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Every one of us remembers where we where when it was confirmed that benji would be making his debut. I was in year 10 at high school.

I supported a team that was very poor.

17 years later the game has long since changed, benji did the most changing!. He inspired, he excited, he enraged and he empowered.

I don’t have anything powerful or influencual that could make people make decisions. But what I do have is a website that I started in 2004, in a dark time when we - as a club - had nothing. But Benji changed everything.

I don’t need to post about how benji changed rugby league. What I want to tell you is how he changed me. He gave me confidence, he gave me inspiration. I wanted to “be benji” when I played rugby.

The hardest things I’ve ever had to do was come out to my parents. Going to Leichhardt to cheer on Benji and the boys was something that helped me and my parents bond. Benji was the “thing” that helped us relate and bond.

Benji changed us, he changed US as a whole. Every one of us suddenly had faith in the crap clubs that we followed. Now we had a chance…

That’s my story but We know there are so many more. Stories about young girls and boys doing sidesteps or people cheering loudly on the sideline, our stories are all different but Benji remains a constant.

He’s time is too soon and it’s not yet!

It is not right that someone who changed the game so much is left adrift like this.

If you want him to play again, let him.
If he is going to play again, it should only EVER be in a WESTS TIGERS jersey. No other, nothing else.

I encourage you all to tweet, post and email as much as you can to keep Benji, to keep our hero, to keep the person who we love.

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Obviously its been quite busy lately and the server has been running HOT

I’ve just added another CPU Core and extra 1GB of memory.

Apologies for any slowness that was experienced by anyone

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Clear your sessions on your iPAD

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douhei is awesome and our future 6,
Benji again shows that he is the king,
Nofo should be playing for Australia,
We have the makings of a great team

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Don’t go benji!
He still has so much to give and is a great player to watch

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Testing using the “REPLY” button

works for me

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back now

I’m having trouble atm posting without quoting. When I click submit it says “forbidden”. It’s ok if I’m quoting someone’s post like this.

@GNR4LIFE that’s interesting.
Can you confirm exactly the steps you follow before getting into trouble?

Do you click the "Reply " button or something else?

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Can’t access from the lap top …only on the phone

Plug the power cord in