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The media is making a massive deal out of this. The HSG owe a couple of million that they will pay before any court hearing in February.

The Knights will not fold, they are nowhere even near to doing so. Even if Tinkler does go broke, the Knights have a $20mil bank guarantee incase this were the situation. It’s a massive shame about Tinkler, all he wanted to do was help make his team a force & now it looks like he’s gonna be broke soon.

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This reminds me of the years Knights fans complained all the time about how Mullen was getting moved around all the time to halfback when he was really a five-eighth. Moved to 6 permanently this year & had a good consistent season.

Hopefully your new coach realizes the same, depends i guess on what options you have at halfback & what options you have a five-eighth.

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I done my research on the kid, he is one of the best prospects in England. The fans rate him highly, he likes to offload, can rack up a tackle amount, can throw a long ball & is an angry little man. Has played 20 SL games, all at the age of 18 or 19. He is also the captain of the young England side. Here’s hoping the Knights snag him over the Tigers! 😃

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There’s a lot of player names being thrown about despite the fact that they’re clearly under contract for next season. Yes I know, the old “contracts mean nothing these days” but teams aren’t going to grant a release to a good half back or prop just because the Tigers ask nicely.

So, given that this thread is about signing players for next season, it’s worth looking at the players who are actually available (this list is from and includes off contract Super League players as well. I’m not certain how up to date some of the players are, so the list might include players who have recently signed new contracts for 2012):


Ben Jones, Kris Keating, Michael Parker-Walshe, Michael Picker, Aidan Sezer, Carlos Tuimavave, William Barthau, Thomas Bosc, Lee Briers, Danny Brough, Kevin Brown, Rob Burrow, Ryan Carr, Rangi Chase, Dane Chisholm, Thomas Coyle, Danny Craven, Michael Dobson, Scott Dureau, Jamie Ellis, Brett Finch, Liam Foran, Luke Gale, Lee Gaskell, Tom Gilmore, Craig Gower, Blake Green, Rhys Hanbury, Lance Hohaia, Daniel Holdsworth, Richard Horne, Ben Jeffries, Isaac John, Liam Kay, Mark Kheirallah, Jonathan Lomax, Ryan McGoldrick, Danny McGuire, Joe Mellor, Jacob Miller, Richard Myler, Danny Nicklas, Gareth O’Brien, Danny Orr, Leon Pryce, Stefan Ratchford, Dan Sarginson, Brett Seymour, Kevin Sinfield, Matthew Smith, Tim Smith, Marc Sneyd, Adam Swift, Arana Taumata, Gary Wheeler, Lloyd White, Matt Wildie, Michael Witt, Kyle Wood


Luke Ambler, Kyle Amor, Sam Anderson, Neccrom Areaiiti, Ryan Bailey, Richard Beaumont, Josh Bowden, Shannon Boyd, Ryan Boyle, Mark Bryant, George Burgess, Thomas Burgess, Garreth Carvell, Ray Cashmere, Remi Casty, Joel Clinton, Mike Cooper, Josh Cordoba, Jordan Cox, Eorl Crabtree, Dominic Crosby, Ben Cross, James Cunningham, Alex Davidson, Ben Davies, Mitchell Dodds, Gil Dudson, Joel Edwards, Jacob Emmitt, Ben Evans, Jacob Fairbank, Loui Fanene, David Ferriol, Stuart Fielden, Ben Flower, Carl Forster, Ben Gledhill, David Gower, James Green, Michael Greenfield, Darrell Griffin, Matt Groat, Jordan Hand, Bryn Hargreaves, Luke Harlen, Callum Haywood, Michael Henderson, Chris Hill, Craig Huby, Mark Ioane, Paul Jackson, Jordan James, Matthew James, Lee Jewitt, Mitchel Johnson, Paul Johnson, Antonio Kaufusi, Ian Kirke, Sione Kite, Craig Kopczak, Olsi Krasniqi, Anthony Laffranchi, Jeremy Latimore, Daine Laurie, Brenton Lawrence, Kylie Leuluai, Issac Liu, Rhys Lovegrove, Jaiman Lowe, Andy Lynch, Jon Mannah, Manase Manuokafoa, Mose Masoe, Keith Mason, Nathan Massey, Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Jordan McLean, Grant Millington, Sam Moa, Richard Moore, Adrian Morley, Lee Mossop, Adam Neal, Jason Netherton, Eamon O’Carroll, Ryan O’Hara, Mark O’Meley, Russell Packer, Lopini Paea, Mickey Paea, Luke Page, Junior Palau, Iafeta Palea’aesina, Larne Patrick, Jamie Peacock, Josh Perry, Steve Pickersgill, Justin Poore, Paul Prescott, Tony Puletua, Lee Radford, Andy Raleigh, Nick Scruton, Adam Sidlow, Michael Simon, Brad Singleton, Matt Smith, Lama Tasi, Scott Taylor, Karl Temata, Rob Thomas, Tony Tonks, Paul Vaughan, Adam Walker, Anthony Walker, Jonathon Walker, Jarrod Wallace, Liam Watts, Scott Wheeldon, Oliver Wilkes, Paul Wood

Any players we want to sign for next season are going to have to come from this list…

Where did you find off contract Super League players?

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I agree, the Tigers are very free flowing, the coach lets his players mainly play what’s infront of them, play to their natural flair, which is great for entertaining attacking footy. But the Tigers have about as much structure as a school lunch time touch footy side. As a result, the Tigers win a heap in a row & then lose a heap in a row & around it goes. The Tigers never make the finals on the back of a good consistent season, always finding themselves fighting for their life in the middle of the season & only making it in off freak winning streaks. The coach needs to go, his main players are getting older, they need structure & can’t keep playing crazy football. It’s great for entertainment but the truth is, this style of football will never go far in the finals against heavily structured, methodical sides that know what they’re doing. You need a hardarse like Hasler, Bellamy, Maguire or Bennett. I would actually be very interested in seeing how the Tigers went under a structured gameplan.

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I noticed a few put Packer in, i dont think Ive ever seen Packer do anything cheap.

I’m assuming the people that are putting Packer in are still filthy at the one incident where he knocked the ball off the tee when Benji was getting ready for a kick-off? 😆

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Hodges first by far
Issac Luke
pretty much the whole QLD side
Brent Tate for his [edited by mods] dog act last night

Ennis & Myles are up there too.

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At least a Pirate is a tangible mascot. How do you represent Storm in a tangible form?!

I dont know if anyone saw the Newcastle mascot the other night? It was a jester! I mean come on. How unintimidating is that?! They should’ve had someone in shiny armour with a sword etc, not this bloke:

They still have a Knight on a horse, but the jester has been around for years. 😆 He’s a tradition, he goes around & blows up balloons for little kids & rides a unicycle.

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Why on earth would you have either there? Honestly, coming from a non Tigers supporter it seems to be one of the most dumbest selections putting a freakin centre at five-eighth when you could just put Moltzen there who is a playmaker & have Ryan at fullback, Ryan is awesome there.