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Ha ha, I also think the old tiger emblem, the one I use as an avatar, is superior to the new modernized version but I expect to be howled down here……

Yeah I like the the old tiger myself,maybe for a heritage Jersey.
The animated emblems are not great,our tiger is ok compared to some,the sharkies emblem in particular is abhorrent…
Anyway I like the idea of an emblem variation or change.

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I’m on the “winning games” side!

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@Cultured Bogan:

Just to top it off for me:

  • It’s a tragedy it’s ended like this. Farah should never have ended this way with Wests;
  • The club did try to work with him, no doubt to save him face, before “someone” (read: his management) leaked to the media;
  • Some bloody idiot at the club made the reserve grade threat;
  • Farah went the power play believing he’d get the leg up over Taylor;
  • Given that JT had to apologise, some concession had been made for Farah;
  • After threatening that he’d be selected from reserve grade, the club foolishly played Farah, prolonging the saga;
  • The club has finally decided to bring it to a head, back the coach, Farah goes on to slate the club and JT, torpedoing any chance he had of getting to 250 games here, and destabilising the season for his team mates.

Both sides have something to answer for here, but Farah’s arrogance has ultimately sealed his fate. It’s been reported for a while that Lawrence has been up for offer and has silently continued to play on at the club. Rather than slate all and sundry he went head down, arse up and got to the point he has furthered his stay.

It is shame he’ll leave this way. It should have been handled better from both sides. I will not forget how it got out, his self service bit him on the arse and for mine he was happy to drive a club he loves to the wall in order to vindicate himself. Had he just got on with it, he’d have got my undying support.

Sad but true!

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Without JT….Wests 20 Cowboys 16.

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Woods is one type of front rower and JWH is another … we need a Hargreaves type to complement Woods - we don’t have one

Spot on and he is one of the best of this type of front rower,we are in need of a big hitting bloke with a chip on his shoulder….

Simon Dwyer new what to do!

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Good on you jack!
Thanks for the effort you put in mate and good luck in the super league.
Go get em champion!

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This’ll be good for Lovett,he doesn’t seem that far away IMO,good luck to them.

Lawrence captain,take notice JT!

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last week he was really good too but i think we need to be careful it is a contract year for him

Yes,and he needs to be re-signed!
Why he is not captain I can’t understand,I can’t think of another player who wears the jersey with more pride.

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Yes he is worth 1 mil,but I think retaining Brooks and Moses will play a big roll in keeping teddy,which going on current form leaves us in a bit of a catch 22.
Classic Wests Tigers!