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Will have a domino effect on the player market.

Thats alot of $$$ for a big club to have.

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I don’t know. How much is his PCL actually effecting him or are we just assuming that it is? What grade PCL is it? If its a minor grade it can be repaired in 6 weeks for a normal person, and I would say probably alot faster for those with the extensive rehab programs that NRL Clubs have. In my opinion, while I admire players who play “injured”, if that is a serious reason for him not playing “to his ability”, then he shouldn’t be playing. Mbye is a good defensive setter, and I would say he is safe under the high ball. While this is great, lets face it, to be a good club in the nrl you need a fullback who does more than that, someone who puts fear in the opposition defence and Mbye is bringing little in attack. Even Boyd is fairly solid all round but widely criticised as hes bringing nothing in attack. MBye brought a little last year, but nothing to put him anywhere near the top half of fullbacks. On 2019 form…

  1. RTS
  2. Tedesco
  3. Trbojevic
  4. Gutherson
  5. Ponga


  1. CNK
  2. Johnson
  3. J.Hughes
  4. Moylan


  1. Gordon
  2. Dufty
  3. Meaney


  1. DWZ
  2. Boyd
  3. Mbye
  4. TMM

Some of the spots could be jinked obviously but only minimally.

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I actually thought Parra were okay yesterday. Nothing went there way and they could have easily scored a few tries where just one small thing and they were in. They defended really well and absolutely had no ball for a large chunk of the game.

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Momirovski is nothing more than a stop gap/solid centre. He has nothing about him that would scare an opposition. The best you hope from someone like him is that he makes no mistakes and defends well (and he is probably pretty good at that). But he will never win you a game by making a break etc. Hence, why I am more excited about prospects like Bradley and Smith.

The hype of Momo was over the top. He did okay in a semi (again he did nothing wrong) and literally grounded a ball that was handed to him. If he plays first grade, its a stop gap solution.

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Every single one of those players has had a better year than MBye. But to break it down, CNK is already lightyears better, Gordon got MOM the othe rnight, Meaney carved us up and Boyd is doing no worse/better than Mbye, he has just been solid.

The only ones Mbye is better than on that list is probably Gordon (who is still outplaying him), Elliot (who is not there first fullback anyway…Tom Turbo?), and Te Maire Martin.

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I fully agree with you. He also turned the game vs Manly with some big charges. But god his defence concerns me. As we compress in, he is just slow laterally and to turn. We have been very lucky this year not to conceed alot more tries, where Fonua has been found out but something has saved us. For example:

  • Warriors try where Marsters makes a try saver
  • Bird knocks on vs broncos
  • Obstruction no try vs broncos
  • Mansour no try vs penrith where his foot went out by a inch
  • Not to mention the dogs made a lot of line breaks down his side in the first half, 1 where they scored on the next play etc.
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As highlighted above, he is not as dynamic as most fullbacks but fairly safe. He is a solid option there and anything more you probably have over expectations. No dogs fans were really to upset about his departure.

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1 Mybe
2 Nofo
3 Jennings
4 Marsters
5 Thompson

6 Reynolds
7 Brooks

8 Packer
9 Farah
10 Twal
11 Matterson
12 Garner
13 Eisenhuth

14 Matulino
15 Mikaele
16 Aloiai
17 Mck

  • I would swap Nofo for Fonua. Fonua brings some go forward, but I think our go forward is okay regardless. He concerns me in defence. He has been very lucky not to conceed an extra 4-5 tries down his side this year, and only a few mistakes from the opposition and luck have saved us.

  • Also agree Aloaia is much better on the defence.

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Who cares what they say really? I actually think the media has talked us up a bit too much at times, particularly after a few wins.

In my opinion (and just mine), we aren’t a great team. Player for player, if you stack us up to our opposing numbers last night, we are hardly stronger than brisbane anywhere on the park. We are resilient yes, but definitely not a great team and I would rather us not be talked up.

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I actually like what Marsters is doing in attack, he hasn’t broken through yet but he keeps trying to skip outside his opposite man. I think at some stages its going to work this year, which is not something the club has ever benefited from in a while.