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A few of my ideas

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

Number 4:

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Should it be in a similar shape to the current one? Rectangle?

Like I said, the size should be scalable, meaning that the logo should be able to somehow fit into the banner space above. It’s about 80px high, but I can make it bigger if need-be.
The logo doesn’t have to feature text, but the title of the forum will need to be displayed somehow.

At the end of the day the size limits are up to you, but a 400px by 400px logo that looks crap when reduced down to roughly the size of the logo above will not be accepted.

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Over the next week a competition will be running to produce a logo for this website.

As you can see above, the current logo was just a temporary design made to fill the website until a proper logo was found.

I’m now calling on all artistically minded fans to submit their designs for logos for this site. Winner will have the honour of having their logo braded on the top of each page 😃


  • The logo must be easily replicated. Keep it smart, but simple
    It must be scalable (looks good as a small icon as well as on a large banner)
    It must not break copyright (so do not use the Wests Tigers or NRL logo)
    it should, but not necessarily, feature the website’s name “www.weststigersforum.com” or “weststigersforum.com
    If possible, the logo should be available as a vector graphic file (for example, .ai)
    Finally, the logo should represent what this place is - a social web forum for fans of rugby league

so to quote that japanese guy for Battle Royale:


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I like it.

This sounds like a proactive step towards a solid future. This sounds like something that the “ManU” of the NRL would be doing, something from outside the box.

I hope it works