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Is it possible that the current NRL coach is Jason Ryles. The long term implications could be to the storm as I’d say they have a succession plan in place for Bellamys retirement?

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@TYGA said in Do we extend Madge now?:

@pawsandclaws1 said in Do we extend Madge now?:

Just me but a comment in the article seemed to suggest an applicant was interested in the WTs role hence the rumour of a move to Nth Qld.

Payten timing is odd

Back to where it all began?
I guess it would be pertinent to work out where Payton’s father in law lives, is attending hospital.
I’m not sure he spent a lot of time in North Queensland, certainly spent more time in Sydney with us beforehand.

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There will be half a dozen fringe Panthers available at seasons end as contracts are upgraded. This could include Burton, Staines, Laurie and Aeikins as all have been shopped around, contract or no contract. I don’t know if the Tigers have shown an interest in any but the Panthers definitely need to save some salary cap.

Wouldn’t think Stains will be let go.
Probably a better long term fullback than Edwards.
You would have to think that some of those players would be offered to the Bulldogs on good faith if Barrett holds up his end of the bargain and doesn’t try and poach them beforehand.

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@teddy23 said in The moves to make:

Personally, this is how I’d approach it…

Kieran Foran on a 2 year deal - 2nd year in our favour valued at 450-500k a year - unfortunately no better options out there yet Foran would be our best half if he was to sign

Once his contract is finished, I would aggressively target Kyle Flanagan for the 2022 season as he’s almost guaranteed to not be offered a contract due to Sam Walker’s emergence - Brooks to eventually learn from Foran (great footy brain) and slowly develop into a running 5/8 with Kyle at halfback

With forwards, I think we lack a real leader and Dylan Napa seems to be having a very solid season (can talk to him in November) - him and Packer would enforce some real experience and aggression to our young pack names like Alioia, Mikalae, Blore, Luciano, Twal, Stefano and Musgrove all playing off the back of that would blossom imo

In terms of our backline, everyone’s saying AJ… I like him but I’d much prefer the fox whom is very gettable - as much as I love the Huth I struggle to find a spot for him and he would be an incredible bargaining tool to join Melbourne I’d offer Huth and Momo for JAC in return as we have various forwards whom can take his spot

I think there’s a strong chance we either end up with one of Brandon Smith or Harry Grant - Madge being the NZ coach would play a huge role in us getting Smith if he wanted out which is said to be the case if he’s not the 9 next year

I like Doueihi, don’t get me wrong as a fullback he has some good traits such as good under the high back and his passing game is very strong however I like him as a centre - I think we need to aggressively hunt for Albert Hopoate whom is off contract end of this year and won’t get a start over turbo… the kids a real talent and could be anything

Overtime, Mbye and Reynolds to depart with Packer expected to get a pay cut - we then go hard in the market for the 2022 and 2023 seasons

The problem with Doueihi is we have paid a decent amount of money for him with long term plans for him to be a face of the club.
If he develops more speed off the mark, he is a fullback everyday.

One thing I am surprised about Doueihi is his height. He just about towers over everyone bar Eisenhuth.
I’m not sure he was always that tall. I was thinking 6’1 but he is close to 6’4. For mine his had a big growth spurt and that could be the reason for his speed or lack thereof.
My own brother at 6’5 wasn’t quick all through his teens, early twenties until about his mid twenties when he finally stopped growing and his muscles caught up.
Wishful thinking maybe.

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@Strongee said in Conversation about Ways to Improve:

Hi guys,
I thought I’d start a thread more aimed at on field observations , maybe about an obvious thing we are/arnt doing , or for the coaches out there tactically where we are falling down .
I’ll start with an obvious one . The amount of 6 agains we are giving away .
Some of which really seemed to be at times where there was no clear disadvantage to the attacking teams. It seems the refs have analysed our defence and found something .
We have lost all our games this year due to poor discipline just after half time .

