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Daily telegraph reporting that parra are upgrading the young guy whose name I can’t spell to a top 30 contract. The guy we have signed for 2021. So sounds like we will have to wait a year.

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@hsvjones said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Did I read somewhere that Tigers have stood down JR from all activities ?

The reason I ask is if that’s the case they might of done this so the media circus is not everywhere talking about that and we could announce a possible signing ? Maybe its just me praying that is the case 😀

I think you read it on Twitter, but that was a fake account who posted it. So no, not true.

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Strange that Doueihi is on a heavily backended contract. I would have thought they have him signed for next to nothing.

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@fibrodreaming said in Top five tries of 2019:

Could the editor of this clip have chosen worse angles to show these tries ? The best shots of these tries is from the normal camera position, yet someone chose ground level shots from funky angles. It is useless for gaining an appreciation of the skill in scoring the tries, but very artistic.

I was thinking the same.

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It’s good to know that he knows the two areas he needs to work on - defense and fitness. He improves these, and he is going to be very valuable to us.

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I’m only new to owning a place with a lawn, but in my brief experience, using those bottles of feed n weed for lawns seems to be working for me, especially with the onion weed.

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Interesting, that the rugby league rule book says that the referee shall not “subsequently alter their judgement”, so the referee didn’t follow the rule book. The rule book doesn’t say what should happen if they do!

There is a bit in the rule book about the referee accidentally blowing the whistle which results in the attacking team getting a scrum. I think this would have been a fair result as the raiders were not given the opportunity to put in a last play kick, which was probably their best chance to score against the roosters.

The rules need to be updated though, as scrums aren’t contested anymore, so it is a big call to give a team a fresh set of 6, like what the roosters got with the ball hitting the trainer. Maybe consider making it a play the ball, with the tackle count continuing.

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@diedpretty agreed. Like in golf, if your ball hits you, your bag, your playing partners bag, etc you get penalised.

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I’ve never seen:
1.The ball hit the trainer
2.A referee change his mind mid tackle and let it continue.

Rorters score straight after getting possession from both these.

Although I agree it wasn’t 6 again, but you can’t change your mind.

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@Bula exactly. I think if scores are level late in the game, both teams might be overly cautious knowing the draw is enough.