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Opinions to NRL players from two unhappy recent ex-Wests tigers together with some South Sydney players who had been coached by Madge may have had a lot to do with West Tigers recent unfair reputation.

Not having a crack at you Newtown but what do all those saying “we can’t attract players because Madge is too tough” suggest?

The day the club replaces a coach because he was “too tough “ on players is the day the club signs up for another decade of poor performance and my last day as a supporter

Souths did just that …
Sacked Maguire for Seibold !

They sacked him after 6 successful years which included a premiership. Form dropped, I could excuse that.

I hate to admit this but I’m related to a current Souths player and I asked him about Madge when he signed for the Tigers. He was full of praise and denied he was too hard. I can tell you the whole sorry saga surrounding his sacking, or rather the rise of Seibold if you’re interested.

I’ve always been intrigued by his departure mate, please PM if you can with the story.

I’ll change the names to protect the innocent…
Once upon a time, not long after a new assistant coach started work at the Storm, another assistant who had been there for a while felt he was a bit on the outer, with the new guy scoring lots of points with the boss. So the old assistant decided to apply for a vacant NRL head coaching job and promptly won a premiership. His mate from the Storm, being a first class opportunist, saw an opportunity and joined the premiership winners, only to immediately start white-anting the head coach. This is where the rumours of the old coach being a hard task master started. The new guy had new ideas and a couple of degrees and could move the club forward with a more modern approach. He charmed the players and gradually turned them against the old coach. The board were also mesmerised and decided the assistant was the future, sacking the coach who had won them a long awaited premiership. A few months into the next season, the opportunist, who by now was beginning to resemble a snake, became aware that another long serving coach at his dream club was on the outer and began concocting a scheme to slither in to replace him, despite him being contracted for another season. The idea of a swap was devised by his management team, however there was a stumbling block. The snake by now was losing the confidence of his own players and the assistant coach, let’s call him DF, was by far more popular with the playing group. Rather than a swap for another coach, the players would prefer to keep DF as their head coach. This put the deal in jeopardy so the snake encouraged DF to take a head coaching job in the ESL to remove any obstacles. The players were filthy once the swap became a done deal, not because they were upset about getting a master coach but they realised they had just been used as just a rung in the ladder for the ultra ambitious snake. The news soon made it north and the result is there for all to see.

Damn…Voldemort does come across as the kind of guy who would do that. The players at Souths loved Madge. It was disappointing when he got the boot. This story makes too much sense not to be true.

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I still can’t believe nobody has signed Billy Brittain. He is the current reserve grade player of the year. Our hooker situation is dire. His coach at Souths is now our assistant coach. Why has this not happened yet?

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A lot of the media are predicting us to finish last. Normally I write them off as ignorant and lazy, not bothering to actually look at our squad. This year, though, I believe them. It’s going to be a tough year. How did it come to this?

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Checking in after a month. 150 new pages. Nice.

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We are a danger to ourselves when we have cap space. We will give him 500k and Pascoe will try dress this up as a big win for the club. Why not just hold our money and try get an actual star.

Running out of time. We need to fill our roster and spend money to reach the minimum amount in the cap. If we can’t land a superstar, we have to go the next rung down. If we’re signing AJ, you just hope he’s not the only one.

That’s still a GREY area for me. What are the ramifications if they don’t spend the cap and is the fact they ( west’s ) have been active but unsuccessful in landing players is that taken into account? It’s not slave trading. If they don’t want to come the club can’t force them right?

Every club has to spend at least 90% of their allotted salary cap. I can’t remember what the penalty is if you fail to do so. There was a story a few years back where Newcastle were under threat of a big fine for this reason.

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Not the worst signing but slightly disappointing. He is a slight upgrade on Corey Thompson. Not as effective at kick returns and tackle busts, but he is more adept in structure, therefore will create more tries around him.

On a hypothetical scale, let’s say Thompson is a 7/10. Johnston is maybe 7.3/10.

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I always enjoy these Q&As. Stoked to hear the final series training has flowed into the pre-season. Luciano Leilua is going to be good for us.

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Surely this semi-confirms the rumour that Gavin Orr illegally approached Parramatta regarding Ryan Matterson.

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NRL sanctions player agents over alleged disciplinary breaches

The NRL has cancelled the accreditation of one high-profile player agent, sanctioned another and initiated disciplinary proceedings against two more.

Gavin Orr, who runs Pacific Sports Management with his brother Chris and whose clients include dozens of high-profile NRL players, has had his accreditation cancelled for breaches including “knowingly aiding a breach of the NRL’s salary cap rules,” the NRL stated.

Orr is seeking to appeal the finding and will remain eligible to represent NRL players during this process. PSM has clients across most clubs including big names such as Daly Cherry-Evans, Payne Haas, Jason Taumalolo and Ryan Matterson.

Another agent, Isaac Moses, has been issued a show cause notice and faces having his registration cancelled for “counselling or assisting a person to not co-operate fully with the NRL Integrity and Compliance Unit,” according to the NRL.

Moses disputes the allegations and the matter will be considered in the new year once Moses has had an opportunity to respond to the notice. The Moses stable of clients includes Cameron Smith, Aaron Woods, David Klemmer and coaches including Stephen Kearney and Anthony Seibold.

Antoun Zibara has been fined and placed on probation for “knowingly submitting several NRL player contracts which had not been witnessed in accordance with the NRL Rules”, according to the NRL statement.

Zibara remains accredited and authorised to represent NRL players.

Lastly, the NRL has reinstated the previously suspended accreditation of Mario Tartak following the discovery of previously undisclosed bankruptcy proceedings, which have since been resolved.

However, the disciplinary process is ongoing and no determination will be made by the NRL until Tartak has responded to the breach notice and the NRL has considered that response, the NRL stated.

Tartak’s clients include Damien Cook, Moses Suli and Manase Fainu.

“Our integrity unit has conducted extensive investigations over a number of months which has resulted in disciplinary proceedings against four player agents,” NRL chief operating officer Nick Weeks said.

This year was the first season the NRL has had the power to sanction player agents, according to Weeks.

“The reform of the rules relating to player agents at the end of last year has allowed the NRL to hold player agents accountable in the same way as players and club officials,” he said.

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Holy hell we’re at 300 pages now? I feel like I only checked a few days ago and it was at 215.