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@Blacknwhite said in Wests Tigers Team v Brisbane Rd 10:

Alot of you have said Brooks interchange for Grant… the sub i want to see is Walters barking it out, and Brooks in for Benji.

We need Benji preparing for the hand over. If Brooks doesnt want to steer it, lets see if Walters can march us down the field. Would be more interesting to see if the burden of leadership was the chink in Brooks game. Marshall may have matured, but he also fell to bits as a traditional 7 for many seasons.


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are we assuming Benji will still play right side attack and Walters will slot straight into Brooks’s position on the left?

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Packer starting and Clark dropped out of the 17 completely. did anyone see it coming?

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despite being a Brooks fan, he deserved the axe. unfortunate we have to blood a completely different halves pairing to the one we’ve had for the past month, but hopefully it’s justified.

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@happy_tiger said in WT Player Recruitment & Retention for 2020:

So if zerotackle is correct we have Eisenhuth , Clark ,Jennings , Rowdy , Benji , McIntyre , McQueen , Seyfarth , Dylan Smith and Elijah Taylor off contract at seasons end

If I kept 3 …Huth ,McIntyre …maybe Clark

I’d say Seyfarth will get a contract. apart from that I agree.

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@CCTW said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

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@pawsandclaws1 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

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@TheDaBoss said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

I would like us to resist buying a winger
2021 the club should blood KEI and Scolari

Mega talented

Scolari is too small, Kei has potential though.

Scolari is taller than Nofoaluma.

By how much? Genuine question as he looked very small in the trial.

I should say also Cini is a fine prospect. He is a centre and it is a tough position to play defensively. It is a learning process and he will no doubt emerge as a polished player. He is so elusive and nearly always beats the first tackle which is great when you have Scolari or Rizk outside.

Young Camroux looks like a super prospect. His build and style remind me of DCE. His halves partner from the Eels is a goog prospect as well…

I think we have a lot of fine prospects and it’s a matter of how patient we can be as in reality, a season has been lost and these guys are only 19 & 20.

Kei is the most likely from what I’ve seen.

I do find it bemusing when people go on about size on this forum for wingers. Nofu and even Josh Addo Carr aren’t that big. It’s no good being big if you can’t jump! And what about speed? I’d rather smaller wingers than slower and players that can’t get off the ground.

If you want speed (& he is deceptively quick), defence, aggression and the ability to jump, Scolari can do all those but he is still growing and very inexperienced. He probably needs to go around the defence more than trying to go over the top of them which won’t help bringing it out from DH as much - he is more a swerver than a stepper from what I’ve seen. My guess is he will probably end up in the centres or at lock.

If you want a bit of X-Factor, Rizk can create something out of nothing and can be very exciting to watch. I have no doubt he will come through but I think he’s only 19 so may need some more time as well. He has mongrel, can jump and the necessary speed to progress despite being on the smaller side as well.

Cini needs to more time in the centres and will get better as he learns the necessary defensive lines. He is fast, tall and can evade tacklers but again is not getting this season to come through.

Kei has size, is quick and more mature. He is more likely to satisfy our immediate needs than the others.

So - do we go out and buy someone now or do we stick with what we have and hope they progress more quickly than we thought? It’s a tough one!

Having been in around the system for a while, out of all the young outside backs i can only really see Rizk and Kei being long term NRL talents.

No doubt Cini and Scolari could play NRL at some stage but don’t see them as top level talents. Cini has a better shot than Scolari. Scolari is overhyped on this forum. Great kid who really puts in but is not overly fast or evasive for a winger and does not have great size. There is way more to a player than a 3 minutes highlights package which has been only designed to show a players strengths.

A major issue for young outside backs, and the main reason some players never quite make it in the NRL despite being hyped up is that when they start hitting the gym and put on the size necessary to play NRL, they lose a bit of speed and lateral quickness.

Rizk is a real talent though, natural athlete with speed, strength and very evasive. He is a long term prospect in the centres. Souths and the Dogs both previously made a play at him.

how do you see Camroux coming along in the next few years?

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@WT2K said in Wests Tigers Team v Souths Rd 9:

BREAKING: Benji Marshall will make his return to the Wests Tigers’ bench tomorrow night against South Sydney. Story to come on @AAPNewswire

I really don’t understand the need for another utility when M’Bye and Chee-Kam are both in the side. hope Benji plays well, but 4 forwards on the bench might’ve delivered us the win as the Souths pack is nowhere near as good as ours.

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@Sabre said in Harry Grant:

Rumour on LU that the loan deal will be extended for another season.

I think that would almost deliver Grant to WT permanently. Bellamy looking to finish up at the end of 2021, would’ve established some great relationships within our squad and I think we’ll be a genuine premiership force by 2022. we might just have him here if it’s true.

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@pawsandclaws1 said in Adam Elliott rumour:

Isnlt rated by many of his own supporters. This comment resonates ‘he stands out because our team is poor. Put him in a good team and he comes right back to his ability.’

Ife we are looking at him we are in trouble.

if Canberra are sniffing around him I think he’d have to have some quality about him. look at their recruitment in the past 3-4 years, they don’t miss a beat.