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@Tiger In The Gong:

First thing you would do if you really wanted this to work was to admit your own short comings.

Second step would be to try to get an outspoken celebrity to organise it. A Ben Ellias or Alan Jones, someone who is already on record as being upset.

Get them involved and then you have legitimacy and a chance to gain some momentum.

personally i wouldnt attend if it was just about Farah, if it included the removal of Taylor and Go well then i would actually take a day off work to attend.

Your actually employed?

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Do you think farah situation at tigers is similar to what media was saying about gallen at sharks last week. How gallen had a large amount of touches in the game and basically done nothing with the ball and is playing his halves out of the game… Is farah our gallen??

Also people doing rallys for farah seriously get a life and try to use your time for something more meaningful…

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@goldcoast tiger:

Negatives: Taylor himself.
Leading us To equal Last place……well done.
Not doing what he stridently said he would do…Improve our defence. We are still soft as jelly.
for rewriting the Book Of Excuses
For persisting with Lovett in the team.
For no indications that he is or ever will be, a first grade Coach.

Positives for Him
Brought better injury treatment to the club,
His main positive is that he probably won’t be here past the first half of next year
( hopefully even earlier)

1. We were one field goal of 11th
2. The defence did improve by over 10% from previous years two years and was 7th best year all time Wests Tigers.
3. He didn’t blame refs etc and was pretty open that we weren’t good enough etc.
4. Lovett missed 21 tackles and made 663. Second only to Farah.
5. Sure, he’s got work to do but for now I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

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Wow lovette tackle stats r impressive

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Got tedesco through a season injury free. Deserves a medal.

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@goldcoast tiger:


I reckon it was moss call to cut farah… And I bet he would of presented the board and Taylor lots of facts to back up his decision.

Marina’s alleged partner said it was the Coaches, don’t know where he’d get the info though 😆

I’m sure the gm of football had some input.

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I reckon it was moss call to cut farah… And I bet he would of presented the board and Taylor lots of facts to back up his decision.

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I think the main reason Taylor is baged on her is becausebof his structures and he is very stubborn with those structures. It’s safe to Taylor didnt have the team to play those structures this year. I do agree with Taylor that there does need to be some structure. We could not continue to give guys like Moses a free licence to play what he sees because inadvertently it breeds that caulture of attack over defence.

If Taylor doesn’t do anymore recruiting for next year he will have to find a balance between his structure and the players available to him. Otherwise I think kimmorley will be in the job the second half of the year if results do not approve.

Taylor has risked his reputation for this club. Fixing our slary cap and dropping guys like farah are not easy decisions and in his view for the greater good of the club.

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Firstly my understanding of Islam is that the Quran is similar to the old testimate which the Jews follow and Christians follow the new testimate which is different again. My understanding is that that terrorisim expressly breches the Quran and it’s obviously unfair to brush all Muslims as terrorist.

nostradamas prediction is interesting I’ll have a look into that.

Regarding kids and computers I guess they grow out of it when they discover dating and partying which is another thing we have to look forward to. but yes they ll likely be less cultured/educated as a result but you never know they might take an interest later on in their life. their just being kids at the moment by the sounds of things which is important too.

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Glenn Stewart has been told to explore his options by Souths next yr. Wonder if he’ll seek legal aide and turn it into a media circus.

Where did you hear this? Even if so Glenn didn’t give 12 years of his life to that club, he didn’t give up a great amount of money to play for Souths. He will probably be off to Manly next year anyway if true.

No but I’m sure Stuart spent that long at manly.[/quote

And we all know how that played out, when Manly didn’t renew his contract.
Division and unhappiness between the playing group, board etc. underperformance on the field and their coach given the flick. 😮

Hard to compare the two. Manly team consistently made finals each year and the tigers… Well we rebuilding for a while now.

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Wonder if has anything to do with freeing up room for farah. South’s do look shocking without Luke.