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i wonder how much this will hurt many fans / sponsors if we don’t sign him

for us dyed in the wool supporters its same ol same ol …

Think we’re at rock bottom in terms of commercial reputation, the only way is up really. If we miss JAC we’re still at rock bottom.

Yet in the top 6 of corporate revenue…go figure…

I haven’t see that stat reported before. Be interesting to see what the club is doing with it, certainly not turning it into a desirable location to play NRL.

Says who ? So we messed up with the 25-30 range by stinking up the joint and running a dog and pony show , when these guys were young and impressionable. If that’s the general consensus , well that’s hard to argue if there’s a conscious and unconscious bias against us .
But we can now show the young kids 18-24 that hey , we have an elite coach , an elite performance unit waiting on facilities to match , a strong culture , a dormant supporter base waiting to unleash 15 years of wrath , and return the club to where it promised to be 15 years ago, and where it’s strong heritage over the last 112 years of combined winning demands us to be .

Seriously , just look how Benji and Robbie are revered. Could you imagine , truely sustained success , ala the storm , patriots Richmond tigers (recently) Crusaders etc. It’s waiting there, sitting there , for that type of player who wants to be an immortal one day.
Look at Blocker and Siro ,Benny, Gary jack they never won anything , and could easily be called out by the casual fan. And that’s just the Orange and black side.
Look at the way the wests fans revere , thier club legends.
This has been instilled in our kids , who are just waiting .
This type of message should be sent to these young players .
And I guarantee the Doueihi of the world , who want to be great , would want to be apart of that. They just needed to see that it wasn’t a fairytale but an actionable plan .
That’s honestly what I think we can ,and are, selling these young elite kids.

It certainly happened at the Richmond Tigers. They were a basketcase, not having made finals for nearly a decade. Solid management and backing some good young kids started their new journey. They are now a powerhouse. Fingers crossed for our Tigers.

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Take this points system dribble elsewhere

It doesn’t have to be a points system
A market value would be fare
And this would only need to be used when a player is looking at changing clubs not being re signed at his existing club

Would last five minutes in court if the Players Union (or someone willing to payroll) challenged it. Clear restraint of trade.

Can a $9.4 million cap be thought of as a restraint of trade ?
Because the league has set that figure

What is JAC’s value
$600,000 as an untried fullback?

A player has the right to earn as much as possible (we all know and understand that) and that is determined by what a club is willing to pay

Therefore the larger amount offered to a player should set a players value (not undervalued)
And that is the value that should be used and applied against the cap
Think of it as $1 equals 1 point (like flybuys)
Each club has 9,400,000 points to spend
You can only get so much with your points

We can all find reasons for and against and argue till we are black and blue

But the simple thing is the current system of the cap is not working
It needs change

Thats my opinion and I am sure many others agree
The Nrl competition can be much better and this is one way of fixing it

I have thought we need a points system or draft or something else for some time. Under the current system, a club like ours is always disadvantaged as we have to pay overs seemingly all the time. And don’t get me started on Third Part Agreements - Uncle Nick.

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OK I’ve just read pages of people posting about BJ Leiluia.

Has anyone heard about any potential new signings for 2021. I read Hooper’s article suggesting JAC might be heading to the Bulldogs??? Anything, anyone coming our way for 2021, besides Tamou? I think we all need a bit of hope for 2021. Sure 2022 might be better when we can offload a few overpriced players, but we need a strong 2021 to attract other players. Who will want to come to us if we miss the finals again next year?

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I hope the slimes get absolutely smashed tonight.

No Sivo
No Ferguson
No Jennings
No Backline
No Hope
No win
No Premiership
Think I will get a bottle of Vodka for tonight’s games
It will be the best night I have had in ages

Hello Mitchell
I’ll be watching you

Hello Ryan - i will also be watching you!

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@willow said in The path to Premiers:

Hmm, I’ll go with Souths and Canberra to win this week.

Yes with you there Willow. I just hope Penrith, Rorters and Parramatta don’t win the comp.

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@Speed2burn said in Looking at the finalists thus far..:

Is finishing 8th or 7th really much of an achievement these days anyway? If we finished 8th or 7th we probably get rolled just like Knights do yesterday anyway

Rather make it, and have an actual shot of going deep into finals footy than limp in

Unless you’re on a run aka Parra 2009 or Cows 2017 more than likely you’re just cannon fodder. For example not sure what confidence knights can take out of making it then just getting blown off the park

Conversely, Newcastle looked okay for the initial period after I tuned in just after half-time. They were within range and had they’d provided one stronger set in defence or taken their chances then, the knights would have been a big show in the current game of momentum, where one mistake, lapse or referee’s decision can change a game and it did.

Good point.

But the lack of desire in a finals game is pretty concerning with the talent they have. Up at 14-0 then letting in 46 unanswered points is no excuse, even if a referee shifted momentum in the 2nd half. Just imagine if souffs didn’t have butter fingers in the first 15.

I don’t know if anyone noticed in the sheds at half time with the scores at 14 all. O’Brien was ‘going off’ with a lot of Newcastle players having their heads down. Conversely in the Souths dressing room, it appeared calm with quiet conversations happening. At the time I thought this does not look good for Newcastle. The next forty minutes proved it.

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I think COVID 19 has exposed the populist politicians like Trump and the Brazilian president. Trump has a loud mouth and speaks what he thinks will get him reelected. His is a racist, narcissist who has been found out. The world needs honest, intelligent, thoughtful leaders, regardless of right or left wing, who do not go to the extremes of either left or right. The world does not need leaders like Trump. Full stop.

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He will definitely be missed. Come on Cam go around for another year.

Harry’s gone either way.

Where’s he going?


If Harry ended up at the Rorters, I would literally throw up.

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@JoshColeman99 said in Elijah Taylor Final Game:

Obviously tonight is all about the two club legends but Elijah Taylor deserves a lot of thanks for everything he’s done at the club

When he first joined us a few years ago he improved us massively. His defence and ball playing at lock often helped us win games and he was a key leader in our squad.

As he got older and slowed down a little being a smaller forward lead to his performances slowing down but no matter what he battled through everything and gave 100% effort every time he was on the field

Never shied away from doing the tough stuff never complained about being dropped, always did his best to improve himself as a player even in his older years and a great leader at the club and a great example of how to be a professional and hard working player.

On behalf of all Wests Tigers fans, thank you Elijah for everything you’ve done for the club. Personally I’m very sad to see you go ❤
Great post Josh


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3 LL
2 Brooks
1 Douehi

Nice to see posters actually recognising the contributions of Eisenhuth and Taylor. Both did an enormous amount of work.