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@teddy23 said in Harry Grant:

If Harry goes back - we’re very well equipped we have two of the brightest young hookers in the game in Liddle and Simpkin

It’s not all bad and Brandon Smith would be likely to want out - I’d very much target him aggressively and I think he has a good relationship with Madge and a few of the boys during the kiwis camp so that’s a positive

Liddle/Simpkin are worth a go in 2021. We might be able to get Grant back for 2022 if they don’t work out.

I want to know who Harry Grant’s manager is. He’s screwed himself and Harry over. Harry Grant could be a marquee player, but instead he’s locked him into chum money for the next 3 years (until the end of 2022).

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They have a few good players and we are a little rattled, but fair dinkum we should be blowing these bums off the park.

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Guys who are still bagging Lawrence…did you watch the game last week? Roberts and Walker didn’t have a way around him. He tackled everything that came his way. As a stop-gap solution until a better centre is available, he’s not bad.

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Has anyone seen McQueen at training? What is his condition like? Is he a little slimmer? I’ve been thinking that he could be returning to the team soon in the Michael Chee Kam role. I’m thinking he will cover the centres if needed.

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@TrueTiger said in My team for Round 10 vs Broncos:

I clearly remember many forum members saying ''Brooks wont get dropped he is to comfortable in his position and in Madges eyes he does no wrong""

God I love watching Madge wield the axe and stay true to his word…AT LEAST NOW EVERYBODY KNOWS THEY MUST PERFORM…I feel a culture change coming on…

It’s in our DNA to be overly protective of guys who love the club. Think of Benji and Robbie back in the day. They were untouchable, and if a coach ever threatened them with the axe, the media and fans would turn on them. I agree that’s it’s time we changed as a club. I like it.

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I’ve been a staunch Brooks lover for so long, but it’s only fair he was dropped after last week. Most of the tries/breaks were created due to his poor communication. @tiger_one the forum is about to kick off!

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Brooks gone!

Maguire swings the axe as Tigers star Brooks pays price for missing whopping NINE tackles
July 14, 2020 2:53pm
James Hooper
Source: Fox Sports

WESTS Tigers halfback Luke Brooks has been axed in favour of Billy Walters and Benji Marshall in the halves as coach Michael Maguire continues his hard line stance on selecting the team on form.
The Tigers return to one of their spiritual homes at Leichhardt Oval on Friday night to host the Broncos with local junior Brooks dropped after a poor performance in the loss to South Sydney in round nine.

Brooks missed nine tackles according to the Fox Sports Lab, a statistic which would have left coach Maguire fuming.

With Josh Reynolds suspended, Maguire has instead opted to return Benji Marshall to the Tigers right edge with Walters to play on the Tigers left side in place of Brooks.

The Walters development comes after the Canberra Raiders signalled an interest in signing the Tigers utility following a season-ending injury to Josh Hodgson.

Tigers coach Maguire has long maintained he will select the side based on form and also players being strong defenders.

This was the reason why Kiwi Test five-eighth Marshall was originally dropped after the Tigers round four loss to the Gold Coast.

Marshall featured on the bench last week against South Sydney but has since been rushed back into the Tigers starting side.

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this thread is one of the lowest IQ threads I have ever seen

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Garner is still developing. He has only played 28 games and is 24 years of age. He has shown enough glimpses in every department to suggest he could be a top quality player. Maybe one level below a rep player. If we persist with him he will turn good. Otherwise, I could quite easily see him ripping it up at another club. He’s the exact type of player the Roosters would turn into a gun - a player another club couldn’t be bothered properly developing.