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Getting a bit sick and tired of Brooks saying he needs to improve or do this or do that. Been a few years and every few months these bits come out. Just play the bloody game and let your footy do the talking.

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Yep his ankle could not support the weight of his jaw.

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Would rather bring Woods back than Moylan.

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Gee a lot of people slander Farah, cancer, blight, etc etc, but he wears the TIGERS brand so loud and proud.

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If I was Mitchell and was mulling over where to play to be in a consistent top 4 side over the next 4 years, I would choose Souths without out a doubt. I also think from a cultural and heritage perspective Souths would be better.

If Mitchell is being driven by wanting to be a side which is very inconsistent but having the opportunity to help build something special then the Tigers would be a good fit.

If it is money then it really is a toss of the coin as he will get good dollars where ever he goes.

Frankly, if he comes to the Tigers great, fantastic to get bums on seats, memberships etc, great for sponsors but if he doesn’t so be it.

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I wonder what the odds of Burgess getting medically retired ? I bet there wont be any issues nor drawn out drama like what is happening with Mats.

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When was the last time we won 3 in a row. Sadly we tend to buckle in these must win games.

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I hope we steer clear of Mitchell, Milford and Moylan (MMM) they all go MIA during games and we cannot carry players on top $$ who put in bugger all.

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Yeah I have a bit but not much and I get some round up and put some on the tip of the onion weed, being very careful not to put it on the grass itself, painful but it works. Better than replacing all the lawn.

Good luck I feel your pain 🙂

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@Harvey said in Matterson unhappy at Tigers?:

Can I back the Magpies in next years CC cup? McQueen, Packer, Matulino, Jennings, Matterson, Reynolds we are specials to win the comp.

Not if Hodgson is coaching.

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I’m ok if Farah goes at seasons end, through in Lawrence too, has no impact in games now.

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I think it is good. No one is really safe unless you are performing. It really is a business nowadays and at the end of the day the coach is accountable, so he needs everyone to perform accordingly.

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@WT2K said in Roosters pull Mitchell’s contract offer:

The Sydney Roosters have today advised the management of Latrell Mitchell that the Club’s offer for 2021 and beyond has been withdrawn following discussions with Latrell today.

Latrell has expressed that he would like to explore his options for season 2021, however he remains under contract with the Roosters for season 2020.

Try NFL, don’t come here.

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Up our way in the mid north coast, Group 2 and 3 I really hope that funding of some sorts heads this way. You always hear about clubs not being able to field teams etc and it is a real worry. I have no doubt that other regional areas have the same issues. I would love to see a big plan for country rugby league.

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@MAGPIES1963 said in Bye Farah:

RUSTYCAGE is not on a hiding to nothing @Tigerboy: I disagree very strongly with you and I support Rusty just as strongly.
When I viewed the after game interview with Madge, I felt he looked very uncomfortable answering questions re Farah. And he even admitted during the interview he wished he hadn’t asked Farah to ‘bring his gear along just in case’.
What was Madge’s thinking behind sending Farah into battle when the war had already been won and lost? just ridiculous. Madge knew Farah wasn’t fit to play, so why did he take Chris Lawrence off and send Farah on?
Wests Tigers will be better off not having a disruptive personality like Farah around anymore.

The game was over, it would not matter 2 hoots who stayed on and who came off. Your just peeved that Farah replaced Lawrence like I said keeping Lawrence on would have meant diddly squat. Get over it and let Farah enjoy the moment the crowd was there to see the Tigers win and say goodbye to Farah, sadly they could only accomplish one of the two.

Lets hope Lawrence gets the same opportunity next year.