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@Ponyo though I didn’t read/watch either, I see there’s a clip on with Matto about Parra going all the way and Marsters story about making the 8. How much more ammo do our boys need?

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I hope the Tigers are organizing pathways for him outside of footy

@OzLuke agree with this yet can’t agree with all the just get rid of them (re:player injuries) posts. These players injure themselves whilst playing for our club and we hold the responsibility of rehabilitating them. Don’t people understand that our facilities aren’t up to scratch and regardless of who we sign, they will also most likely encounter similar problems (ala JR) hence also the same facilities.

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IDK if it’s having Madge - and despite his epic bungle with the RF thing - and JP, but I feel the Tigers really are in a position of power for once.
If anything this last year has taught me, is that while we are the gift that keeps on giving, we also are a pretty resilient club.
The jokes about players who have left and gone on to success, only tells me that we have never had any issues in developing great football players but instead have suffered from poor Club Management and coaching. Plus have poor facilities and this should be made a priority.

The Media circus surrounding us now re:Latrell is the perfect time/opportunity for Justin Pascoe to show the NRL we are not the doormat of the NRL and I hope to see him regain some control of the narrative for once. While it doesn’t bother me how much media conjecture is aimed at WT… I however do not wish to see us used as a bargaining chip or as a smokescreen for other clubs/players/managers.
Despite our failure in the NRL competition we have surpassed some big clubs with our overall development of players. We sell papers and create headlines and the NRL still have no inkling of how much we really contribute to the game. This should be the time we put the foot down and really bury the tag of the underachievers of the NRL.

I’d be pretty stoked if we landed LM and even more so if JAC came back yet also know we need forwards. But our attack still sucks…and we need to realistically address our playmaking issues.
We only have Benji for one more year and Brooks needs to take his game to the next level by actually leading the team around the park. I love him as a player and thought he was better this year but want nothing more than to see him become what he was dubbed to be, a gamechanger and great leader for the WT.
So, other than taking players to the next level, my only wish is to see us have a truly successful year and that is heavily dependent on who we recruit.

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I never said I knew you, or any posters for that matter personally, or called anyone racist.

I’ve only explained how I felt highly uncomfortable reading content that is
a) Outdated or ignorant

b) Disrespectful to the causes or issues that were being protested about

c) Politicising in itself…

You commented that flashing the mouthguard was somewhat disrespectful, while I only asked if people genuinely thought that the “lack of anthem singing” actually indirectly affected the scoreline??

I think that’s absolutely fantastic that you do your bit for the Indigenous community and commend you for that…but please why do you feel the need to attack others who don’t share your view or highlight the things I have?

Like I said yesterday, who are we to tell anyone what their place is in this world? These players are not the only people who have an issue with the anthem.
Tell me exactly how it is inclusive of our Indigenous population?? It should represent contemporary Australia and pay some respect to our First Peoples IMO.

And please just tell it like it is, and call the players bloody lazy if that’s what their attitude or performance is Game wise instead of being passive aggressive - by labelling a smile as disrespectful to our country, jersey or anthem…

It’s okay if we have different values or beliefs, that’s the real beauty of this country, but I’d very much prefer a debate or any interaction to be more civil.

Edit: Alice Springs and Hermannsburg are actually the two places that had a profound effect on me personally. It was a real culture shock(for me) yet gave me an opportunity to understand more about cultural protocols and how to apply cultural inclusive teaching strategies. So cheers for sharing that @diedpretty

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This is a little too heavy to deal with on a Monday morning…haven’t we WT supporters suffered enough.

I actually respect each and every person’s view on this forum and wanted to point out the message I get from them, is inclusiveness. So who are we to tell anyone what their place is in this world/country?.
I also wish these type of topics/threads were somewhat restricted or moderated, as it has the potential to cause a lot of unnecessary upset.

I’m a big girl and actually appreciate those responding and sharing their POV. Your passion as footy fans shines through, if anything.

@trentrunciman why does your name sound sooo familiar??

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Look I genuinely didn’t mean to offend anyone at all, so sincerely apologise if I did. But some opinions or beliefs are a little uncomfortable to read because of how outdated they are.

It doesn’t hurt me one bit what a person chooses to do (or not do) and I’m just a little perplexed as to how this even comes into the equation.

This country has always had racism issues, you need only to remember that the Apartheid was modelled off the Queensland Policy.

I honestly think this country still has a long way to go and it begins with creating the right dialogue and I’m not offended to hear the issues of our First Peoples and neither should anyone else.

IDC one iota bout what Latrell or Wighton are passionate about but my own passion is working with kids, so naturally I listen when this is one of their messages.

They actually wanted to do it silently yet the fans are making the bigger issue out of it.

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Do people seriously believe the lack of “anthem singing” affected the result of that game? I somewhat agree with rustycage, and think some of you are outraged for the totally wrong reasons.

Blame Mal for the team selections. He’s a myth of a coach anyway.

FYI Addo-Carr wears a mouthguard with the Aboriginal logo during most games he’s played over the past couple of years (and has flashed it quite frequently, including in Origin and in last week’s game).
His reasoning is to display pride in his Aboriginal heritage, as well as for inspiration or motivation for all Indigenous kids. So you want to hold that against him.

It’s disgusting to see any ignorant comments re: the Indigenous issues the players are trying to highlight - which actually include Aboriginal recognition in the Constitution, Youth suicide and Youth detention.

So yeah if that big robust Tongan forward pack had players such as Cook and Tedesco rattled, how hard is it fathom that others were too.

This is a free country and everyone is entitled to voice their opinions.
I happen to agree the anthem is non-inclusive of our Indigenous population and honestly wish the politics would be left out of this forum ALTOGETHER because some of the comments just look borderline racist and it’s disappointing to see.

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Thanks for everything Big Ben, loved what you brought to the team. Not only did you add some punch to our defense, you were a great role model for our younger props coming through.
Loved your performance v Manly last year and the forced errors against teams like the Sharks, Roosters and Storm.
I wish you all the best and please know that this fan certainly appreciated the sacrifices you made - especially to help our team move on from toxic players.

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Wasn’t sure where to post.

For anyone interested, the Tigers v Roosters game in Rd 1 last year is on Ch502 now, it makes up one of the 2000’s Greatest Games.

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Couldn’t find the “Things that make you cry thread” so…
(Both taken from Twitter)

The Wests Tigers Hokey Pokey

You bring you junior in
You let the junior walk out
You bring the deadwood in
Then you swap the backs about
You do the coachy swappy
And player managers fuck fans around
That’s what we’re all about!




@WestsTigers have SIGNED boom forward David Fifita. Hearing it’s a 5 year deal worth approximately $4 million.

The club plans to unveil Andrew’s brother on November 2.