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@watersider said in But how do we get good this year?:

@cochise said in But how do we get good this year?:

@watersider said in But how do we get good this year?:

@bbobb said in But how do we get good this year?:

To my mind it’s pretty simple. We need to build a platform. What was dished upon Saturday was very, very ordinary. One out stuff that was picked easily by the defence. Seemed to me that the game plan was to roll forward up the middle but we didn’t make the yards or dominate the ruck. The halves can’t do much without space aside from throwing up bombs on the last tackle.

So do we get the forwards running in pairs and force opposition to focus on more than one runner? Whenever we’ve played decoy runners or encouraged front rowers to pass it seems to muddle their play and lead to errors. I think we generally are okay at metre gaining and momentum, I think what gets us is errors that let teams off the hook. But not sure how to find a solution to that.

To be honest, our main issue for years has been momentum, when we have it, we give it up to easy, when we don’t have it we struggle to get it back. That hasn’t changed this year, we are just defending better so when the game is going against us we are able to fight and stay in the game without gaining control again. That is exactly what happened in the games against the Eels and Panthers.

Yes exactly. It’s impressive fortitude but ultimately futile.

“Impressive fortitude but ultimately futile” @watersider …good words/description there… as NO team or individual can week after week perform above what they are capable of.

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@watersider said in But how do we get good this year?:

@TYGA said in But how do we get good this year?:

The Tigers have been playing well since the Titans game. We backed up the Penrith game with an abysmal performance against Souths and then again against the Warriors after a brutal game against the Eels. Those two performances illustrate we have no chance with our draw.

Yeah, pretty spot on but there are plenty of complaining threads. How can they play better?

“how can they play better?” @watersider…unless I am completely mistaken, our blokes ARE playing to the best of their ability.
But that ability as individuals apart from Harry Grant, and that ability as a team just aint good enough.
Nothing is gonna change until we get at least 2 or 3 more players of Harry Grants ability, while retaining him next year.

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@Geo said in Assistant Coaches:

@JoshColeman99 said in Assistant Coaches:

I’m pretty sure Shane Millard is our attack coach and Webster is our defence coach. Attack is going good, defence on the other hand has been the same for a few years now, average. Dean Pay would be a great defence coach, as much as the bulldogs sucked they won Mostgames by a couple points by just defending with him as coach.

Maguire is hands on with the defense…the role of assistant coaches really are a sounding board for the head coach to bounce things off…tweak things etc…Buck stops with the head coach…

Line speed whacking first contact is a MaGuire Trait …it has improved this year bar this week…as opposed to all out scramble turn up for your mate Voldemort approach…

Geez if we are relying on an assistant we are in more strife than I thought…

As much as I respect your posts @Geo I gotta disagree with your opposition to Assistant Coaches.
Didn’t we try to get Laurie Daley as an Assistant coach recently?
What about Andrew Johns as a mentor for the slimy Eel Mitch Moses this year and how much he has improved his all-round game…he’s now even got the guts to makes an occasional tackle!
What about Our Mighty Magpie Assistant Coach Brett Hodgson…a very good goal kicker.
So… why is it that NONE of our blokes can consistently score valuable points from goals. Those 2 points here and there should have won games in the past, and can win games for Us in the future.
Craig Bellamy has mentored many Assistant Coaches, that have gone on to be 1st grade coaches themselves.
That’s what Wests Tigers need…a Coach that can build a winning Team, and also build winning coaches.
None of Our current .Assistant Coaches have the ability imo to go onto better things…and they are not what we need right now.

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@Elderslie_Tiger said in Wholesale changes:

If AD is in doubt I would put Benji to FB if AD is playing play him 5/8 Packer and Eiso should be back the new kid from the Rorters should get a run put him in the Centres Tommy T defence is still a bit suss but can stay on the wing Walters to the bench

People can call me a bad judge @Elderslie_Tiger and I agree with You regarding Tommy T…and I just don’t get the positive comments commentators are saying about him…in my book he is a Plodder.
Also, we have to keep playing Chris Lawrence, and Benji on occasions until we get someone who is better to replace them.
After a quick look at the points table…I can see Us coming 2nd last if we don’t win our next game.

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@avocadoontoast said in If Madge fails.....:

@hobbo1 said in If Madge fails.....:

@TigersBusDriver said in If Madge fails.....:

All who are saying Madge is not the solution, who in the bloody hell is?

Mr Sheens

Tbh at least with Sheens we were fun to watch.

