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@2005magic said in Packer:

Safe to say it will take at least a month or two for specialist reports, club submission, NRL and insurance assessment and final NRL decision. That would mean certainly a extra slot to fill by 30 June if NRL agrees. Agree a tough, no nonsense forward leader would be great but who and where from? I don’t see much leadership role models being available from NRL ranks although certainly someone might be available with the final club roster merry go round that always happens. I’d also be casting my eyes at ESL props or back rowers for someone that might fit the role

If packer is done will we lack depth in big middles? Sure…but I don’t think we need a tough no nonsense big minutes prop leader…I think we already have him in Twal, everyone is sleeping on the guy but I predict him to be our pack leader for many years to come. Stefano would have been great for depth tho. I think Seyfarth, ET or huth will play lock which will probably free Aloiai into the the prop rotation
Twal, mikaele, Musgrove, Aloiai, Clarke ain’t a bad bunch definitely short one depth prop tho imo

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Whilst I am a fan of Mbye I believe momo is best suited to centre with the new rule change as he is pretty tall. Where as Mbye is only 180cm. I’m still not sure if Mbye is a 9 tho as I believe his best skill is his second receiver passing game, but unfortunately benji is at 6 and seems to have lost his pace through injuries which means FB is a no go.

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Daammmn Saab with that thick booty…poor kid looked so embarrassed

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This is why we were hyping drinkwater up and wanted him at the tigs…kids a gun

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Mbye 9 or whoever
Still no pace which is what we really need

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@avocadoontoast said in NRL Nines 2020...*Live Thread:

If Nofo is winger come round 1 we’re in big trouble. He is the slowest player in the world.

Can’t believe I used to defend nofo…absolute garbage form him…no speed, no height what does he give? He’s a fantastic finisher and good at hitting it up buts that’s about it…very disappointed with him…personally I’d have Jennings and Talau on the wings

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@OzLuke said in McQueen:

@Demps said in McQueen:

Average at best.

Walters looked good.
Madden tried hard.

I was suprised at how quick Madden was…

Madden and brooks havles combo?

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Say whatever you want Bout the format we were shocking that game absolutely no pace…two typicall tigers perfomces…really hope we turn up better round 1

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We just look so sluggish…no speed at all in this side