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@The_Patriot said in **Live Game thread** us vs Manly:

Hope the Farah haters are enjoying this rubbish.

You deserve it.

Don’t think Farrah playing or not would have made a difference tonight. We were soft all around.

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@The_Patriot said in **Live Game thread** us vs Manly:

@hodgo said in **Live Game thread** us vs Manly:

and brooks is still poor in the clutch

Thats the real issue

Don’t worry, he’ll be sitting out next week after that knee to the face.

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@Yossarian he’s probably been kicking all week at practice after last week.

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The tackled player shall:
a ‘without delay regain his feet where he is tackled,
b lift the ball clear of the ground,
c face his opponent’s goal line
d place the ball on the ground, and make a genuine attempt to play the ball with the foot and maintain his balance.

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@jirskyr i think the point I was making that the simple solution would be to make it easier for the on field referees to rule on forward passes.

However, I don’t think we should change the rule. In my opinion, forward passes aren’t such a big deal and I think adding technology to pick them up would be the wrong direction for the game. I think we need to just back the referee to make a judgement call and be OK for them to get it wrong sometimes.

We seem to expect perfection from the officials but there are plenty of rules which are subjective and wouldn’t be able to be subject to technology. For example, how long can a player lay in the ruck? It’s purely a judgement call for the ref.

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At what point should we be taking into account the earths rotation when deciding if the ball was thrown backwards or not?

In all seriousness, I reckon we’re over complicating it by introducing more technology.

If forward passes are such a big deal, change the rule to say the ball must not be caught in front of where it was passed. I’m sure players who pass while they’re running down the ground would adapt their style to match the rules.

Personally, I think the forward passes aren’t that big of a deal. I’d rather see them work out how to stop players lying all over the ruck, or at least make it even for both teams. I can live with some lineball forward pass decisions, but the slowing down of the play the ball is very frustrating to watch.