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well said… and the same from me as my first year on the forum. I dont post much but always have a read and thoroughly enjoy it.

I was driving home from the game last night thinking to myself - what am i going to do with my life over the next few weeks now!? after being so wrapped up in it all for the past few months, however, i shouldnt need to think, i have 2 kids under 2yo and three retail businesses that should be soaking up my time!

thanks to everyone on the forum, thanks to whoever runs the forum - great job, thanks to the team for a good year, thanks to Tiger99 for his inside info…

until next year!


X2 :sign:

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Irrespective of the final system, the team still has to turn up to play. 18-6 at halftime. No way we should have lost. Agree with innsaneink totally. The second half was not the final system, they just switched off. They had the Warrior’s measure during the regular season. I think they thought they had it in the bag and forgot to play grinding finals football.

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What’s so hard about wearing a jersey that is equally black, gold (not orange) & white. The magpie clearly visible on each sleeve. The tiger on the front. What went wrong ?

Exactly. Black , White and Gold with equal recognition of the two foundation clubs.

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Got my seats this morning. Look forward to seeing your sign on the big screen again Alien!

Go Tigers Go !

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@Magpie Magic:

Orange is fine but we are a tri-colour team with an interesting history & identity so we should always be represeted by 3 colours in whatever mix.

Balmain & the the Magpies are not the Wests Tigers BUT the Wests Tigers are nothing without Wests & Balmain.

Well said Magpie Magic. :sign:

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We outnumbered them for sure. Wonderful atmosphere. Was sitting above bay 108. It was great watching the friendly bunch of WT fans from the bays below waving goodbye those St G I supporters. Helped heal the wounds from last year’s finals loss.

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Footy Fever is infectious for 4 weeks. Sounds like you have severe case BrissieTiger67. Best you look after yourself. When the Tigers win, your symptoms are likely to worsen. Don’t you remember the great pandemic of Black,Gold and White Fever in 2005? Play it safe. Let work know you will be back Tuesday 4th Oct.

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@1/4 chicken:

I would love to see a win to nil score ,but we always have 1-2 soft trys in us .A win will be fine.

Thats right. No soft tries.

Would also be great to see the Shark fans leaving Shark Park by the 59th minute due to it being a Wests Tigers white wash ( and orange wash and black wash ) !!

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Dam it :brick: … I will need to get a refund… I bought the black finals shirt on Monday night ! I have orange on my scarf and cap does that count? :supporter: