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I agree.
That’s why I advocate for starting specific treads about players, not just lumping everything into the “signins and rumours” thread.

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@Tigerlily said in Theme Update:

Does anyone know what the slide switch/button does above the unread?


Try it and find out 😉

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I’ll move the pagination at the bottom to somewhere further up the page.

Try to do it in the next 24 hours or so

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@simonthetiger said in Jersey Design:

yeah i want one too

Jesus! Simon!
A blast from the past! 😃

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Of course, as always, feedback and suggestions are both requested and appreciated

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So I carried out a lot of work overnight on the theme to address some of the outstanding issues.

  • Front Page has returned to the original Subforum landing page
  • The “Reply” button has been removed (complaint by Ink)
  • Quick reply function has returned
  • Pagination is now at the top of each page (requested by Annandale Tiger)
  • Removed the Ad at the bottom of the page on mobile (request by JD Tiger & BigUnit)
  • View members posts by clicking on name (requested by Ink)
  • Last Post Time on thread (requested by Needaname)
  • We’ve now got Recent Posts on the front page for those who can’t get enough of things
  • Nested quotes are now hidden beyond the 3rd quote.

I still have more things on the list to address, which I’ll continue to do over the coming days.

One thing that I can’t get rid of is the fact that regardless of the work done, there are always complaints. It wasn’t long ago that the site would crash on game day because the server was constantly falling over no matter how much I threw at it.

Since then:

  • the server is now on a modern platform that wasn’t written in 1999
  • unlike before (and unlike other forum websites) it’s natively mobile responsive. Now you can do everything on the site on-the-go.
  • the server has physically moved to Australia, so it’s far more responsive for everyone (except me, I’m in London #firstWorldProblems)