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Fair point …the more I think about it.

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I know this is not going to go down well. but I think Esan has a profile and reputation he doesn’t deserve. And, I think his goal kicking is an example of what I think is his weakness; very little attention to detail. He needs a good (proverbial, not literal) smack around the ears to remind him that he is only a few lackluster games from NSW Cup.

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Ummm Yep. I think we can treat it as a April Fools joke. Nothing more than that.

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What a win, that was. The upside of this team is enormous.

Mbye back from injury was solid. Twal, Garner, Matterson, and Packer off the bench were fantastic.Is there any more gutsy and skillful little player than Corey Thompson in the NRL? And, Robbie !!! How good is he going?

The composure, patience and completions were outstanding, given the weather and the big Warriors side. One of the best wins ever I think; and at Campbelltown ?!?! It’s been a graveyard for us in the past but the place was pumping last night.

I hope its packed out again next Sunday for the battle of the south-west with the Bulldogs.

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Poor decision. He has links to shady Balmain types like Nick Di Giralimo and Benny Elias. A backward step if ever there was one.

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And, …… you think that’s an appropriate comment? Really?

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How many times must players and teams transgress before suffering consequences fitting the crimes.

Ingles - cap rorting, hitting women, high range drink driving (probably over 1.0 in Dubbo).

Sharks - Peptides, cap rorting, breaking NRL instructions, team drinking indiscretions.

Just a joke NRL management are not worth a bean,

BUT… grab the Tigers… Seriously!!!

Mate ….1.0? I think you meant 0.1. That is double 0.05, the legal limit. At 1.0, he’d be dead.

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Hmmm, having just watched his press conference with Pascoe on the website, and, at first viewing (and respecting he has probably just arrived back from UK), he sure as hell is different from Ivan Cleary. I got a strong sense of it being about “him” and working to remind people of his “talents ?” as a coach. I didn’t get any sense of humility or appreciation to the club; in fact I’m pretty sure he called us West Tigers. It’s not really enthusing me much, tbh.

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I agree that the situation was managed well by the leaders of our club. The outcome though?

Maybe the appointment of Maguire was the best outcome in the circumstances; certainly the best for him. He seems to be the complete opposite of Cleary though; intense and driven. Is that what the club needed? Hmmmmm……not so sure.

Happy to let his record as WT coach determine that.

But, due to the vagaries of membership opt out auto-renewal, I’ve parted (according to the credit card statement) with another $1400 to see how season 2019 pans out for us. Here’s hoping.

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I don’t think the vitriol thrown at Ivan Cleary is worthy of us. Of all the coaching changes announced over the last week, Ivan has the most pressure on him than any of the others. I hope he manages it well, for both him and his family.