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Good post @crazycat

I am 100% with you.

We either find 2 genuine team changing players now (a forward and a fullback preferably) who could make us contenders and build a team around…

or we front load and bring juniors in.

I would honestly be happy to come 14th if our team was full of rising stars and we used our money to clear some of our over paid barnacles.

For me 1 horrible year is better than another 5 years of finishing 6th -10th.

Take the pain

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@TheDaBoss oh that’s what we have been doing wrong all those years 😉

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I have a couple of sources in the club. All year their feedback was most consistent on these two points

“The tigers are training the house down”

“The players seem to respect Madge”

So, Madge works them super hard and isn’t their mate.

I have zero doubt Madge is a tough task master. I have zero doubt some players won’t like that. In fact some won’t have the bodies to cope with it (like Inglis)

But. Every tigers fan out there KNOWS the Tigers need to toughen up.

Somehow we became a soft bellied club. The opposite of our dual roots.

I know we have a tough three years coming under Madge. Culture change takes years.

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@Sart0ri said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@Elderslie_Tiger said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

he’s a professional sportsman being denied to right to make a living.

The ARU and NRL have a right to protect their brand, Folau is bad for PR and sponsorship. Companies want to be seen as being against intolerant behaviour.

This is more a case of expensive speech as opposed to free speech.

Our game has been more worried about income than it has fans or clubs for many years.

I would prefer we didn’t obsess about income… it’s not like paying players more money has helped the game in any way…

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@MAGPIES1963 said in Matterson unhappy at Tigers?:

@Russell ☝ 😅

I love how you most mate. You are so respectful and warm in how you write. We can all learn a thing or two from you.

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@diedpretty said in Matterson unhappy at Tigers?:

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Back on Matterson, the only way the club should release him is where there is significant net benefit for us. The way they played out Ivan last year worked out well for us. We hold the cards, he is contracted and he is wanted so whatever comes in the way of negotiation will favour us if another club wants him badly enough.

And just on the topic of contracts and players being “rightfully” able to seek more, if you engage a builder to build a two homes for you, he builds the first to a good standard & in accordance with the terms of the contract and he comes back to you and says “since I did a good job, can you pay me double now for the second one?” What would you say to them?

But when the customer becomes too demanding in the builder’s eyes and wants to change the original plans completely from original deal

Matterson may have thought it was going to be a 3 bedroom single garage and bathroom under Cleary and then it ends up becoming a 200 unit skyscraper under Maguire …

Forget all the stupid analogies. Bottom line is he was signed to play football for WT for 3 years. What Cleary did or did not promise him is irrelevant.

I think most are missing my point

Matterson is to blame …Wests Tigers are just as much to blame …read my other comments …this will be the 3rd time Matterson has wanted out of a contract …what we didn’t see it could be a possibility at the very least if there were any issues

No Happy you’re wrong - first and foremost clubs don’t have to disclose why they let players go. So there is no definitive info out there as to why Parra let him go or why rorters let him go - it is all speculation. At the time we signed him there was nothing out there - and I stipulate out there - that suggested he was a problem child. And then is the other problem with your argument. If you are right in that teams should never sign errant players how does Suli fit in the mix.

I can tell you why the Chooks released Matto. I was told by a member of the Chooks coaching staff…he had a history of concussions and they thought it was to risky to extend and increase his contract. There was nothing sinister, it was purely based on his history of head knocks

I heard he confronted Robinson when the Rorters bought Angus Crichton and it was all down hill from there.

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And your comparing us to Manly because …one sin binning from being one step from a GF and we destroyed by the team Manly destroyed

Manly have a strong history of performing …the WT’s ???

Are you on one of your melancholy rampages again ?

Nah …just amazes me how some always find it is always everyone’s elses fault bar the WT’s fault

…and some would blame the club for bad weather.

We have had more than our fair share of negative publicity.potter Farah thing
Botched attempts to resign JAC
The Taylor years with the Farah sacking
Salary cap breach
And now Matto thing

At some point you have to look ar yourself and ask some hard questions

This a thousand times, and you can add the ‘big 3’ debacle to that list as well.

I just want one year, just one bloody off season where we are not in the news for all the wrong reasons - is that too much to ask?

You’re going a bit OTT. Outside of the forum, I haven’t seen anything about this for a week. The club hasn’t done anything wrong, nor has anyone in the media claimed we have. Its been the opposite, we’ve received a lot of sympathy. To put it in perspective, a player wants out of his contract, he hasn’t been accused of rape or been done drink driving. And it’s not a situation where the club will be dudded like it was with the big 3, cos we have him under contract for 2 more years. And the only way that changes is if we can get a better outcome than we would by keeping him. Exactly like the Cleary situation. You complain about that, but there’s no doubting we came out of that drama better for it with a better coach.

Agreed. Yes we’ve had negative press but you only need to give it 2 minutes thought to see that this stuff extends to so many clubs year on year. It’s the nature of footy, the spotlight and the large number of morons who play professional rugby league.

I personally believe it’s more about how you handle the situation, rather than the fact that situations occur. Tigers have handled everything quite well the past 2 seasons, all things considered.


  • Dogs - Foran injuries, Dylan Napa sex tape, coaching crisis, Board overhaul, salary cap crisis, releasing a number of popular old players, Aaron Woods, Moses Suli, nude Mad Monday
  • Knights - Brown walks away, Ponga demanding high money, failing to make 8, Ramien left, Nathan Tinkler, Mullen drugs, Houston and Wicks jailed, Saifiti fight
  • Parra - salary cap fraud, releasing Norman, Corey Norman videos, wooden spoon, Jarryd Hayne, Kenny Edwards
  • Titans - general lack of success, wooden spoon, previous financial issues, coaching turmoil, long-term scrutiny, crowds, Jarryd Hayne
  • Manly - Trent Barrett, ownership fights, asbestos, Jake Turbo grabbing people, injury toll, salary cap fraud, DCE / Hastings fight
  • Dragons - coaching issues, high profile signing failures, De Belin
  • Broncos - pokiesgate, Seibold failure, Bennett on bad terms, poor decision-making on juniors, injuries in key spots, under-performing players, lack of success despite advantages, Jimmy Jet
  • Sharks - suspended coach, salary cap fraud, peptides, Andrew Fifita’s general behaviour, off-field financial struggles, lack of sponsorship, goal kicking
  • Panthers - paying players to play elsewhere, mass exodus, failed coach head-hunting, all eggs in one Cleary basket, Phil Gould leaving, sex tapes
  • Cowboys - Ben Barba, failing seasons, post-Thurston struggles, coaching concerns, Scott Bolton assault

The reality is, if you don’t have a very successful season - literally, it needs to be very successful, at least Top 6, more likely Top 4 - then negative stories abound. And even when you do have a good season, Pearce fake roots a dog and Jesse Bromwich snorts coke in a gay nightclub.

But this is obvious, because winning clubs are usually happy clubs. It’s much easier to keep your crew together and happy when everyone is doing well, being paid well and covering themselves in on-field glory.

Someone said before, we just need some winning seasons and then the bits and pieces of crap will reduce.

Such a good post. You have genuinely added to the discussion. Thanks for the effort that went into crafting it.

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So help me understand. Titans and Tiges both at Cap.

How are Titans going to pay him more money?

They take Reynolds and Matterson. We pay for Reynolds and Matterson next year. They pay him extra… but from where?

So we take Arrow and Brimson. Titans pay them, we can’t as we are at cap.

So who funds the extra money for Matterson?


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Can anyone tell me which of the 104 pages @POM posted