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@Geo said in 2021 Membership:

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@cochise said in 2021 Membership:

This year is a little more confusing than years past.

People who rolled their 2020 membership into 2021 due to covid do not receive membership packs, lanyard etc as you already received them for 2020. You will just have access to the games.

People who pledge their 2020 membership to the club and are paying for membership again in 2021 will receive memberships packs etc on top of the access to games.

In saying that I realised last night the club messed up my auto renew again this year so went online to try and renew and it states I have no packages to renew lol.

Doh… I manually renewed mine before the auto renew date just to avoid issues like this.

Yeah, no idea what happened, the money didn’t come out and now I can’t renew. Only been messed up every second year for going into my 22nd season lol.

You should be able too renew…just ring them…

Covid with Pledging v Roll over to 21 v auto renew has caused confusion…

Just renewed my non-ticketed membership for 2021 @Geo plus a small donation to the Wests Tigers Foundation and received what looks like a seating allocation section GA1 row GA…what’s that all about?

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I remember when LM was looking for a new home, all sorts of figures were flying in the media. He eventually signed on at Souths for $600k.

$600k on the table.


It’s funny how a lot of souths players end up signing for unders after a trip to Rustys farm

Well if you think about it
If a player receives a sum of money from someone he is not playing for, how can it be included in the cap
A person receives $500,000 on Monday, call it appearance money as a guest to a Farm to talk about cow dung
That person signs a contract on Wednesday to play for souths
Well that Person legitimately earned that money outside of football
Maybe a relative spoke about their knowledge of cow dung

That’s why the salary cap is useless. There are a 101 ways to rort the system. Teams like Souths and the Chooks who have some very wealthy people in their corner have no problems assembling star studded rosters without having cap problems.
Anyway been done this track a million times but we need a new system, like a point system

Point systems are rubbish

We have to try something because as the cap stands now, it is not working
Something needs to give
For a club like ours to offer a Latrell Mitchell an apparent $1,000,000+ contract per year, only to have that rejected for a $600,000 per year contract stinks
Something is not right
Who gives up $400,000 a year or 40%+ to play with your mates
That is just not believable
$8,000 a week ?
All these players taking pay cuts to be with there mates
Aren’t they mates outside of football
They can still go out for dinner or go fishing with their mates like normal people
What’s Leichhardt a 5 minute drive to Redfern

Something stinks and we all know it
Except the NRL
Maybe they drive nice cars or go down to Rusty’s farm.
I can’t see anyone sacrificing $400,000 or 40% to play with his mates

Wow!!! Good post @Cairnstigers : not only do you have a great sense of humour, you’re a sensible thinker as well.

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@Jay said in What song are you listening to right now?:

This is my band, looking for a singer then recording

G’day @Jay I know absolutely nothing about music except to say that I don’t like the sound of what I am listening to at the time or alternatively I do like what am hearing.
And I gotta say… I don’t like your music…I ‘love’ your music Jay!
And I also gotta say I am very disappointed that apart from @Fade-To-Black, you haven’t received any other encouragement.
C’mon all you dudes with the knowledge and the know how…get behind this talented young fella so he can reach his musical dreams.
It’s not just about football on Our Wests Tigers Forum.
Whatever happens Jay…I hope you keep us all up to date as to how you are progressing.

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@TillLindemann said in What song are you listening to right now?:

Man, this is still the greatest album of all time:

G’day @TillLindemann I listened to PanterA but quickly found out it was not my sort of music, but a Nephew of mine would love it as he is doing research into that style of music at Newcastle University.
But what you did achieve for me though was a YouTube video of AC/DC popped up performing Jailbreak at Donnington in 1991 and it was 19 mins of fabulous entertainment, so…thank you!

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@Fade-To-Black said in What song are you listening to right now?:

The flag up back caught my attention👍

@Fade-To-Black that was absolutely awesome, thank you.

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@Sully said in If Melbourne lose....?:

I would rather miss out on Harry ( I personally think he is going to stay with the Storm ) than see Cleary and his son celebrate a Premiership. I use to like the Panthers and never thought I would hope the Storm win but my disdain for him grew more when he blew the kiss at Bankwest. Like to see him cry on Sunday night.

