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Leilua could feel his blood boiling on the field after his brother, Luciano, was taken from the field following a high tackle.

‘‘I knew it was coming, but when I did what I did I kind of blank out,’’ he said. ‘‘It just happens. I was angry that they took Macca [Sam McIntyre] out earlier in the game and then when my brother got hit, I didn’t hold back. My immediate thought was that if that was a high-profile player, a Cam Smith [being hit high], there would have been action. Instead we lose players and nothing happens.

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I don’t like to say this because I do have an appreciation for these boys and what they’re doing for the team, but it was kinda to be expected tbh, considering the majority of our recruits are/were fringe first graders or cast offs from other struggling teams(at the time). There’d be nothing wrong with that except the team’s overall construction from Ivan was of the same or a similar quality.

This is why I think Madge has been the best possible buy for us. He’s no-nonsense and his approach on our team has been unlike Seibold or even Ivan at Panthers, he’s working toward building a competitive team with someone else’s roster but is yet to make an excuse.

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@hobbo1 said in NRL Round 9 *Spoilers*:

@mike said in NRL Round 9 *Spoilers*:

Penrith winger, hat trick on debut

Cricket score this game

Does that mean we’re back in the 8 again??

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@gato said in Mitchells worse than BJ:

@Lauren said in Mitchells worse than BJ:

I’m equally as peeved off at the refereeing standard of our last 2 games…but blaming Cummins and co. doesn’t help or change the fact that we’re down a player due to his own onfield conduct. I will say that I’m with most of you though that it is becoming quite concerning and I just want to see a fair contest for us.

I think this week it has more to do with the unfairness of the BJ and mitchell incidents personally. No doubt BJ had to go for 4 weeks but mitchells shot on reynolds was just as bad and he even ran in from behind to hit him but is charged a grade 2 so will only miss 2 weeks if pleads guilty and then his highshot later he is only getting a fine in the same match.

Thanks @gato it’s become all too apparent hasn’t it.
I just don’t want our games to be dependent on the referee decisions but moreso that our team can actually produce a game plan that even outplays them. It sucks not getting the rub of the green but with all the adversity we’ve been handed I think our game mindsets need to shift to being more competitive in every capacity.
We may not be able to overcome poor officiating per se but we can try to put ourselves in the game every chance we get and take every opportunity - which is where I believe Madge had us heading toward up until last night’s game.

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I’m equally as peeved off at the refereeing standard of our last 2 games…but blaming Cummins and co. doesn’t help or change the fact that we’re down a player due to his own onfield conduct. I will say that I’m with most of you though that it is becoming quite concerning and I just want to see a fair contest for us.

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@Geo said in Brooks.... what is he good for??:

As Maguire said the 1st half cost us the game too many errors barely had a tackle in the opposition half let alone the 20…when we maintained possession in the 2nd half we came back into the game…

Brooks for what it’s worth was involved in both TRIES 1st running getting a quick play the ball for Grant to but Aloiai over …the 2nd a long ball to Mbye who put Hoffman over…

1st time I’ve actually heard Maguire question some ref decisions especially the Captains challenge …

Great teams can overcome this we are not a Great team but we are a good enough one that doesn’t turn it up like past Wests Tigers teams I have witnessed and lose by 40…it’s changing…

By all means though make all the changes you want…

I seriously believe that Brooks does have great instinctive ability but that somewhere along the line he’s been asked(coached) to develop all other areas of the game - despite this being his main strength - and it’s shaken all confidence. His career over the past 2 years alone confirms this.
Our forward pack are smaller and more inexperienced than every other pack.
We lack strike in our backline.
One of his potential halves partner is slower, can’t tackle effectively but is more than equipped “between the ears”.
The other brings energy and effort, will occasionally create a smart play but is equally as incompetent as him in bailing the team out of trouble.
Grant(especially has) been fantastic and Doueihi smart, but they have also made the wrong choice in crucial moments of the game.
This team has to work extra hard (and only works) as a unit and we’re usually required to get every single thing right to get us over the advantage line.
If we need to address Luke’s shortcomings we also need to look at the team’s overall weaknesses.
So if we’re honest with his assessment, we also need be realistic in the team’s assessment and our current circumstances - being seriously under strengthened - and how this will also effect a player’s form.
(Go back and look at that Dragons debut game, then the years when we had JT. Ivan might be crap at creating a great attacking game plan but he had the team showing faith in each other and Luke thrived off this. His instincts are there but it’s been the coaching as much as the stability of the team which stunts/ed it).

But in saying that he needs to own his ability and work toward improving his improvisation during game time. I think he can be as dangerous as a Cody Walker or Keary if he works on it. If you don’t believe me look back at his games when Taylor was our coach and he(Brooks) moved away from using his natural skills, this is where it started to go wrong for him.

I’m not against resting him for a week if needed but it doesn’t exactly solve all our problems.
This is the only thing I don’t understand with our bench selections and interchange use, at times it’s looked like we’ve gone out with a similar game plan to a Storm and Roosters and this doesn’t work for our team. We can try to grind out wins but the boys will be depleted week after week.
We look better when we try to run teams ragged.
I think we need to work more on our defensive structures and with our spine - their attacking plays and kicking. If anything, this is what is winning games. Look to DCE and Pearce, they still don’t really produce game winning plays individually but it’s rather that their teams look more cohesive when it is pulled off.

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Look I know he had a quite game but given his recent form, would it be possible to look for - or even get- Alex Johnstone for this year?
I just feel adding someone like him in the team right now would reap benefits for the team’s campaign to make the 8.

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3 Aloiai
2 Eisenhuth
1 LL

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Bringing Benji on was the closest thing to having this broken down team firing on all cylinders. But we already blew a gasket in that first half!!!

Another brave performance but I’m totally over it and just want to see us outwit/outplay a team tbh. Yes the reffing was shocking in the 1st but we just looked totally lost altogether. The lack of leadership is continually letting us down.
Mbye and Brooks had me fuming and I felt sorry for young Hoffman to have to deal with those defensive lapses.
It was an ugly game and I just hope this isn’t a sign of things to come (our push for the finals). Yes I know we’re a depleted team but that 2nd half showed that attitude is a requirement to compete and win games.