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My mail is that the Te Maire move is still on the cards even if Reynolds is joining. I’m not sure how it all fits but i’m sure Clearly has something in mind.

Reynolds plays hooker

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I think we have signed Reynolds to play hooker.
Used to be one, suits his play style better.
Don’t be surprised if this is the case.

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Was excited when I first read the title…. oh well.

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Too short, too light.

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Too short and too slow to play on the wing, too poor a defender to play centre.

Has the odd spectacular try in him, but he’s cost us far more than he’s given us.
I don’t believe he’s a real first grader in an Ideal world and would rather long term that we let him go.

Same goes for Kev as well for that matter, and Simona is a Decent Winger but definitely not a Centre.

No Wonder we cant win a game.

Now moving on to the halves and Forwards…

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The only time I can ever really remember the WT being a strong (in the literal sense) defensive team was back in 10/11 when Folkes was on board.

Nah, we were weak as piss then too, we just had Gareth Ellis - He created the illusion of toughness by covering others deficiencies.

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Think everyone forgets just how good he was when he first burst on to the scene before all the injuries.
He really tore it up. Sad way to end a carreer. Potential unrealised.

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I’m not as worried by the fact we lost as the fact we had no spark, hunger or desire.
That’s more a cultural problem than a talent problem. I mean we have kids out there playing for their position and there was just no energy at all.
That is a coaching problem and doesn’t bode well for the mental state oft the team. They knew they were beat before the whistle blew

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@happy tiger:

Why does everyone keep saying he was moved on

He may have left of his own accord , maybe he was unhappy at how stuff is being handled by Pascoe ??

The brevity of the statement coupled with the wording “No longer with the organisation” is Human Resources speak for “was sacked”, no doubt about it.

If he left of his own accord it would say so i.e. “has left to persue other oportunities” or to “spend more time with his family”

The fact that they said as little as possible more than likely means he’s done something shonky and they dont want to say for fear of reprecussions.

I have been through a few situations like this.

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@Tiger Watto:

Adults dressing up and going to see a kids fantasy movie just seems weird to me.

Bring back Dirty Harry!

Typical meathead sports fan attitude… Here I fixed it for you…

Adults dressing up and chasing a little ball around…just seems weird to me.