cant help it)to come clean with the mess that is Wests tigers we are now in re build and to yet again use that obese 200kg analogy again Marina Go and co at least will make sure we look 180kg shortly.Right now we are Alex on this short vid but we will be Usain Bolt soon.We just have to wait till 2017 but I do trust ourcurrent staff cause they are one thing that this franchise hasn’t seen in a long while.HONESTY.

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winning the 2005 grand final lead fans to believe we were one big happy family instead of a step family but the truth is the shotgun wedding in late 1999 and early cash incentives to merge all prove their was no love in the relationship and at times divorce is discussed.

I was thinking this but I was waiting to state it. What if all the JT supporters are just old Wests supporters who will just throw their support behind any muppet so long as he has some prior relationship to the maggies.

That explains the delusional posting and explains what can only be explained as an agenda.

Anyhoo - go the Tigers. I hope JT has learnt from his stuff ups.

Or maybe, just maybe, some people just have a different opinion to you.

Yep. I accept this, Some people can think its cool to be last on the comp.

The irony of this is the true reason we sit where we are at the moment is the fault of one Stephen Humphreys.An absolute Balmain muppet who did everything he could to persecute the Wests side of the JV and who is the son of Kevin Humphreys who did everything he could to get rid(and failed) of Western Suburbs from the comp.

So perhaps what you should “accept” steve “tiger” is that some people have moved on from the fossils who still watch Wests tigers games in there 1969 Balmain tigers undies or a more “modern” version of the 1978 minor premier souvenir edition from the Wests side.

Sadly we are blaming the fireman once more and giving the arsonist a free ride.Stephen Humphreys reputation in the end with players and contracts was absolute mud and he was the one who backloaded all these contracts to fulfil his own ego with the thought process of great lets sign everyone for a dollar while Im CEO and backload them for a Million when he would of truly left the scene.Its quite a common thing in the Ego filled corporate world for people to attempt and smart businesses go to great lengths for the outgoing person to leave without causing too much crap.

All you "Tiger"fans(which Im one of)are blaming the gym instructor who was hired last night to fix this 200kg obese aint a quick fix guys.

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@bp tiger:

has been a great clubman all the best.

now we only need to get rid of 30 more players, then we can bring in the under 10s as the next furture stars. what gets me who the hell are going to replace these players and dont get me wrong they need to go but we cant buy anyone so whoever it is ,.is going to be a young player thrown in the deep end, THIS CANNOT END WELL.

Which is why I really feel for JT When the frustrated masses want to throw him under the bus.

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Get held up on the 4th. Then take a hit up next tackle because they didn’t realize it was he last LOL this team is retarded.

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Oh Dear, how politically incorrect is this post, denigrating handicapped people instead of Kimmorley.

Call me retarded aswell then cause if they got held up on the 4th then take a hit up on the 5th isn’t their one tackle left. :crazy :crazy 😆 😆

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@Magpie Ryan:


I think Lovett will come into his own next year with the reduced interchanges. You won’t have fresh monoliths run on every 20 minutes.

Yeah agreed P&C’s,He certainly doesn’t lack enthusiasm and will be good for this years experience,when he finds he’s feet he’s the type of player that will benefit from the interchange rule change.

Agreed also.I Think Jesse Sue will come into his own next year as a prop with reduced interchange too.

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Well there have been a bloody lot worse to pull on the WTs jumper over the years…

Kiethy,you have been an admirable team and clubman…I for one am very proud of your efforts for us…

Well said as usual TT.Some fans really do like to crap on players that spill their guts.

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Gone, and thank god

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ok fair enough.But wasn’t he on something light like only $300,000 a year or something.Not much saving really if this is the case.

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Is this guy for real? We lose by 25 points, last placed on table, guarenteed wooden spoon and he says “i was pleased how we went tonite”. Please, we need him gone asap or this club will never recover from this depth. We will lose any decent players we have (I know there are’nt many) and will not be able to recruit any decent players. He is clueless !

At least he gets them to try each week which is a miracle in itself considering how bad this club is/has been travelling off the field.This poor bastard(JT)IS on a hiding to nothing as we lose one quality player after another.Austin,Bodene and now keith might say Keithy sucks well I bet hes a lot better than his replacement that JT has to work wonders with.