What sort of an ignoramus is Ivan Cleary @Sully? to blow kisses to a Wests Tigers supporter after doing the dirty on Us by walking out on his contract.
A half decent person would have copped it on his chiny chin chins rather than being low enough to retaliate by blowing kisses.
I really hope that bit of revulsion is played on the big screen at all our games V Penriff riff raff.
RE your “like to see him cry on Sunday night”…so would I…you betyuh I would…cry because he has been humiliated.
As @TYGA said “Melbourne will end the game by half time. One sided victory is coming”.

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@diedpretty said in Is it time for a rethink?:

The problem is i don’t see Maguire as an innovative coach. He has always liked big mobile forwards and the backs feeding off their go forward. Nothing flashy and unfortunately what the majority of clubs are doing. We need to take a leaf out of Penriths approach - take a gamble on a lot of the young guys we have coming through and add a couple of hard nosed experienced campaigners. That approach probably won’t get us in the 8 next year but come 2022 the young guys will have played 20 odd games and add to that the possibilty of signing a couple of high profile players and i think we will see a marked improvement. I just don’t see the point in continuing on the path we have for the last 10 years.

G’day @diedpretty : Re your “I don’t see Maguire as an innovative coach” Your 100% correct…he aint.
Re your “I just don’t see the point in continuing on the same path we have for the last ten years”…100% correct again.
Four score and seven years ago…oops…sorry…4 plus 1 years ago, a new mob took over the running of an AFL club that was at that time apparently considered by many to be a bit of a joke.
The manager forecast that within 5 years they would win the flag 3 times.
They are in the Grand Final this year for the 3rd year running after winning the previous 2 flags and are favoured to win again tomorrow.
The team…Richmond TIGERS!!!
I would suggest Wests TIGERS send a delegation down there… to find out how they achieved such an amazing turn-around.

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@Goanna57 said in JAC:

@GNR4LIFE said in JAC:

@Goanna57 said in JAC:

@GNR4LIFE said in JAC:

I think he’s more likely to end up at Souths than the Dogs. And I don’t think he’s likely to end up at Souths.

Idk how anyone could emerge favourites, especially a club who hasn’t really been in the frame. He wouldn’t be talking to anybody atm.

That’s right but he did say his manager is doing the talking

But the ultimate decision comes from JAC. How can it be determined that the Dogs have emerged favourites if JAC’s focus is on the finals.

4Life as you know where there’s smoke I will believe he has signed with us when it is official announced by the club.
Until then who knows but I think we can both agree we badly need a player of his quality

@Goanna57 used the word ‘quality’ to describe JAC, and I reckon he is right.
It would be pretty hard to not be a quality player when you have played for Melbourne Storms, where they demand and receive quality from the very top all the way through their club.
With JAC being used to that quality, I doubt very much he would choose to go to a club that didnt provide that.
If he comes to Wests Tigers, I feel he would have been assured that many positive things re Our Club are going to be put into place starting immediately.
But if We don’t get him, I have no freakin idea what it means.

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@hsvjones said in Souths show Roberts the door...:

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@JoshColeman99 said in Souths show Roberts the door...:

A club will still have to pick him up and Souths will still be paying part of his salary

Difference is Roberts is actually a decent player while our guys are on more money and are useless!

The story states he is out of Souths Sydney and wont play for them next year, suggests a mutual agreement to leave…

Our Guys won’t budge…

I bet a Mutual agreement includes a visit to the so called Farm and a so called package to collect… They had no money to keep Johnson until he accepted 200k Less but now all of a sudden JAC will play for 300k a year for the love of it and be close to family… NRL needs to find some integrity unit people with balls to dig deep as there is clearly cheating going on with top culbs.

Does anyone feel the new coaching team of Anthony Griffin and Matthew Elliott at the Saints could be in the market for either Anthony Roberts or JAC or both?
I personally feel that is a great coaching combination and one many disenchanted or unwanted players could be happy to play for.

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@tony-soprano said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@Elderslie_Tiger said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Brent NADEN appears to be on the outer at Pamfers looks likely he won’t make the bench for the GF

That’s rough

That’s life…you win some and you lose some.