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I am in my mid 50s ,grew up in Lidcombe and along with all my mates we supported Wests and went to many games at Lidcombe Oval. travelled to Campbelltown when they moved there.
Supported the merge and my kids who are now in their 20s became Wests Tigers fans. We will all be at Leichhart Oval today , including my 5 year old grandson and me daughter’s husband who hasn’t been to a game for years. Win , lose or draw it’s great to share a day at the footy. It is still a way I keep in touch and catch up with childhood mates and remember some who are sadly no longer with us.

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I’m one of those who have stopped watching a lot of games, just lost interest. Might have just reached cranky old man stage (56) but i find the commentators annoying the hell out of me. Not so much the main callers (Fox) but the plethora or ex players now in employed as experts or analysts who are really boring or try to be funny but just aren’t. Overall the negativety around the coverage of the game is something I don’t enjoy at all

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The corner shop on the main street of Portland

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Good on you Benji for taking the time to write this & keep things in perspective. My self & my tiger cubs were really down after the loss. But my overall view as a fan is that as long as my team is challenging for the finals each year & are entertaining to watch things are pretty good.We had some great days at the footy this year & look forward to next season.I grew up in Lidcombe & have been a Magpie & now Wests Tigers fan since 1970.I would have to say the last 7 or 8 years have been the most entertaining & exciting.