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Hey everyone.

The site was down for several hours today but it’s now back.

Yesterday I asked the hosting company to check a few things regarding the site’s SSL certificates (the thing that gives the little green lock at the top of the page). Somehow at around 1pm they did something that caused the site to stop.

Thankyou to those people who emailed me alerting me to the issue. The site now back.
I can’t apologies enough for this

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as many of you would have noticed, I’m in the process of moving us across to a new server.

Firstly, I apologies for the down time. Since working on the forum since 2003, my absolute priority is this community and keeping it alive. Any down town is - for me - the worst.

The migration is still going on. It will take a few days.

I hope you understand that there will be downtimes, but never underesitate that I don’t have our 19 years of history as my number one priority.

Especially for TigerGran.

Go Wests
Go Balmain
Go the mighty Wests Tigers

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Hi everyone.

As it’s a Bye weekend (yes, I know there are still some games on) I’ve scheduled some maintenance work on our server infrastructure for Friday with our service provider. I expect the site to be down for about 6 hours, however I’ll be aiming to have it done faster than that.

The work is essential and this is the last opportunity to do it before October.

The works are related to the server infrasturcutre itself, not our website, hence why the site needs to go into maintenance mode for a few hours, after which I’ll the site can be safely switched back online and continue as normal.

I’ll keep this thread updated when required.

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Hey everyone.

Now that the season is over, I’m going to loading in a new visual theme to the site over the next week.

It’s not a huge change, just an iteration of the theme to something that’s fixes buttons that are too big, or colour miss-matches, etc.

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So in other words, they are cheating

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Council has received an application: Mixed use development on the abovementioned properties generally known as the “Balmain Leagues Club” site, comprising; demolition, excavation and remediation of the site, construction of 2 basement levels for residential and commercial parking, 3 laneways, a public town square and 3 buildings connnected above a shared podium between 11 to 12 storeys in height with residential accomodation for 164 units to the upper levels and retail, commercial and leagues club to the lower levels. Development fronting Waterloo Street will comprise of 2 to 3 storey buildings for live/work.

You can view the application on line at until 16th October 2019.

Should you require further information regarding this application, please contact the assessing officer, Brian Kirk on 9392 5773.

Any submissions you wish to make regarding this application must be in writing, addressed to The General Manager, marked to the attention of the assessing officer, quoting reference and received by 17th September 2019 to 16th October 2019.

Submissions by way of objection must clearly state the reasons for the objection. Submissions should also quote your name, address and a phone number at which you can be contacted during Council’s business hours.

Submissions received will be acknowledged in writing and will be considered by Council in its assessment of the application. Council retains the responsibility to determine the application in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

It should be noted that comments received will not be treated confidentially and may be viewed by the general public.

Screenshot at Sep 18 09-39-14.png
![Screenshot at Sep 18 09-38-35.png](/assets/uploads/files/156879643044Screenshot at Sep 18 09-37-46.png
Screenshot at Sep 18 09-37-27.png
Screenshot at Sep 18 09-37-59.png 3-screenshot-at-sep-18-09-38-35-resized.png)

Screenshot at Sep 18 09-39-50.jpg

Screenshot at Sep 18 09-40-17.jpg

Screenshot at Sep 18 09-40-44.jpg

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Thread reopened

This topic is still current

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Hey everyone.

The site was offline overnight and this morning as did some work on the server. It took a few hours longer than I anticipated, sorry about that.

The work was entirely server related, nothing has changed on the forum.

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A tough loss, but I’m very proud of the boys.

If we play at that level consistently then we’ll make the 8 for sure

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Hi everyone

I’d like to propose that we restructure this subforum.

At the moment most posts are in the “Rumours & Suggestions” thread, where it’s hard to keep track as multiple discussions happen.

I propose that anytime new discussion comes up about a player, we create a specific thread for them.

For example, the Matterson stuff can all stay in the currently active thread, where it’s better suited.

