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@Big-Tooled-Tiger said in Lure Latrell....as a Fullback:

If we don’t land Moylan for next season, would it be a good ploy to chase Latrell with an offer to play fullback for 2021 ? he did play a few games for the Chooks there and it would only get him involved more and become more dangerous, I truly believe he wants to play in that position…and he’s a good goal kicker something we lack

What are we going to be paying him with? Post career ambassadorial gigs?

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@851 Agree with your sentiment mate.

I don’t want Musgrove at the club, whether he was guilty or not. This club needs to start looking at building a genuinely strong squad, not constantly grabbing at random scraps that no one else wants.

We can do better than Musgrove. And if we have the cash to chase Moylan, then we should be spending it far better.

Can’t half tell Warren McDonnell is back at the club…

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@momo_amp_medo He is most definitely not a top notch goal kicker.

His career goal kicking percentage is at 61.70%. He hasn’t landed a goal or field goal since 2015.

His goal kicking is so poor, that he wasn’t even considered for goal kicking duties at the Sharks this year, when their 3 goal kickers couldn’t land any goals.

He isn’t a class player either. He goes missing in games a lot, still shows immaturity, is a timid kick returner at fullback and not confident under the high ball.

We need to be spending that coin on a hooker. Mbye is not a hooker.

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First of all, Moylan is not a fullback. Thompson is better at the back than Moylan. He lacks the defensive ability to play at 9 or in the centres and he’s not a better option at 6 than Benji.

Secondly, his form is too erratic for the money he is on.

Thirdly, the only way this trade works is if Cronulla takes 1 or 2 of Packer, McQueen, Reynolds and Matulino off our books.

On his day, he’ll win you games

On his off day, he’ll cost the team a win

I’m not that excited by this news. If the Tigers want someone young to sign from Cronulla, go after Bubba Kennedy’s boy. Kid could become a gun fullback.

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@tig_prmz Lawrence is expected to stay, on a smaller deal.

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@851 Newcastle don’t know what they’re doing right now. Capewell had been speaking with Brown before he decided to piss off, hence the talk around Capewell elsewhere growing.

He is pretty keen to go to Newcastle/get out of Sydney. He’ll remain in Sydney if nothing else comes up, obviously, but he’d rather be in a smaller area.

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Capewell has all but aligned himself with the Knights. As someone already said in here, he’s knocked the Tigers back more than once. The club isn’t chasing him. The last I heard, is that Wests Tigers are waiting to see who Matterson aligns himself with and then they plan to negotioate a player swap deal with that team.

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@jirskyr said in NRL calls on fans to voice their opinion:

@TigerTiger said in NRL calls on fans to voice their opinion:

Greenburg’s actions over the last few years demonstrate how deeply impartial financial interests have embedded themselves in the game. (Maybe they were always there?) I don’t think they want to make the game more fair and balanced, I can’t recall one single action they have undertaken over the last few years towards that end.

I assume you mean biased - impartial means equal/fair?

Yes there have always been biased financial interests in Rugby League and there always will be. There are in every sport; I would argue it’s the true core of what sport is about, to defeat your rivals and reign supreme.

Those forces within rugby league are nothing compared to EPL or NFL, where multi-billionaires write cheques like taking breath and the gap between the “haves” and “have-nots” is wider than the Grand Canyon.

I expect Greenberg would be trying to balance those biased forces as much as possible, and I expect in many respects he has limited power to actually do anything. For example, do you really go after Nick Politis if you think he’s cooking the books? Because Politis certainly brings heavy finance to the NRL and if you curtail him maybe you hurt the rugby league overall. I expect the NRL probably has little to no proof about anything the Roosters are doing, and I also expect that they don’t enjoy the code-wide speculation that Roosters are cheating scum.

Or maybe Greenberg truly is a crook. Personally I think he’s just unpopular, has an unfortunately sour face, with a political manner that gets people offside. There’s a lack of genuineness about him that does not resonate with League fans.

Like I said earlier, Ken Arthurson was a one-eyed Manly stalwart that ruled the NSWRL for a long period at his own discretion, then lead the ARL into a horrendous war with News Ltd (rightly or wrongly). He oversaw a number of rapidly failing expansions and could not negotiate anything like a competitive TV deal during his tenure. But Arko was also a League man through and through, and like him or loathe him, he appeared to be genuinely passionate about the success of rugby league. Greenberg lacks that common-folk appeal.

Biased financial interests.

Got evidence to support this? Genuinely intrigued.

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Lomax won’t be going to fullback. He’s a threequarter and will likely replace Marsters.

It’d be good if we could snare a genuine fullback instead of having a makeshift one.

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I’m not saying he can be Medically retired. I merely said it was the only way I could see how you could retire a player and pay them out without the salary coming under the cap.