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Sorry if it has already been talked about, but did anyone see the Darius Boyd gender reveal? That was truly bizarre. Their entire club is in shambles and the Boyds thought that was an appropriate time to do that?

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I still cringe at how Josh Reynolds’ contract negotiations were handled. Apparently the offer was so out of this world that he didn’t even think twice. He put pen to paper faster than Ben Creagh ran from Justin Hodges in origin. That’s not how you negotiate a contract. Seriously! Ivan Cleary you … (use your imagination as to what this word is).

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@Geo said in The legacy of Benji Marshall and Chris Lawrence:

The best thing they could do is to send them off as winners against the Slimey one’s

It would be a great statement, considering these types of games are usually the most embarrassing ones in our history. 50-20 is the more likely result.

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@izotope said in Our Defence over the season:

For me there is an event that changes it all between warriors and knights games.
Maybe the madge blowup at halftime
Garner getting dropped rumors

Who knows, i don’t think inconsistent fits the bill in this case

Then there was the week he went easy on them and they put out their worst performance of the season against Newcastle. As you say, things were fine until around 20 minutes into that Warriors game.

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I don’t think there is one answer to that question. I’m sure someone at WT is currently putting together a huge highlights package of everything that went wrong defensively after the Broncos game.

Some things I noticed,

  • Passive line speed (common theme every year)
  • Bad first contact (same again every year)
  • Adjacent defenders out-of-sync (not moving in the same patterns)
  • Slow out of marker
  • Lots of guys just straight up making poor tackling efforts, maybe due to fatigue
  • Too many one-on-one tackles, probably caused by all of the above

The thing is, I don’t know if this was always the case or these things crept into our game after that Broncos game. It could be a case of those things being there the entire season, then some other team finally figured it out and exploited it, showing the way for other teams to do the same.

Our defence was pretty good while Benji was out of the team. I think we all know his deficiencies.

Another thing, related to marker speed, is that opposition teams run out of dummy half way too much against us. Really this is the first thing that needs to be addressed in the off season.

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@tiger_scott said in The legacy of Benji Marshall and Chris Lawrence:

Won’t miss Benji’s passes to the 5th row (of the) grandstand though 🙂

lmao. I had mad nostalgia when he threw one into the grandstand recently.

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The sad thing for me is I won’t remember anything Benji did in the NRL after 2012. That is eight wasted seasons. Probably for the best I forget him crying on the NRL Footy Show because Beau and Heighno were leaving.

Rowdy, on the other hand, I will remember him as a fighter who toppled the highest of adversity. Even after his bad run of injuries, he was more than serviceable. One of his best games was in 2018 when he belted Brodie Croft time after time, spoiling Billy Slater’s 300th game and Craig Bellamy’s 400th games a a coach. I hope he gets brought in for motivational speaking at certain times of the year. Maybe with his fitness-related business he can join the boys for pre-season a few days of the year.

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lol rugby. I was quite into rugby as a kid. Then I found out rugby league existed and I haven’t looked back. In hindsight, Super Rugby started to decline once they expanded from 12 teams.

The biggest problem with rugby is games can take forever to flow. I watched a game recently and it took until the 20th minute for the game to start flowing. Penalties, scrums, scrum resets…you name it, rugby has a huge list of things which are extremely frustrating, even more so if you go to watch it live.

In contrast, unless there are lots of errors to start the game, it begins flowing immediately. The 40-second scrum clock (or whatever it is) is a big factor in this. You also get to watch it from both ends, so if you go to a live game, you should get to see a decent amount of action no matter where you sit.

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Tristan Sailor is extremely talented and could be a solid NRL player. The problem is I believe he still needs one more year to develop. I don’t think we can accommodate that considering our position and other players in the squad needing game time. Would be a good fit for Manly or Canterbury.