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How’s Groat been going of late ?

from what ive seen,i would of expected him to be our most damaging forward,with his first grade experience.
but sadly atm he seems to be struggling,not much impact and doesnt seem to make many metres

That’s a shame, appreciate the update.

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How’s Groat been going of late ?

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Wow this place had better make up it’s mind. First he looks like he’s gonna sign with us, then Cronulla look certainties, now we’re apparently in the box seat again. I’m confused

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I would not say a ‘gut feeling’ puts us in the box seat. Lewis will do what’s right for him, both financially and career wise, so where ever that maybe so be it. Would be nice to have him here without a doubt.

Sounds like the next day or 2 all will be revealed.

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The more I think about it the more I would like Pearce joining us, if there was an opportunity to get him. I think a lot will be dependant on who gets punted at season end if any ?

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Well at least we know what has affected his form this year, I feel so relieved, so 20 odd weeks in he is still struggling, so hopefully next year if Santa is good to him this year - he may perform up to first grade standard.

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He’s the weirdest player! He could be so damn good if he just relaxed a little and put his body on the line more, but he rarely does. You get the odd glimpse of how good he could be, especially when he chimes into the backline and creates an overlap, but for the most part he plays with such timidity and non-commitment. I suppose he needed to be re-signed though because he is virtually the only one in the backline, bar Lawrence, with any speed!

Yeah well said, for some reason he reminds me of Darius Boyd.

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I for one am very happy Moltzen is staying….He runs great angles, chimes in well and I often feel more confident of us winning when he is in the 13.

Is it any co-incidence we have lost the past few games because he was injured?

He was back on Sat night and look what happened!

Yeah agree he looked so safe on Saturday under the high ball, took the line on at full pace, played like he has for the majority of the season.

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@Mighty Tigers:



Was just talking to a guy who sat with Damien Irvine at sharks v dragons game today. They know each other from school. Ive been hassling him for some info for the last couple of days and he just got back to me with this.

Sharks and Tigers are Lewis’s preferences.
Jeremy Smith believe it or not wants to go back to dragons but is happy to stay at sharks. (pretty sure Jeremy has 3 kids. Including a new born)
Sharks are happy to release Smith but Flanagan wont let him go. The only way Smith will get a release is sharks are guaranteed the services of Lewis. Flanagan see’s Smith as a better player than Lewis.
Sharks are definetly chasing outside backs. Possibly Michael Jennings and Sam Tomkins from ESL. Colin best set to retire.

sharks need jennings more than lewis…

So do we after what I saw last night.Jennings was a machine!!!

It’s amazing what some time in reserve grade will do for a player, tend to come back with more confidence.

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Lewis is westie, he couldn’t be impressed by anything he sees in the Shire, i know i’m not. All the Tigers have gotta do is walk him through Livo Plaza, once he sees that wondeful habitat it will be the reality check he needs and he won’t sign with us fast enough. They produce a million dollar waterfront Shire mansion, we produce the sights of Liverpool

WE CAN’T LOSE!!! :righton:

He is also building a new house at Orchard Hills, near Penrith, nice area to live, so an easy drive up the M4 for training :slight_smile: The west is best !

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Great article - lets hope all the internal rubbish about Robbie and Benji is finally put to bed.