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Your entitled to your opinion mate, but he has a pretty good record of getting the best out of halves. That’s why I brought him up. I’m not looking at him as a personality or a bloke the club would bring to functions , I mentioned him as an option to help us in that department, which I believe him - or others - could do and something we clearly need.

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I hear matts brother was a pretty good half,maybe we can get him to have a chat. But seriously boys it’s not our halves it’s our hearts , we’re playing without them. The things that went wrong last night were basic fundamentals that these guys learnt when they were kids. Holding the ball(especially in the wet),3 hit ups then backs ball then put a kick into the corner. Very simple stuff , but you can see they just have no interest. You can’t coach that. These guys need to be sat down at a video session and every error should be brought up and they guy making it should be asked why in front of the whole team and be ridiculed.the only way to turn this around is to embarrass the player. Most footy players have egos and they are there because growing up they were better than the others, it’s time to make them think they aren’t and see if we can force a bit of pride back into them.

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If he was a GOOD forward he would be playing there. I’ve never seen Sam burgess on the wing

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moses is no good. another crap pass right into the shoulder. better than being at the back of peoples feet I guess.

I don’t rate Moses but the hole was there,Lawrence just couldn’t find it.

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Chris Lawrence cannot run lines. He is the worst player in the nrl by a large margin.

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Going to be a tough 1/2 time speech

Haha as if. Potter will just sit on the esky again and say nothing

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Very ugly game. Paterson should not be out there.

Yep he is rubbish but it’s not his fault. That belongs to potter

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In some ways this looks like a better team than first named. I’d love to see Lodge have a big game tonight.

Yep I’m hoping for big things from this kid,shows a bit of mongrel just what we need

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Hopefully that spells the end of Lawrence and Galloway

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Also of note,nsw cup is top of the ladder and under 20s are pretty much top 4, why is the nrl side so shit? Surely has something to do with the coaching staff. How can your feeder sides be so good but your top side is so bad? What are we stacking our lower grades or something? So disappointed in our lack of ability at identifying our strengths and weaknesses and acting on them. Very poor management it seems

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What’s the go with Buchanan? Seriously , brings absolutely nothing. We have nothing to lose so I don’t know why we don’t throw caution to the wind and try as many new/young blokes as the nrl will allow. There’s a lot of strange things goin on there ATM. What about Santi? Seen him a few times and he seems a real goer to me. Much better than Buchanan. What happened to lodge? Thought he had some animal about him too,but he only got one go and then he was brushed. Somebody please explain.