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Great to see the recruitment guys grabbing good, young talent instead of nursing home residents. Might take a year or two but we are definitely going in the right direction.

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Joint winners - Cameron Smith and his wife. 🙄

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@Madge said in Barry O Farrell:

Jockey Michael Walker was hit with one of the largest fines in the Melbourne Cup’s history ($10,000) after he was found to have used the whip 12 times on runner-up Prince Of Arran - seven times more than allowed - before the 100-metre mark.

That’s what I feel like doing to the Tigers at times!

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Very pleased for him. Didn’t like the way a true clubman was being stuffed around and possibly just being dumped after all those years.
Rowdy, not the player he was naturally, but still certain to give 100% every week.

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Plenty of ability but hasn’t really lived up to his early form for ages.
I think he could be an asset but only time will tell.
On law of averages, about time one of our signings showed some spark isn’t it? 🙏

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@Wagga_Tiger said in Balmain fans healing:

Do people seriously still have a problem with this 30 years later?

Mate, I’m still hanging onto what Darcy Lawler did to the Magpies in the 1963 GF LOL. And reading Jack Gibson’s book a coupla years back didn’t help. Jack was a prop for us and worked with the big bookies. Common knowledge between them Lawler had backed Saints. (Wests had beaten them in both rounds plus the major semi. I was only 13 but went to the 4 games).

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Still remember when (the late) Rebecca Wilson from the Telecrap was on the Footy Show panel one night.
Sterlo (and others???) wouldn’t even acknowledge her or comment on what she said. He just stared straight ahead the whole time. Can’t remember if it was over something she wrote or if they just didn’t want her there.
Off the subject a bit but I reckon it’s time Rabbits gave it away too. Making too many errors, using useless, minor stats all the time and his “news” is all common knowledge from the papers.

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For me, we lacked a lot in attack. None of the support etc you see at other clubs.
With a few obvious exceptions (the floggings) I thought our forwards’ defence, especially on our line, improved out of site to previous years.

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@happy_tiger Great story, great news. I bought the fund-raising CD put out by a C&W singer, Johanna Hemara called “Little Tiger (A Song For Lleyton)” way back then. Great photo of him as a 5yo with Benji at a Tigers game on the cover.

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Instead of looking at the missed kick, look at the missed tackles and dumb plays that put us in that position - again!