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He didn’t shy away and still made an effort which was alot more than others who have made mistakes all year. I would give him more gametime.

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He is apart of our problem.
To have a captain who doesn’t motivate, talk & steer the team & can’t even cement a normal position says it all for us. He wouldn’t be captain at any other club & probably wouldn’t be a starter either these days.

Madge showed his cards and after tonight he should be punted - I lost count of the restarts at crucial times, he was the only one giving them and it was stupid holding the ball ones as well.

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Mbye needs to pull his captains finger out - he has to be on his last legs.

Bad lost ball
Poor 6 again last tackle
Lazy inside defense

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Trouble here is that he did so at half time when a constructive approach was almost certainly more appropriate.

I can’t agree with criticism of Madge’s half time spray.

I’m no football sage, but I thought there were some very worrying signs emerging by the half time break.

We were clearly being out-enthused by the Warriors and we were losing the middle. I wasn’t optimistic that we would win at that stage.

I reckon Madge saw that too and was looking for more effort.

You are entitled to believe that ranting is the best approach, though through the camera lens in the dressing room, I witnessed a group that was not being lifted by that on Friday.

And thats why the group won’t play finals footy.
They lack the hunger & drive to be consistent.

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I have no issue with the spray.
He did what we all would do infront of the team.

They had performed well the games before and where showing signs of improvement but switched fully off against a team that it should never have happened against.

Madge hopefully will be with us long term. We need someone of his capability & we need stability if we are going to have a chance in settling down and changing our culture.

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Amazing both have hit 250 given the injuries they have both had. Congrats and lets hope we deliver an outstanding result in the milestone match

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Brooks is a better 6 than 7.
Hope he roams & support play is on.

I like the backline. Attack focused if we have a dry track and play to potential we could score a few.

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Camroux has decent size and speed and is a goal kicking 5/8. What’s not to like? He’s on a development contract next season, as is Rizk is my understanding.

Foran for 300k on a one year or 250k for 2 years and have benji retire is acceptable. Wouldn’t pay more than that, body is too risky

Foran was the dogs best today, created plenty of chances, he digs in to the line all the time

From what I have read he seems pretty keen to stick it out at the Dogs and the Dogs seem pretty keen for him to stay. As always we will be used to force his contract value up, with zero chance of signing with us

He is good value if someone gets him close to 300k.
He has a few years in him still.

Have watched a few Bulldogs games this year and when he is playing they are a vastly different team without him. He competes in everything & barks orders all the time whilst steering the team across the park in defense and attack.

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We lost and it’s the end of the world.

Madge is fine.
We have another 2-3yrs of this.

Madge chucked a chair around, It was needed our players sucked and they didn’t perform.

No huddles when things went bad, it was all silo.

Mbye is the worst captain a club could have, he doesn’t lead and doesn’t know how to get the team to come together and change on the park.

Our forwards aren’t up to it, sure they have a dig but they aren’t a competitive winning forward pack. Most wouldn’t start let alone be a bench forward for the top 8 teams - that’s realistic.

Our halves wouldn’t start for a top 8 current team. Brooks could but not on current form.

We have the slowest out of position fullback in the comp.

And we have long contracts and which makes it bloody hard for Madge to move players and bring top quality talent in.

Reality is we have alot more of this to put up with, their isn’t a quick fix.

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Telstra and Optus have been hit hard through COVID as their support functions are in Manilla and India which have massive issues (not allowed in offices etc).