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Gee it’s going to be tough to make the 8.
Our next three games are must win, Warriors, Knights and Bulldogs.
Lose any one of those and it’s good night I reckon.

From the last six, I can only maybe see us only winning two, Manly and Souths.

Roosters, Penrith, Melbourne and Parra I don’t think we can realistically win.

Can we make the 8 ?..it’s going to be very difficult.

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The Season left…

North Queensland twice
Newcastle twice

I don’t want to sound negative, but hell I am, I can’t see where our next win is coming from.

Maybe Saints and Bulldogs, that’s about it.

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@Tweed_Tiger said in Goalkicker....:


I didn’t think Masters kicking was bad last night. He kicked all the ones he should and didn’t miss by much from the sideline.

Rhyse Martin and Jamayne Isaako are both good kickers and both dropped this weekend. Both players forms are down but so are both clubs forms.

I agree Martin or Isaako would be good pickups. I would go hard after either.
They don’t have to be the world’s best players, just safe and good goalkickers.

I know Marsters had some tough kicks from the sideline, but he is erratic and that bothers me.

Momo should be given a chance in place of Fonua.

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Where can we get a goalkicker from?

I know we scored plenty of trys last night, but the goalkicking is a big problem.

When it comes to a tight game, we need a reliable kicker.

Marsters tries hard but the cant kick the ones that count.

As I see it, the only real position available for a kicker is centre???

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Talking of Pascoe, if he has been deregistered for an indefinite period, where does his Income come from??

Will we have to employ another CEO and pay for him as well??

How does this work??

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We got a Premiership winning Coach, Souths got a Premiership Coach, Manly got a Premiership winning Coach……Penrith got Nathan Cleary’s Dad…

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There is no doubt that this situation is killing us and it is not our fault……it stinks.

As long a IC is here, this situation will continue for the next two years.

I just saw Adam O’Brien on 360…very impressive guy.

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On form it would have to be Thompson and Tupou……

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He’ll be signed for $150000 and then paid an additional $800000 to was Uncle Nick’s fleet of cars……

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Our only hope is to replace the Warriors in the eight…but I can’t see it happening.

On my calculations, the Warriors will finish on 32 points and we will probably get 28.

I’ve given the Warriors losses to Dragons and Penrith.

Our only hope is to win all our remaining games, but I can’t see that happening.