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@Don_Kershane said in Best Balmain/Wests/West Tigers team:

Playing information
Position Second-row
Years Team Pld T G FG P
1966–76 Western Suburbs 116 14 0 0 42
Years Team Pld T G FG P
1972 New South Wales 1 0 0 0 0
1972 Australia 4 2 0 0 6

Surprised no magpies stalwarts have not mentioned John Elford -far better forward than some of the plodders people have selected

100% agree on that and I would add Bob Cooper into the mix as well , absolute monster of a man, played for NSW. Jim Coman’s haltered his career with a 15 month suspension for knocking out 3 Steelers in Wollongong. Should have got a medal not a suspension,

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I was at Concord yesterday (with West Rugby) and noticed Brooks being pushed around on a trolley, had a big smile on his face so shouldn’t be to bad an injury

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@jadtiger said in Corona impact on NRL...?:

If you think the NRL has problems then rugby union in australia will go the way of the dodo .The main competition relies upon kiwis and south africa for competition.Travel bans could kill it quickly as ru in australia has no money as it is a rump sport

Actually the closure of Super rugby will benefit the local Shute shield competition with approx 20 quality players coming back to Sydney grade rugby.

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If Reynolds plays NRL this year we will have no hope

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Walters and Johns putting in good efforts

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how was alice cooper???

saw him support motley crue a few years ago…

crue sucked because Vince can’t sing anymore…

Alice carved it up!!!

I saw him at the Sydney Sports ground in 1977 with Hush. 80,000 people amazing

And I thought he was great last night. He was the only act I watched

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@Elderslie_Tiger said in FIRE FIGHT AUSTRALIA CONCERT:

At the FFA Concert witnessed two great Aussie Talents one on the older side (aren’t we all) Daryl Braithwaite and Jessic Mauboy .Daryl had the crowd in the palm of his hand with HORSES and Jess wow wow woe. If the NRL don’t get the great Australian talent that is available instead of the overseas crap they serve up they are crazy(sorry that’s a given)

I watched Daryl Braithwaite, horses was amazing and watching the crowd in it, it really appears that song has now become one of the real Australian classic songs. There was not a person who was not singing in the entire venue.

I skipped Mauboy!

Hardly an Australian classic - It was written and reordered by Rickie Lee Jones who is an American.

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Without doubt the slowest team I have seen since the Magpies in the late 90’s

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Simple answer to appease all sides, get Paul Kelly (from Irish and Italian immigrants) and Kev Carmody (descendant of the original first nation) to collaborate together again to pen an anthem that would be truly Australian and represent all Australians.

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@happy_tiger said in Rugby on its knees after broadcaster walks away:

@jadtiger said in Rugby on its knees after broadcaster walks away:

Good game to play patheticaly boring to watch

I don’t think it has been a good game to play since the 90’s to be honest

And it is garbage to watch now

Rarely watch the Wallabies or the Waratah’s.

The Shute shield is still the heart of rugby in Sydney and really is worth watching. The ball gets thrown around, great tries and even the odd punch up which gets the crowd going.

This year the West harbour Pirates will be playing all home games at Drummoyne Oval while concord is rebuilt. 4 games, free entry to all and $5 dollar Young Henry beers and $4 dollar Garlo pies plus sausage sanga’s. Jumping castles for the kids and they allowed on the field after the game. BBQ and drinks after the 1st grade game to meet the players.

Cheap day and lots of fun

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