My wife follows the Eel’s @avocadoontoast.
Soon after last weeks game started she stuffed a swear jar into my hands and I could have filled the damn thing.
Our Tigers busted their guts but we still lost.
I was disgusted by many referring decisions that went against us a well as the at times unsportsmanlike attitude of some of the Slimey’s players.
We lost but I was a proud supporter.
After the 1st 10 mins. of last nights game with 2 tries…great, but 2 missed goals…back to the usual rubbish of going to sleep once we get into a handy lead.
The rest of the game we were rubbish and I was disgusted…I felt nothing…no need for a swear jar this time.
It was not fun to watch.
I have only had the pleasure of one solitary Grand Final win since I started following the Magpies in 1963.
I want fun and entertainment from my footy team, but we are not getting either from Wests Tigers atm.
As you suggested Tim Sheens style was fun.
As we are stuck with Madge until the end of 2021, why don’t we bring in Sheens immediately as an attack (fun) coach?
The coach we really need to pull us out of the poo though is Bellyache Bellamy.

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@hobbo1 said in If Madge fails.....:

@avocadoontoast said in If Madge fails.....:

@Kazoo-Kid said in If Madge fails.....:

If Madge can’t fix us no one can. We can’t take much more of this.

When he was giving them the spray at half time they looked like they’d clocked off… not a good sign.

How many sprays can a grown man take ?
I woulda told him to get …

I feel maybe they did tell him that @hobbo1, as there was certainly no improvement in their attitude in the 2nd half…maybe even worse imo.

I’d been looking forward to the game all week, then we turn the tele on and get dished up tripe (like my Mother used to cook, yuckypoos) by… “Tigers”… I don’t think so… more like meek little pussy cats being content to have a snooze after catching their first mouse ie…scoring 2 tries against a depleted Warriors team that had more guts and determination to win the game than we did.
We have a mentally weak team.
The only answer is to feed the whole team with Viagra after each win, so they can keep it UP ( ie a winning attitude… just for you naughty people out there who may be thinking otherwise) and win their next game.
Go the mighty Viagra Tigers!
An added bonus…Viagra as a new front of shorts sponsor… in the appropriate place… with a big bulge underneath from all the players wearing boxes similar to cricket players to protect their newly found and precious swollen pride.

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@TheDaBoss said in 321 Vs Warriors:

stuff me im livid…but please try and keep it to 321 so its easier to tally
3- Rowdy
2- Talau
1- Lucy

NC- this bloody club

2…no desire

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@Needaname said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@tony-soprano said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@Needaname said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@tony-soprano said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@Needaname said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@tiger_one said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

I dislike copying others’ methods.
However, as much as I also dislike the Eels and Brad Arthur, I cannot ignore how they have advanced since their wooden spoon.
Their recruitment has been an eye-opener.
I feel that Wests Tigers are just beginning to escape the tragic misdeeds of Cleary and others, the salary cap anomalies are slowly being reversed and countered, and I am optimistic of what’s to come.

It will be interesting to see how the Eels progress over the next 4 years I think that will be the extent of their window. Majority of their leadership players are around 26-29 and they probably have maxed out their cap on buying a premiership team, so there is the bones of the side to remain competitive for a decade however what depth they have in the wings and how they replace Jennings and other senior players will be key to them remaining competitive. Panthers have a much broader window in my opinion and in reality the tigers are probably basing our future off the panthers mould more so I’d say.

They still have no juniors there just buying from other clubs

In reference to Penrith or Parramatta?


Oh ok, that’s what i wasn’t sure about.
Still it hasn’t stopped the Roosters in achieving success.

Unless we go back to the olden days of the 60’s and 70’s @Needaname where you actually had to live in the area of the club you played for…or when each team had to have a certain no. of local/juniors…Wests Tigers need to be aggressive in pinching other clubs players, both young and old.

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@twentyforty said in Official - Wests Tigers Sign Stefano Utoikamanu:

@Tcat said in Official - Wests Tigers Sign Stefano Utoikamanu:

@twentyforty said in Official - Wests Tigers Sign Stefano Utoikamanu:

“He is still a very young and well respected playing member of our squad. It’s a good thing on behalf of the club that we’re not taking that personally.

"We want to give him an opportunity. He’s a kid that has come through our system and it’s a good example for the rest of the kids coming through - if you’re good enough you’ll get a chance. If you train hard, you’re a better chance.”

Empty words, unless supported by action.

Taking what personally?

I assume Stefano’s reasons for wanting to leave ?

P…arra A…re R…eally R…otten A…h… !!!

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@rihannafan1 said in We need a new captain:

If he was a regular it is easily Marshall but otherwise give it to Brooks. It’ll force him to take control.

Very hard to change someone’s personality @rihannafan1.
I think a lot of players will show leadership quality long before they are made captain…and as much as I feel Brooks is a very good player and could be even better with good and consistent players around him, he hasn’t shown any leadership quality apart from putting his body on the line with his amazing defensive capability.