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A lot of good names mentioned already. For me another would be Manny Pacquiao, 8 World Titles in 8 weight divisions, something that has never happened before and I dare say will take a long time for it to happen again. He is a machine.

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Another rumour.

SBW had lunch today with Sheens. Whatever could that mean?

SBW wants Sheens to coach hin in Japan !

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Kinda over the whinging westies, it’s like the old song ‘what about me it is isn’t fair’ etc etc.
When they start getting out to games and supporting the Tigers then I may change my attitude but a few on this forum enjoy having a dig at the WT and Balmain at every opportunity really annoying.

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The Morris boys played very well. Would not mind seeing one or either in Tigers colours.

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He’s going to the Raiders

Is that confirmed or just a short priced favorite ?

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I don’t mind Pirates at all. It’s better than these “modern” team mascots. (Storm, Force, Rebels, Suns, WTF?!?!)

The question is, would a Perth side cater to more fans than a 2nd NZ team? I think the NZ market is an untapped gold mine, this whole “they just care about rugby” is utter bull, if they had a quality league team and a derby, league’s popularity would sky rocket.

I think it has a lot to do with the TV rights too, so the time zone makes it attractive to have another live game on TV.

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I have been by told by friends that I look a bit like Mark Skaife. I was pulled over (for RBT) and the Policeman said hi Mr Skaife, I had my son with me at the time and he thought it was pretty cool. He is now in his 20’s and still ribs me about it.

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The rushing out of the defensive line, so many missed the player and this created overlaps for the Knights.

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Our defence is pathetic cashmere and ayesford look so slow we are getting out enthused our first 20 was awesome our last 20 S(,thouse really need to come out and bash these spastics

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I think you can use a better word to describe Newcastle than you have.

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Good work lads, nice comeback