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@happy_tiger said in Corey Harawira-Naera:

It depends I guess on whether he continued on after knowing her age

She was 17 so the age isn’t so relevant, it’s the fact she was a school person and whether or not he’d been to that school.

I would expect that very many school-age girls, up to and including 18, have slept with footballers over the decades.

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@Tiger5150 said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

@Tiger5150 said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

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@Tiger5150 said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

@twentyforty said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

@Tiger5150 said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

@twentyforty said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

I’m having difficulty in understanding social distancing rules? It seems ok to stand in a queue to vote but a funeral must be limited to 10 mourners. It seems ok for hairdressers to continue to work, but beaches must be closed because the bathers are getting too close?
Has this pandemic shown us how ineffective our political system is ? Or are we just lacking leadership? I can understand why we need to take advice from WHO , but we always seem to be behind the pace? Russia closed its borders, and started contact tracing, in January. I’m not suggesting Russia is a model to follow or a country I would like to live in , merely pointing to decisive leadership.

Not having a go at you, nor am I necessarily defending the Govt or leadership, but what exactly do you think they should do? Are you suggesting a full lockdown?

Seems that most people are screaming that the Govt “should do more!!!” but I think it seems to be a lot of people who would not vote Libs in any situation.

Personally, I dont want the Govt to do more, or do less. I want them to take the advice of ALL the experts available to them to chart a course that navigates the tricky path of minimising deaths, ensuring our health system is not overwhelmed yet maintaining the maximum economic heartbeat possible.

Of course the natural reaction is to think to stop everything, shut down everything in total lockdown, and it may come to that and be necessary if it looks like it will overwhelm the health system, and Id be all for it in those circumstances, but if it is possible to reduce the rate of spread to a point that the health system can cope, yet keep as much of the economy running, then for me that is the best path.

This may seem callous for want of a better word, but when this is over, we are going to need to climb out of it and the depth of the decline economically will have a massive impact on many peoples lives for years to come and it will be the lower socioeconomic levels hit hardest. Rich people with assets will make it through.

The natural reaction is always 1 death is too many, but we average 4500 deaths a year for influenza and we dont shut down the economy to save those deaths. I am NOT suggeting this is the same as the flu, its not and if we did nothing there would be more than 10 x that number dead, but there does need to be a balance between possibility of deaths and possibility of economic depression.

5150, I’m not having a go at you either and I’m not wanting to get into a any pee high club discussion.
Just pointing out my observation that we always appear to be a country which follows, rather than one which gets on the front foot instinctively and decisively does what’s best for Australia and it’s citizens. There was a time when citizenship meant something. Anyway, cheer on your club if you like, but it doesn’t explain the failings in our political system.
Here’s an example…

Mate I dont necessarily disagree with you and I am definitely not wanting to get into a club discussion, in fact I dont actually feel like I have a club in this discussion, definitely not one Im cheering on.

Part of what prompted me to respond to your post was listening to discussions about what is going on in the UK. Their strategy is a bit different to what is going on in Italy & US and to a great extent appears to be a lot more successful. Their strategy is not based on auto lock down but involves lock down when required.

Im not sure what you are specifically referring to when you say the Govt which follows, particularly when we were the second country to shut borders to China, Iran & Italy. It is entirely possible that the strategy that the Aus Govt is following, on the advice of their experts, is entirely intentional and what is happening is EXACTLY what they are trying to do, but merely is different to the instinctive reaction of the general population, who aren’t aware of the advice they are getting from the expertise.

Obviously not everyone is listening to the same experts.
I don’t have a problem with the governments staggered approach, although the downside is they need to wait 14 days to see what’s working. It was usually the approach I’ve taken, whether in business or with my health. If we follow the Shorten / Albo approach which is ‘throw the kitchen sink at it and hope for the best, then if it doesn’t work it’s harder to find out why. Or if it does work we can only speculate which remedy was more effective. I don’t know if the enormity of our problem is registering with some. I’ve heard from Doc the damage the virus causes to the lungs is irreparable.

