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CHN has been exposed in defence in all of his games so he would need to work on that.
He runs good strong lines though.

Need to be careful when comparing supercoach scores to what actually happens I guess.

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Against some teams it will work, like last night against a new fullback.
I do like the structure it brings also but next week if we do that to GI we are signing our own death warrant.
We need to pepper Reddy alllllll day.

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What’s the biggest pole you can buy?

I wouldn’t touch him with whatever the answer is.

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Farah is clearly number 1 for mine as an overall day to day consistent performer. He almost carried us to the finals in 2007 on his own back.
Benji had plenty of moments but couldnt do it week in week out but refound some specatcular form in 2010 and 2011.
Besides 2005 I also thought Hodgson had some problems but he did his knee in 2006 i think then lost that yard of pace.
Agree Ellis probably scrapes in for me at 3, he was a beast for us and no surprises in his first 3 years we missed the 8 by a point and then made the finals twice.

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He looks to bust his gut out there but just doesn’t appear to be able to become an 80 minute NRL standard hooker. Cherrington showed a lot more class with ball in hand, both the way he ran with it and the way he made space for others.

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Big coin? On the current salary cap it’s hardly anything.

What is our backrow in 2015 now?

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Wright would be in the top 3 worst NRL players currently running around.

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I would not touch Turner. His brain is cauliflower, under the NFL rules he would not be out of action for considerable time.

Ben Lowe is also a legit lemon as mentioned above and is no spring chicken.

Matty Bell was actually extremely solid for us and wouldn’t have been on 600k

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Didn’t Crag Field get convicted of murder?

Didn’t bash his girlfriend though.

Hoppa I grew to love but then he quickly fixed that problem.
Terry did played like 13 games for us in the first 3 years then pulled his finger out in his final year and played the house down at lock only to leave for Manly.

Great way to spend money.

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I don’t think the club had much of a choice. He clearly didn’t want to be here and maybe had a clause with a change of coach or NRL club approaching him.

I’m just frustrated that the club FINALLY makes an astute purchase for a good player on the cheap and he gets to walk for bigger money after 1 year into a 2 year deal.
Depending on the terms of the contract, Blake was a nothing, on the scrapheap and we saved him by throwing him a lifeline.
Sorry Blake, you sign a contract and know have to suck it up for 2 years and then next year you should get your market value. If we didn’t give you your lifeline, you would be stuck playing park footy for match payments and a sausage sanga.

The Roosters do these deals all the time and are lauded as masters and we do one and lose it after 12 months.

I think Blake showed his true colours here.