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Big thing I noticed in the interview is no mention of Mbye playing hooker - only talked about Walters and Reynolds. Mbye could stay at centre all year, would be good if he didn’t get moved around all year again.

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What did someone just quote about boards and the non expertise of some that sit on them … Please let’s see if Madge does have the goods before another contract … our Chairman needs to put it back in his pants ! Patience…

They’re not doing it right now. They’ll wait for during the season to do it.

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Probably wait until mid year but sounds good to me. You need a coach at a club Long term so they can build the club they want it’s a long process and Madge has done everything right so far.

Would be good to have a coach stick around a while for the first time in forever.

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Sounds like Madge will push Walters to see if he can handle 80mins.

“Time will tell if he can get through 80 minutes, but he has a very good engine, and often led a lot of our drills. I’m looking forward to seeing him try and do that during the trial.”

Would be a massive boost for us if Walters could play 80. We would be a stronger side with four forwards on the bench compared to having a utility there I think

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Wow … we sure have travelled a long way away from the thread of this blog.


I did a big list of signing suggestions and it pretty much got ignored 😂

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Our forward pack will surprise a lot of people this year. Lots of guys will hit their peak this year and keep improving.

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We still sleeping on momirovski?

Can find the line. And looks to be one of the only players in our side with any sort of pace (from last years squad anyway).

Dudes beating 4-5 guys to find the line in a majority of those tries. Scores a double in his debut in the finals for the roosters. Missed the sitter of a kick against the dogs but didn’t kick stones and lose all confidence like Marsters, which I thought showed just how mentally tough and mature the bloke is. Kids a weapon.

The dude is beating 2-3 guys AT the line to score but in ever try someone has put him in space or beaten his opposite with a pass. Mono doesn’t beat one player in general play in that whole highlight reel. It’s a decent reel for a winger. That’s what he looks like there.

For mine a good first grade centre beats his Man in general play with pace or power. I’ve never seen him do that. He is worth a centre spot in first grade but he is our Shane Elford. Struck match between him and Mbye at centre for mine.

Completely agree. He doesn’t beat his opposite centre to set up the winger or anything like that. Honestly thought he did good on the wing and he may play there this year.

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Would be good to see our reserve grade actually compete for the title, we’ve struggled the last few years.

Wayne Collins is a good coach and it’s a strong looking team so hopefully they go alright

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When ET first joined the club he was immense for us. One of the best defenders in the game and good ball skills to. If he was a bit bigger he could’ve had an even better career but as all the other forwards started getting bigger it made his game suffer. Too small nowadays

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@wicked_j said in Wests Tigers V NZ Warriors Trial Teams..:

What’s the chances of the team running out similar to the back end of last year - so the named 9 starts off the bench, an extra forward starts, and Benji covers dummy half for the first 20 or so?

This means Walters only has to play 60mins, and means we’re not short a forward. Just need one (or more) of the forwards to act as a link man to Brooks in the first 20.

Matterson was the one who filled that role, the only other one who has the ball skills for it is Luciano Leilua but you don’t want to dampen his running game which is his biggest weapon

That’s what I thought re. Matterson - but is Lucy really our only potential top 17 forward with ball skills ?
I thought ET has done a bit of that role previously (going back a few years though), although not sure if he’ll be in our top 17 at this stage!

ET and Eisenhuth aren’t bad at it when they play lock but Not sure either of them are in the top 17 all depends on how the bench and forward rotation works.