It is hard to argue with the measures so far when the data is starting to turn for us, we know have to see if we need to make more restrictions to get it turn enough!

I was not going to post this for a few days to see how it panned out, but what you are saying correlates well with it. Four days ago the exponential rate of growth dropped markedly from a steady 1.23 - 1.25 down to 1.13. But since then it seems to have instantly found a new steady level with four days 1.13, 1.15, 1.13, 1.14. Hoping it drops again but if it stays there, more measures might be needed.


Well a couple of people wanted an update so here we are…

Yesterday there was a significant dip in the exponential growth multiplier. It dipped down from a steady 1.3 for a few days, down below 1.1 to 1.09. This is pretty significant as it may be the second round of restrictions washing through. For those playing along at home, to be steady at 1.1 we need less that 4382 cases by the end of today.



This is obviously encouraging as slowing it down is obviously a good thing, but how does this end? At what point do we start thinking about re-opening the economy (Im not suggesting soon)?

I could imagine a scenario where parts of the local economy are reopened, but with disasters all over the world (US and parts of Europe), once its under control here I can see our borders closed for a LONG time.

Are you actually Juro? This all looks rather like Juro’s curve.

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I wonder if CHN’s punishment would have been the same if Okunbor hadn’t done what he’d done. I believe CHN was not aware the girl was from a school he visited, even if he may have known she was school-age, he met her at a nightclub and did not set that meeting up.

Then banging a teacher, there’s nothing wrong with that at all apart from his club probably not being appreciative of CHN’s member doing a lot of the talking during the trip. I bet everyone has at least 1 teacher they would like to have banged as a young lad or ladette.

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@Tiger_Steve said in Corona impact on NRL...?:

I’m sick of this mentality. If players want to leave - go!! They are overpaid as it is. Cut the crap out of salaries and get the blokes there for the right reason.
Their petulance over current pay cuts does nothing to build their profile in the community.

I can’t understand how some players are complaining about pay cuts, many already on handsome salaries, when most clubs have shown their non-player staff the door with immediate effect.

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@TrueTiger said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

a good close firm hug

Nothing satisfies like a good old close firm hug. It’s like a cup of tomato juice when you are thirsty - it will do a job but absolutely not what you had in mind.

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@Geo said in The Future:

@happy_tiger said in The Future:

@Geo said in The Future:

I don’t get the Harry T saviour posts…

I’d be looking more at Lee Hagipantelis…we are in a good position…

One is the richest man in Australia …the other isn’t …you and Hobbo share a brain don’t you …and at the moment the brain is still in the packet and in transit

Well when one has shown no real interest in putting his hand in his pocket apart from the odd kitchen reno and gym refit and the other has more than tripled the amount of Corporate sponsorship since he came on board I know which horse I’m backing…

If Tigers are about to fold and it’s up to Lee or Harry, I wouldn’t necessarily back one or another, and I totally respect Lee’s financial and now personal time delivery to the club.

But for Harry it would be a drop in the ocean compared to his net worth. And I don’t think he’s the saviour, I just think we would find out conclusively one way or another if that day came.

I’d be interested to know, and nobody does, how much money Harry T has tipped into the Tigers since his first dollar, compared to Lee H in the last decade or so.

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@WT2K said in Corona impact on NRL...?:
The more people in league circles I talk to, the more I hear “The NRL isn’t coming back this year”. Clubs beginning to concede it makes more sense to restart in 2021.

How can they make that call now, the comp only got postponed 5 days ago?

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You would have to think, if WT are at risk of going down the gurglar, Harry would step in. Either that, or he’s not a legit supporter.

There’s a big difference between wanting to own / run the club and saving it from extinction.

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@Snake said in Corona impact on NRL...?:

Read this morning Ch9 want to walk away from the remainder of there Rights deal !

Not quite? The SMH said they want to renegotiate the current deal and potentially extend. At a bargain price I would guess.

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Are Knights the new Roosters? Jr Jr, Klemmer, Ponga, Frizell all rep-level players coerced into club-swapping, that costs a fortune to do.