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the lifting of BJ was an interesting moment. The commentators were suggesting that the referees have unofficially changed their interpretation of that rule of late. I’m not sure what incidents they are talking about.

Does anyone remember when they brought the lifting = held stuff in? From memory, it was after an incident when we were playing the warriors. They picked up forum favourite Fitzhenry and marched him back 20m before dropping him hard. I think he broke his collar bone or similar. Sheens was furious in the press conference. Is my memory right?

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You just have to watch both teams first sets to start the game. Manly rolled up to inside our 40m line and we didn’t even make it out of our 40m. That poor start resulted in us barely touching the ball for 20 minutes.

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Wow, that’s a bit premature

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@pawsandclaws1 said in Brooks: What exactly has gone wrong?:

@StarswithStripes said in Brooks: What exactly has gone wrong?:

Since we won’t have much cash to spend on our roster for next season, I think the best investment we can make is in the halves. We have some good forwards so we can make do with for another year and I would argue it is easier to coach them because they have a simple job to do. As we have seen with Brooks, you either have it or you don’t and coaching only gets you so far. If we are attacking well, and scoring points everyone lifts and plays with confidence. I just hope there is quality in the market when we go looking and that we have the cash available.

We didn’t get one tackle in the Panthers’ 20. How do you suggest we attack lacking genuine pace except for Brooks?

Exactly. We could have Andrew Johns and Thurston is the halves and it would make little difference. Yes we got the first try, but we were on the back foot for the whole game. The panfers forwards won every battle last night. They ran for nearly double our metres.

Brooks is ok but not elite. It would be wasteful to pay for him to play elsewhere. There are bigger problems in the team. Madge has improved the forwards but more is still needed.

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Let’s see how he goes against Jennings or Blake next week vs Parra.

Three weeks ago, I would have told you that Brooks and Mybe were our best defensive backs, and you know how that has gone the last two weeks.

It’s good that we have some options though.

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@Hangonaminute said in Wests Tigers V Panthers - Live Game Thread:

Eiso was enormous and needs to be in the 17 even when Twal returns.

I thought he was our best. Problem is him and Twal are quiet close.

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BJ to score a double

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@JoshColeman99 said in **Live game feed** vs the Sharks:

Alex Twal charged with contrary conduct (no idea what it’s for) but escapes with a fine. Clarke was hit with a dangerous contract charge (again no idea what for) but he’ll escape suspension with an early guilty plea.

Clarke would be contact with the neck. I remember the referee calling out to him to get away from a players neck that he was attempting to tackle.

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@gallagher said in ANZ Stadium Rebuild Cancelled:

@Fade-To-Black said in ANZ Stadium Rebuild Cancelled:

ANZ is a dump, always has been. Good move.
How much work has been done on it as far as the rebuild goes?

I don’t think anything had started

Correct, the stadium is untouched, nothing started.

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@fibrodreaming said in Wests Tigers Team v Cronulla Rd 3:

I was wondering if Harry Grant could play 80 minutes. I guess Billy Walters on the bench answers that question.

It seems to me that Luke Garner is the luckiest player to survive the debacle against Newie. He finished last season very strongly, but he has been unimpressive in the first two games of this year.

Seems to me that Madge is emphasising defence with this team. Twal is a great choice at lock (and our best defender) and Rowdy and Clarke are workhorse defenders off the bench.

The inclusion of only one prop on the bench suggests that Madge is emphasising mobility as well as defence.

Personally, I’m surprised that Thompson and Musgrove missed out, but Madge is close to the players and he must have a great idea of who is ready to go.

I think having Brooks back with help Garners game significantly