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hearing billy walters is training well at 9

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Looks like douehi is headed to roosters

Yep article about that this morning. Melbourne and Canberra also interested. Doueihi and his family are ‘less than impressed with how the Tigers have baulked at paying the money the Rabbitohs wanted to secure his release’

I didn’t see the article but apparently spat the dummy this morning and quit.

Why are we always the bad guys? Pretty obvious the negative agenda that the media are running against us

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I smell a rat with Crawley trying to apply pressure on Tigers admin to get a deal done. 4yrs is too long and Souths obviously suspects it has an expensive contract. We are in a position of power here for a change…we should hold our position and drive a hard bargain. If they want, they can take one of our (packer) poor contracts on. Let’s face it…AD is no game changer (he might help us sneak into the 😎 and only a moderate improvement on what we have already.

JL sounds cheap this year but could become very expensive, very quickly, especially if his injuries are longer term. Mcqueen, Packer, Mats and Reynolds very similar buys…older players coming off injury interrupted years at top $$$. If he wants the big $$$ tie it into incentives such as playing a certain amount of NRL games.

I could take or leave both as they don’t solve our number 1 problem (lack of pace)…there will be plenty of opportunities to get similar talent before 30 June if we stay patient.

Don’t get me wrong they would help but are risky investments at the mooted $$$$

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Buzz reckons NRL are set to approve a 10 year Burgess payout for Souths in adminastration role “The NRL is expected to approve his medical retirement by the end of the week. Outside of the new job at Souths, Burgess also recently signed a new commentary deal at Fox Sports”. They’re saying the end of the week now? It seems like they’ve fast-tracked it all if Buzz is on the money here. It would be crazy if it got approved so quickly after Greenberg said in the new year. Wouldn’t be surprised if the timing was by design

I thought this was a joke when originally posted. Just rubbish by Buzz. But now I see a story on Fox about the same, and think it might be happening.

This game is so corrupt, so fixed. Some teams are definitely favoured higher than others. Absolute rubbish that this “post career” admin job, paying $360k a year for 10 years, with the total happening to equal the contract he signed last year, wasn’t sorted before he agreed to retire. Obviously it’s too offset the retirement, to pay him outside of the cap. If it was a for real rmedical retirement, why do they have to sort any deal? And it is obviously used to convince him to retire, which is a bigger breach than we were pinged for.

Fuming, so much so that I had to edit this post to take out a few words.

If this is true the 15 clubs should sue the NRL , the Drs have said he would be fine in 18 months time (well start of 2021 season )

This is going to be a free for all. the only way a player should be medically retired and money off the cap is if the insurer pays out the contract.

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but was your company paying you $1.1m?

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The fact there is debate about the worthiness of Latrell on +$1m says it all. On this type of money you cant have any doubts about the player. To me he would be a disaster signing on big money.

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I don’t want Latrell here on big money. I would rather 3-4 solid first graders with upside.

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$800k for mats…no wonder we struggled to be competitive. Surely pascoe must be on borrowed time.