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Lol can only laugh.

And 2 weeks for Reynolds… my god, did they watch that in normal speed cause he had every right to go for that ball. Of course what happened was unfortunate, but come on…

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@Spud_Murphy said in Wests Tigers V Souths - Live Game Thread:

18-10 is pretty good considering our injuries and everything going against us. What really hurts is that we would most likely have won that game with all things being equal, possibly last week as well.

All I know is I’m getting really sick of having to talk about the referees every week. Their increasing influence on whether we can even compete in a game or not is bordering on criminal. I honestly don’t know what the club has done to tick them all off so much. Something needs to be done about it, someone needs to call this out publicly, something needs to change, otherwise what’s the point of us even being in the comp anymore.

Yup, it’s driving me away from the game - and the worst thing is the media make absolutely no mention of it. It’s just, oh yah the Tigers, they tried but they’re just not good enough. You never hear our games disected and analysed fairly, ever.

That LM coat hanger on Reynolds… the similarities between that and what BJ did is uncanny, yet the commentators made no mention of it and the refs, of course, didn’t even look at it.

It’s seriously bizarre.

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Brooks fan, but a change is needed.

Name Benji at 7, and name Brooks at 6. Technically that’s how they play, but it might put him on notice a bit, and if that doesn’t work it’s time to give him a short stint on the sidelines.

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Benji needs to be there, and put the 7 on his back. We’re much better with him there.

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@avocadoontoast said in Wests Tigers Team v Souths Rd 9:

The fact Chris McQueen is a reserve shows how injury plagued we are.

Frustrating the average fan has no idea, and nor do the media really. Tigers coverage is very poor, all week has been about either BJ or the Panthers - absolutely nothing about how tough we were and how unlucky we were considering how that game went. Tilts me.

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@diedpretty said in Hoffman & Simpkin:

“Obviously Reece is really close, he could’ve made his debut this week but they chose to go with experience in Chris Lawrence ahead of a big game against Souths.

does this mean rowdy is playing centre.

All player interviews seem to suggest this, not very coy about it. Moses pretty much said it would be him coming in.

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@balmain-boy said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

I think Isakko is on about 450k at the Broncos. Doubt we’d get him for much less than that. Johnson and Isakko will both only sign for minimum 400k if we’re lucky. With Nof on 450k they have a point. The storm could maybe get them cheaper because they’re successful. We’re unsuccessful so have to pay max price…

In terms of output, they’d be lucky to get what Nofo is on IMO.

With Isakko, his goal kicking makes him more valuable.

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Number on the back is irrelevant with our halves. Brooks, especially when paired with Benji, plays the 6 role anyway.

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@JoshColeman99 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Can you believe David Fifita? Wants a one year contract at titans for the million dollars they’re offering him then wants to go back to broncos after it.

Maybe the bloke is actually greedier than Matterson

You know, while its bizarre - at least he’s honest about it.

He could have gone to the Titans on a longer deal, had a sook and left after a year to link up with the Broncos again.

If I was a Broncos fan, I wouldn’t mind that deal if it meant losing him forever.

For e.g, I’d have happily given Tedesco over to the Roosters for a lot $$$ for a year and taken him back.

Of course, if you were the Titans (or the Roosters in that scenario), you’d be crazy to accept.

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I dunno about Isaako, someone that athletic is bound to come good though - and a change of club might help. Definitely wouldn’t be paying too much for him.