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@willow said in Banned:

doing their job and holding standards here,

Then you would have resigned years ago

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@Geo said in Banned:

Swearing doesn’t make anyone’s vent or opinion valid

I never said it did GEO. To use the acronym BS could just as easily mean Balmain Soccer. So let’s get real - it was unnecessary and vexatious censorship. Some might even say it was Balmain Soccer.

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@GNR4LIFE said in Banned:

So you think the mods are radical lefties for not allowing swearing

Not at all. If you actually did read my post you would know what I said. I certainly did not say that I condoned swearing. Twisting a person’s words, however, is a clear tactic of radical lefties who seek to shut down contrary opinion through obfuscation and deflection.

But, I don’t know if you or they are radical lefties or for that matter, puritans. I simply asked for the rules to be reviewed given that the expression that was used is part of our cultural vernacular. If anyone on here has never used that expression then please cast the first stone.

As I said, I didn’t get a chance to read the original post by Josh. I can’t comment, therefore, on the context of the expression.

We are all expected to behave responsibly in the forum and I appreciate that there may be underaged kids reading these posts. With that in mind, if it was indeed such an outrageous & irresponsible use of that expression then the Mods have every right to do what they did, which presumably was to delete the post.

So to my original point, Why can’t the rules be reviewed or like some forums, have a filter system applied to place asterisks where potentially naughty words might appear?

Finally, in Josh and every decent person’s defence who uses the same acronym to describe the phrase in question, they have consciously tried to self censor the expanded expression in order to mitigate any potential harm to those who may truly be offended.



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@Aesopian said in Banned:

Then we can move on

It helps if you type complete sentences. I’m pretty good, but I’m not a mind reader.

By the way (can I use BTW?) The moving on line is the classic deflection tactic when the argument is lost. Cheers.

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@Aesopian said in Banned:

Feelings hurt

See Aesopian, that’s actually more offensive than Josh’s acronym. That’s playing the man not the ball.
That is such a demeaning and totally unnecessary comment typical of lefty luvvies who want to shout down an alternative point of view. Insulting, me instead of arguing the points I raised in my original post. In your first reply, you tried to shout me down by telling me to go away. That’s my entire point - you would prefer that anyone with a different view should go away. For a moment there I thought this was an open forum. Sure there rules but as I posted earlier, that maybe they need to be reconsidered. A perfectly reasonable position that reasonable people would understand

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@Aesopian said in Banned:

If you find the ones here tough to follow

You are welcome to your opinion and that’s as it should be. I happen to disagree with you and that is also a perfectly legitimate position. In fact, I neg repped you because I disagreed with you. Nothing personal, simply expressing my opinion. Cheers

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I never had a chance to read the tweet that sparked the ban. But as most would have to agree, Josh is one of the most articulate and insightful posters in this place. Without knowing the detail or context of his supposed disguised swearing, did anyone who did see it consider the possibility that he was actually right? In fact, was he entitled to be critical at all? Or should he have tiptoed around the blunt reality of his assertion? Too often these days we see politically correct actions such as shutting down an alternate point of view by the Outrage Industry. The language we grew up with is being artificially corrupted by those who wish to socially engineer us into some emasculated, wimpy, compliant and shrivelled thinking society. Our culture in Australia uses that expression every single day. But here in a forum that talks about the rough and tumble sport of Rugby League, to even hint at using an expression that we all explicitly understand to mean “incredulous” is OTT to say the least. Maybe its time the Rules changed? When were they last reviewed?
As for the neg rep - Oh dear! Spare me the log cabin stories about hard-working volunteer mods. We are all in this forum for one major reason. To discuss The Mighty WestsTigers and related subjects. Sure we get off track at times but that’s just banter.
In banning someone for a neg rep, which in real terms simply means that you disagree with that person’s interpretation of some intractable rule, means that the job of a hard-working volunteer Mod will get easier, cos there won’t be anyone left one left to moderate. Oh, I don’t mean that everyone will start to neg rep and therefore be banned. No, I mean that the forum will end up with the classic groupthink mentality that is so prevalent in our society today - where people are shouted down for daring to question leftists views.
I realise that the forum has rules, but maybe the rules need to be reviewed. Your thoughts?

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It’s not as if these issues of great players hanging around for 1 more year had never occurred before.

I’m sending Benji a copy of The Club and a copy to every Development player in the NRL to wake them up to the grim reality that there really is a conclusion to a career at the highest level. Back in the day of Real Reserve & Third grade the old blokes would drop down to help the younguns learn how to cop a whack. Sadly the culture of entitlement and the mighty dollar runs the game. Benji will survive as a commentator or media luvvie. I wish him well but get out of the way Benji and stop the Robbie disease from destroying the club over the next 4 rounds.

Imagine a team without these self-important types who love the focus on themselves rather than their actual team perfomance. At least Chris Lawrence did the right thing and announced his retirement in a professional manner. He is classy!

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HOT TIP BJ has until Friday night to convince Madge that he is switched on for this game. Madge has tapped Talau for the Right Centre spot where he belongs and AJ for TTs wing spot.
, Now back to the tea leaves …

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@851 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

but has a deal on the table

Maybe as a barman at Wests Ashfield? I’d be OK with that.