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Hey everyone.

Just an update.
Without getting technical, a lot has happened in the background this last week. I’m happy to say that I’ve got a solution almost ready to fix these issues that you’ve all raised.

Thank you to the users who’ve help me out with the testing, the feedback so far has been great!

I’ll provide some more updates soon, but my goal is to have this sorted ASAP.

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Moses Mbye leans back on a plastic seat in the Concord Oval grandstand and talks about how he leaned on two people in particular when he was offered the captaincy of Wests Tigers.

One was Sydney Roosters hooker Jake Friend, a childhood friend who had captained his own club. The other was Benji Marshall.

“I reached out to Benji when first discussions started about potentially being captain,” Mbye said.

“I actually had a conversation with Friendy at the Roosters. Him and Benj have been two people who have been influential in terms of my footy career for two completely different reasons. Benji was the guy everyone wanted to be and play like. With Friendy, really close family friends, grew up together and spent a lot of time together.

“With Benji, for me he is a captain because he is an influencer. He is a really big influence around the club and the community.

“Benji is at the stage of his career and life where he is a real role model for the game. He has been a role model for the kids that are playing now.

“They have come up with him as an idol. You talk to people from many walks of life and he has had those experiences — he is a bloke who ticks all those boxes.

“He is a father, a captain, he is a premiership winner, he is an international, he has been across two different codes. Whatever you do in the game, he has done it.”

Apparently, he is also a confidant, at least where Mbye is concerned.

“He rung me and said Madge (coach Michael Maguire) has asked me to be captain,” Marshall said.

“He said: ‘I want to talk to you about it, I don’t know whether I want to accept the job or not, I just want to ring you and get your thoughts and if I did accept the job, would you be able to help me and (would I) have yours and Robbie’s (Farah) support.

“I said: ‘Honestly, you are selling yourself short, you’re better than you think, this is what I think you are as a leader’. I told him everything I thought.

“I said: ‘Put it this way, bro, you won’t have to change, Robbie has been captain before, I have been captain before, we have Russell Packer, Chris Lawrence and Elijah Taylor’.

“I told him, you are going to have people around you that if you feel like you need help, we will take the load off you.

“You don’t need to change. Madge always says it, you are only as strong as your leadership group. With Moses, he is out in front leading it.

“He didn’t have to call me. If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been bothered.

“He wanted to be sure he had our support. We were on the phone for about an hour.”

It’s history now that Mbye ultimately accepted the offer, his decision to bounce the idea off Marshall and other members of the club’s leadership team providing a snapshot of why Maguire opted for the 25-year-old.

Mbye is polite and thoughtful. He is a young father and relatively green as a fullback, having made a permanent switch to the No 1 jersey only last year, firstly at Canterbury and then when he made the mid-season move to the Tigers.

Yet he is also a difference-maker on the field and a standard-setter off it. “The thing is, a lot of people have said he is young and inexperienced,” Marshall said. “But honestly if you see the way he composes himself not just on the field but off it, he is pretty impressive. What I see is that you know you are a good leader when you look around and people are following you.

“I don’t think he understands that when he talks everyone listens. His voice is really driving the players and driving standards.

“The thing I like the most is he doesn’t enjoy shit standards. He doesn’t walk past things that he doesn’t like. He drives standards really hard. I think that is a big reason why he is captain.”

The respect is clearly mutual.

“When Benji speaks, people listen because of who he is and what he has done,” Mbye said.

“Benji has a knack of being able to take the piss out of someone but also bring them back up. He is a big part of who we are here.

“I am sure I will be talking to him a lot during the year.”

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Cheers mate.

It was a big job moving servers the first time and this time was no different.
I didn’t make the decision lightly, especially considering that it would mean that everyone would need to change their passwords.

But based on the feedback that I was getting over the last month, the switch had to be made.

I haven’t had much sleep this last week 😂