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This is a fun thread. I went to Clemton Park PS and i remember Ron Willey came to the school when he was the Balmain coach just for a look around as he was an ex student. When I was at Kingsgrove North HS Steve Georgallis was a year behind me but super classy and much better than older kids. We had a very good open side in the early 80s that made it to the sharp end of one of the inter school comps - Jack Danzey was the referee for one of those games. My wife lived at Sefton and she grew up with the Lamb family. Alan Fallah was in their circle of friends too.

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I like Lagavulin, Laphroaig or glen Spey River. Sometimes i need all 3 when watching Tigers matches.

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The penalty Cummins gave for the Cows to level up at 20 all was rubbish too. Huth was square at marker and Baptiste faffed around with the ball, Huth was entitled to strike at the ball.

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Great stuff lads! Very professional and really enjoyed it again.

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You just wonder about the effectiveness of the NRL & Greenturds effectiveness in all of this. An embarrassing coaching merry go round that just gets the main stakeholders in the game offside through the uncertainty that has persisted for months - sponsors, players & the fans. No control over the clubs or player managers and zero leadership.

I thought it was a good sign for the quality of WT management. Yes we got bullied by a stronger club, but they secured a well regarded coach, before the commencement or pre-season and with some compensation.

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Rowdy deserves it, but I like someone who’s prepared to rumble with the refs. Maybe Reynolds.

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Welcome Madge! Better record than IC, won a comp, made some mistakes in 2017 which i’m sure he’s learnt from. All upside for tiges.

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The main problem with referring quality over the last few years is too much instruction from head office, especially the CEO.

The best refs imo were the period where Harrigan, McCallum, Stone, Annesley were the top refs. The difference was the were accountable for the whole game - no pocket ref or bunker and they adjudicated based on their own judgement and context of how the game was being executed.

They weren’t infallible of course, and I know the game is a bit quicker now, but they were in proper control of the game and the players knew if they stepped out of line there would be a lot of penalties - if they behaved the game would flow.

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I can’t stand Atkins and his smug punchable face. Not that i’d ever condone that sort of thing.

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Jeez we have heart… Does anyone know the go with Liddle?

He passed