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No photo-shopping needed. The man after a long day plotting at the office.

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Whether Cleary stays or goes:

Don’t watch Channel 9

Write to Channel 9 and tell them you will never watch their broadcast again as long as they have an association with Gould.

Write to the NRL and tell them you will not watch rugby league on Channel 9 until Gould is removed.

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Front row for Teddy in the lowest grade he can possibly play. Directions to run it up for the first 5 tackles. If he doesn’t do it he doesn’t get paid.

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Would love him to hsave a great game against the Dragqueens & we win.

Would love it more if Gasnier was still there and had a cry again.

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Woodsie reminded me of Farah when he first played origin - about 2 seconds too slow for everything. He will learn.

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I don’t think he should be in the first 17. He just doesn’t add to the squad. He can kick but doesn’t. He can be 5/8 but isn’t. He is very experienced but doesn’t seem to show the way. I would prefer him in State Cup where he would dominate to do mentoring than the top 17.

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WOW I cannot believe the hostility towards one footballer, and after reading all of the posts I am now convinced Benji is all of the following:
1. Jack the Ripper
2. O J Simpson
3. Ted Bundy
4. The Big Bad Wolf
5. Adolph Hitler

I counted 17 Footballers in West’s Tigers Jerseys in tonight’s game and yes the 5/8 threw a pass over the touchline and failed to find touch, but was he at fault when Fifita ran right up the middle and through the forwards to score?
Was he out-jumped by Lewis to score or was that Rowdy Lawrence?
Was it Benji or was it Robbie Farah that mis-kicked on the Cronulla line and it ricocheted off a player and the Sharks ran the full lenth of the field to score?
Was it Benji that missed the tackle on the Cronulla 2nd Rower to score in the second half or was that Curtis Sironen?

To quote a past American Tennis player “You guys can’t be serious”? I hope he changes his mind and gets picked up by another NRL Club and the supporters who have bagged him on this thread end up eating humble pie when he runs the Tigers ragged just like another ex Tigers player did tonight.

Take an Asprin and have a good lie down and watch the replay without your “I hate Benji” glasses on.

X2. Yes, the missed kick may have cost us but he isn’t the only one who makes mistakes. This forum’s been looking for the new Fitzy for a while since Moltzen got injured. Nothing like the mob mentality.

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I thought he played pretty well. Doesn’t deserve your disrespect.

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I think Nofo and Simona are by far our best wing options ATM. I can’t see anyone realistically taking their spots. Lote - no, Koroibete - not on form this year, Utai - no; the only mystery for me Is Pat Richards in 2014.
Sorry didn’t see the other thread on the two wingers form.

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Lawrence has played below par in the last 2 years, so best he speak for himself only. I agreed with him the rookies would be better with more time, but the team has no alternatives. The young ones have performed beyond expectations. I think they have performed so well that if we pick on performance only, the more experience ones may have to go back to reserves to prove themselves and to compete for a place in the NRL.

I think the young ones have performed so well it is the established players that need to prove they can come back.

Thank God we have competition at last over favoritism.