The 6 agains in my opinion is not the referees. It’s the inability of all our players to control the ruck in the middle third.
If you go back and watch all of the games we are still losing the forward battle. Our time in territory and the meters gained / conceded is worse then our opposition, probably all except the Broncos.
In the ruck we are hitting hard at first but we aren’t following through with controlled contact and we concede a lot of post contact metres. Once we get the players down we try all the on ground tactics by holding the players down a bit longer, pushing or twisting after the tackles are made.
I get angry watching the ref call 6 again for us when I see the Warriors get away with a bit more time in a similar tackle and in other games you can see we aren’t the only ones pushing a bit of ruck tactics. The Warriors had quite a few in ruck tactics that slowed our play the ball right down but in most cases and the difference between a 6 again and not was that the players were in complete control of each tackle.
One tactic of theirs was not to allow us on our front (standard) but in doing so what they were done my was holding the player back towards their own goal line, in the air about 6inches to a foot and lower them to the ground once their line was set.
It completely took Grant out of the game in terms of running.

Alternatively we aren’t fighting at all for a play the ball or at least we weren’t in the Warriors game.

The Warriors has everyone of our players except for Mikalee on our backs and alternatively we could not put them on our backs.

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What I noticed in that game is we failed to capitalise on our field position.
Shifting the ball can only happen when you have speed on your edges which we don’t.
Most importantly is not only the one out playing, but what we failed to do was to play to a channel.
One set we had a full 6 on their line and we went far left. In the next play we went to the middle for a settler, then we went right trying to score our wide.
In my opinion we were pulling the defence out but then we went to each point across the field giving the Warriors enough time to adjust and slide. We had no inside or outside plays that keeps pulling the defence compressed to a side.
That 6 we should have gone a couple in that Chanel, next into the middle with a ball back inside to a runner from inside out again keeping the defence compressed within the channel.
That would have given us two plays to give our right hand side backs a chance to score a try against a stretched defensive line.

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Not sure if this is the thread for it, however just on 360 Todd Payton announced that he turned down the NZ Warriors job due to family reasons with his preference to be moving back to North Queensland.
Very interesting…

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Our defensive efforts for our entire team have improved dramatically when we are defending our goal line. However in the middle third we are still extremely weak.
And we try and compensate for that by holding the players down a bit longer, pushing or twisting after the tackles are made. I’m not saying we aren’t the only ones doing that. The Warriors has quite a few in ruck tactics that slowed our play the ball right down but in most cases they were in complete control of each tackle.
Take the Gutherson incident with packer. That occurred because two front rowers couldn’t get the fullback to the ground to slow the play.
Our first contract is most important.
First guy needs to be high. If we can’t make a tackle in that position they should not be in first grade.
If they are feeling like they are going to be palmed or bumped off, grab the shirt and fall back and let their momentum get them down.
We need to.
A hit smarter (not harder) in defence.
B control the time between when we tackle the player and allow the player to play the ball.
C twist, place hands, pull. Whatever we need to do, don’t do it on the ground - because with the new rules that is a complete tackle.
D in attack, fight to play the ball, wiggle, push, punch, whatever show some urgency to get on your front.

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Had last nights game been played at Leichhardt Oval you would have seen Home Ground Fortress advantage . Last night’s decision to play at SCG and not Leichhardt forfeited any advantage and the scoreboard showed that . Why Campbelltown didn’t swap a home game with Leichhardt only comes down to pig headed board members… anyway they hot their wish and gave up on regaining the energy left in the sheds at Leichhardt after the Boncos game …Warriors would have been giggling at the choice of ground last night …

Leichhardt was already booked by Rugby when the decision was made due to covid to move the game from Campbelltown as was Bankwest for soccer…ANZ was also unavailable…

Maybe they should have given Woolongong a go…66% winning record there…

What Rugby game?
They should of got on the front foot.
When I was at the Broncos game I was already thinking mentioning that the Warriors game will probably be have to played at Leichhardt.
They should of acted then. Not waited till the final hour.
And why should we not have the rights to play at our home ground for a ground that is for a league team over a rugby team.
The rugby could have gone to SCG, that was available.

The Western Force played at Leichhardt last night, nothing we could do about it. All our homegrounds were being used by someone else.

Tamworth was available 😂

Damn missed opportunity there, I think we should play our next home game at Kogarah.

Leonay oval

Yes please, I live in Penrith and my golf course is next door. Perfect venue.

I’m there twice a week as my young bloke plays for Emu

Nice mate, you live out this way?

Up the hill …above the smog , below the fog

Knock, knock. How far up? Blaxland here.

Good spot!