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@TrueTiger said in Tigers and Storm Player Loan Swap:

@twentyforty said in Tigers and Storm Player Loan Swap:

I think the the reason this is not proceeding is because Bellamy won’t budge? Is it possible he thought he could swap a gogomobile for a Maserati without a price/cap adjustment? imo

I was of the understanding that the swap was Melb pay HG we pay Momo…shouldn’t affect either cap…I don’t know why it became complicated …but still agree that it is a great scenario that should be signed off by the NRL…

The NRL and Greenbarg became involved.

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I know the Tigers have had some changes to the player support staff, but I have not read a list of the staff. their roles within the Club and maybe some back-ground information on them. While the recent player acquisitions look very good, I am sure some of this success has been due to the new staff. Hopefully, in the coming season, the team preparation may also be improved.

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@TSupps05 said in Adam Doueihi signs till 2023..Official:

We get Doueihi and Leilua for the price of Latrell

I am very happy

My sentiments entirely! We not only got two well-credentialed players, but they may persistently put in good efforts, as well. I think LM might not be the best team-contributor in all his games.

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@mike said in Alex Johnston Contract Discussion:

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@Anon-lurker said in Alex Johnston Contract Discussion:

I will start off I have never really rated AJ. But he will be a decent signing .
If the talk started a few months ago about signing him or even Gagai for that matter , there would not be so much opposition on the forum . The whole LM affair has clouded everyone’s thoughts . Idk if it’s because LM is an out and out superstar and makes everyone else subpar or mere fact that the tigers for the first time in a very long time have capability of going after the true elites of the game . But what I do know is if there had been no chase for LM everyone’s thoughts would be different for this possible signing

Alex Johnston 2014, 21 tries and leading try scorer, 2015, 17 tries and No.3, 2016, 11 tries in 18 games, 2017, 22 tries, No.4. Those stats are comparable to Radrada, Vunuvali, Addo Carr, Rapana, Holmes and Mitchell. Who wouldn’t take any one of those? Johnston would be a massive signing at either wing or fullback.

I think AJ should play full back or wing.

For Souffs - and that would give us a chance of making the eight.

He is a dud.

A cross eyed 😵 dud at that


Reading through the thread I think majority don’t want this guy.

The fans know a thing or two an should be listened to I reckon.

Fans know diddly-squat and should never be listen to in terms of who to recruit.

Amen, Mike. You are so right!

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Unfortunately, unless I missed some legal matters over the last few years, Australian Restraint Of Trade laws stop all of these great thoughts. In the AFL, their player’s group have agreed with the AFL not to proceed with restraint of trade matters, so they can have their draft. As far as I know, NRL players have NOT made the same agreement with the NRL! Until the power the players and the player managers have over the whole NRL game is curtailed, there will be no change to the current system.

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Of all of the improvements in the design of the forum, may I compliment those responsible for having the thread page choice at both the top and the bottom of the page. There is one forum I use, where the selection is only at the bottom of the page. I get fed up scrolling to the bottom of the page to make a selection. By the way, the whole design is GREAT!

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@jirskyr said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Don’t know why anyone is particularly surprised what happened yesterday.

Roosters pulled Latrell’s offer because he/his team were dicking them around, Tigers made a good-faith offer then encountered the same foolish behaviour.

I see some light-headed folks calling Tigers foolish or embarrassed, but we’ve basically been througg exactly what the Roosters have been through.

Yes Roosters can better afford to lose a player like Latrell but no club top or bottom wants to be part of a circus.

And a 4-year mega deal, you don’t want to start that on poor terms.

So well done Tigers mgmt in my opinion. Also - good news is it appears we have at least $3.8M available for the next few seasons, which is elite player money however you dice it.

Also don’t forget, if I’m not mistaken, the current TV deal and salary cap are not guaranteed beyond 4 years, i.e. there is general reluctance from clubs projecting too far beyond the current TV deal?

I agree with your comments entirely!

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May I suggest that those in a hurry to get the Mitchell deal done, remember he is still under contract to the Roosters until November next year. The Tigers cannot make any announcement or determine the period of the contract they sign Mitchell to, until they find out his situation with the Roosters contract. In other words, would the contract we offer him be for three years,2020,2021 and 2022, or three years, 2021, 2022 and 2023, or four years, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023! Surely, until the Tigers know that, what can they do?

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If we add Latrell Mitchell to all the signings for 2020, we will have an awesome team. With the younger players that have also been signed, it makes the future years look very bright.

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@cochise I thought the plan was to keep the playing field for rugby union , soccer and other sports. Maybe I am wrong?