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@joebob said in NRL classics:

Came across this one from 1998 for all the Balmain supporters. One of my favorite at game memories being there in the rain. Everyone thought that the sharks scored in the last minute (spoilers!) But it got ruled back due to the sharks player stepping out. It seemed like an eternity for Bill Harrigan to realise that touchie had his flag up near the half way line. It took that long, the commentators (including Blocker) were congratulating the sharks for a will deserved win and the TV score board even got updated. My mate and I felt like we were the only tigers supporters at the ground, after I started jumping around celebrating when I saw the touchie had his flag up.

Well worth a watch even for just the last 2 minutes. And the replay shows the sharks player didn’t go near the sideline.

Interestingly, we won 5 of our first 6 but then would win only 4 more games for the year.

I was at that game and often share the story that I went tandem sky dIving that morning at a cost of around $300 for an adrenaline rush but that game, at a fraction of the cost, had me on the edge of my seat with my heart pumping!!

I remember seeing the flag go up straight away (and recall Greg Donaghey pointing to the line) so knew it wasn’t to be a try.

I was there with Tigergran (some here may remember her) who took some convincing.

What a day!

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@Roar_Power said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@WeststigsRdaBest said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Shawn Blore anyone?

Interesting one, I had never heard of him but he seems to have decent lower grade credentials…and good size!

He gets a rap here…

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That’s a cool story.

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@new-smoking-gun said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@Russell said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

One year deal - not on your Nellie for mine.

That is just being used to the fullest extent - used to help those mongrels in the Cardinal and Myrtle.

Imagine a sports star using a team. Unheard of. Tigers have about 1.6mil to spend for 2020. Spend it. 2020 with trel at fullback is better than 2020 with Mbye at fullback. Worry about the rest later.

I know what you’re trying to say but we then go through the same thing next year. The speculation will be a distraction.

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Yep. I have checked and it definitely bounced out.

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Just for my own benefit, when Gutherson let the ball go dead prior to the tap for the first try it hadn’t bounced out before he touched it.? Has that rule changed?

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@Kul Thanks for remembering Tigergran. She would be flattered 🙂

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Wests Tigers have appealed against sanctions over allegations of salary cap impropriety, but their supporters are already being prepared for the worst by the NRL.

Tigers fans who have contacted the NRL to voice support for the club and suspended chief executive Justin Pascoe have received short shrift from the governing body’s supporter liaison arm.

The NRL insisted last night their supporter arm would have little knowledge of their integrity unit investigation or the outcome of the Tigers’ submission.

Yet the response has heightened concerns at the Tigers that their fate has already been sealed. The Tigers were fined $750,000 and Pascoe was provisionally suspended over an ambassadorial role offered to Robbie Farah once he entered retirement but never lodged with the NRL.

The Tigers were stunned with the outcome and fired a response to the governing body in an attempt to have the sanctions reduced and Pascoe’s name cleared.

While they acknowledge they were shoddy with the paperwork, the club denies any deliberate attempt to circumvent the cap. They insist that ambassadorial roles have been offered at other clubs.

However, in an email sent to one of the club’s supporters from the NRL supporter liaison arm, the fault was laid completely at the feet of the Tigers and no doubt prompted concerns among the club hierarchy over whether they will get a fair hearing.

“Thanks for your email,” the response said. “The club is absolutely entitled to offer Robbie an ambassador’s role but it should have been declared and it should have been included in the cap.

“If the club had any doubts whether this payment was included, they only had to ask … Clubs know the salary cap rules and the salary cap auditor could provide accurate assistance at any time. The fact remains this was totally avoidable for Wests Tigers.”

The Tigers are expected to receive a response from the NRL in coming weeks, as is Pascoe. The Tigers chief executive has brought in Brydens Lawyers principal Lee Hagipantelis to act on his behalf.

He is yet to speak publicly over the allegations but the Tigers believe the law is on their side should their submission fail and they be forced to take the matter further.

The outcome could have significant ramifications for the Tigers. Aside from a hefty fine, the Tigers will be forced to operate with a $639,000 deduction from their salary cap for this season.

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