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@ElleryHanley just re read the article no mention of wanting more money.

As I just said the article is about him not getting enough footy and wanting out. Hardly the picture POM painted. Know who I believe.

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@ElleryHanley said in Official: Esan leaving:

**Esan Nike Marsters

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😂😂 where do you guys get your information from, I’m loving it at this club**

Out of interest, would you blokes all prefer no comment from players…or open denials, like Esan did, which prove to be completely untrue?

Personally,I’d prefer players to not comment unless it is completely true.

From what POM said his management initially asked for an extension. The post you are referring to was from the Mole which said he wanted out because he wasnt getting the footy enough. You don’t ask for an extension if you are unhappy with the ball you getting and want out. You are also unlikely to have your team and coach at your wedding. So Esan’s reply seems completely justifiable. But when told to look around and receiving a significantly increased offer he accepted it.

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@TigerTiger jake trbojevic strikes me as the only one

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Slightly different take on the Marsters situation. Given it from Brent Read more likely believable than the stuff served up by the mole.

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@Needaname Have you ever broken a contract with a company? There is always, as far as I know financial cost to the individual breaking it and financial gain to the company who held the contract. This seems to be completely the opposite.

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@Needaname I don’t think the club had any intention of making a statement until fox sports rang the club and his manager asking why he wasn’t at training. Once the cat was out of the bag and then there was more than likely going to be further media interest into it then they released the throw away statement. Maybe Im just pessimistic about it, because its not like our club is always only reactive to things … I do wonder what it would have been like to support a proactive club instead.

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@diedpretty they are training until GF. They got permission from the RLPA

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He is gone. Fox hit the nail on the head and his agent and club were spinning BS before they could come up with how to spin it. Positive his agent quoted was the same bloke who told DCE not to return to pre season training years ago to force an upgrade from Manly.

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@TCL How do we think he knows the coach? O’Brien only started at the Roosters this year after spending the past 7 in Melbourne so wouldn’t have crossed paths with matto there.