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@hsvjones said in JAC:

This guy on Souths forum is normally on the money which concerns me with this post…


I hope his wrong but was all over the LM situation last year and 100% spot on…
I for one will be happy once this is all over but still hold a little hope.

The Liam Knight part is interesting.

He might be worth a stab at. Certainly in the same mould as a Hetherington.

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@frullens said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@Rowdy12 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Can we once and for all eradicate the words ‘ball playing lock’ from rugby league

This isn’t 1995




How would you describe Radley/Murray?
Compared to third props Twal, Nelson, etc

Bloody good defender and fierce competitors. There presence on the field is more important than their link ball they throw.

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@Spacecub said in JAC:

Don’t know if anyone else heard it this arvo on 2sm, that peanut storm supporter was 100% Addo Carr to the dogs okenball, to the storm


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Wayne mentioned around the topic of Jai Arrow coming to the club. “Yeah he is, + a few more and we won’t be losing anybody either”.
Cryptic. I don’t believe there has been any other signings announcements for the Rabbitohs other than Jai Arrow, so intriguing to see who it will be.

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@happy_tiger said in JAC:

Did everyone see that signal …did you see it …JAC blinked twice …he’s coming to the WT’s

Did you see JAC follow behind Cameron Smith when he was being chaired. That’s a sign his leaving. Lol

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@tony-soprano said in NRL Finals Week 3 *spoilers*:

Batman’s being interviewed have no idea what he said

Very tough, very tough to take. Been a pleasure.

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@tigerballs said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@jrtiger said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@tigerballs said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

A bit of a whisper from Souths, JAC will sign for next season.

heard anything else from around the traps mate?

Heard an interesting story, names have been changed to protect the guilty:
A couple of players on cheap contracts but in good form are playing golf with a used car salesman. The used car salesman bets the players $25,000 each he can outdrive them on a particular hole. The players easily hit the ball further than the used car salesman and collect $25,000. Won the bets fair and square, nothing to see here…and re-signed again for unders…

Poor Flanagan. Must have an absolutely terrible golf swing.

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@ElleryHanley said in The Papenhuyzen decision...:

@Moh said in The Papenhuyzen decision...:

@pawsandclaws1 said in The Papenhuyzen decision...:

@Moh said in The Papenhuyzen decision...:

Paps was let go before Tedesco was leaving wasn’t he?

I don’t think anyone would have picked Paps over Tedesco then.

Why did it have to be a choice?

Those who were paid to position the Club to achieve the best results should have ensured our fall back option was secured ie that Papenhuyzen was contracted to WTs.

I’d assume Paps didn’t want to sit behind Tedesco. You have to remember at the time, Teddy was our future.

Everyone seems to have gotten away from the original post…Kelly Egan decided to not retain Paps as he was injury prone.

The whole point of the post was to dispel the Tedesco stuff. Chaamas has come out and said Paps was not wanted by Egan.

Thank you @ElleryHanley.
I for one support the angle of your post.
Whilst I won’t get drawn into the Kelly Egan was a terrible appointment arguement I do think it is worth having a discussion about the club at the time and the position it was in. Justin Pascoe, unfortunately for him is the common denominator in all of this. I’ll stand corrected if there are others involved in these decisions but I believe he was involved in the Kelly recruitment just like the Ivan Cleary recruitment.
But Just like then he was recently involved in the Madge and Hartigan recruitment.
Were the first two a rush of blood decision or were was it a case of getting the best available at the time.
I also remember Egan having a list of 3 potential halves partners for Brooks drawn up and mentioned in an interview at the time. Johnson, Widdop and Reynolds. Whilst the recruiting of the first two may have been more of a success they did knock us back and only Reynolds showed interest. What I can’t agree with is that with Widdop and Johnson both being the dominant playmaker of their teams, that Reynolds was bundled into the same category, Reynolds was not his teams ‘playmaker’ and couldn’t goal kick. And in my opinion would of been an astute signing on half his salary ‘without the benefit of hindsight, injuries etc’.
Instead the club throws the sink at him…
Who was responsible.
At the same time of the interview with Egan it was mentioned and confirmed by Pascoe that a recruitment and retention consortium was set up with Pascoe, Egan and Cleary all being involved in the decision making process.
Since we’ve fallen on our feet and found a favourable outcome with Madge. But since Madge’s inception, who made the decision that Egan was the scapegoat for all the past mistakes and commenced the recruitment of Hartigan?

As a side and back on to your topic specifically with Paps. In an interview at the time, to support but also lament Egans comments re Paps and his injury history. Melbourne it was mentioned flew Paps down whilst still contracted to us and paid for a consultation with a specialist for hamstring injuries. The extra attention to ensuring Paps was able to get the rehab he will require to build to a successful career is was pushed him into the storm corner.
I’ve heard similar stories re Tedesco and how the Roosters manage his Knee conditions.

Shows we have a big gap in making sure these players get the right attention they need off the field.

Another side note. Mikalee was the last player to be recruited through our Keebra Park connections prior to ceasing that relationship as a feeder club. I think their were a couple of others that came with him, Connelly Leumulu possibly but yeah have been moved on to other pastures.

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@JoshColeman99 said in JAC:

@cochise said in JAC:

@JoshColeman99 said in JAC:

Problem with us playing hardball is that if Souths are willing to give someone to Melbourne he’ll head straight there. It’s a risky game Madge and co are playing, let’s wait and see if it works out.

Then that is how it works out, you can’t fold all the time.

There’s more and more chatter about Souths stealing him. Roberts could be on the way out but I think that rumour only came from a suggestion from someone on the radio? No idea how true. Seen someone say tigers will get Cory Allan Instead too. We can’t afford to miss out on JAC

This is what annoys me. I’ve had my eye on Corey Allan ever since he played in the Primeministers 13. Yet we have since persisted with 3 options at Fullback and are chasing a winger to cover the position.

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@izotope said in Harry Grant:

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@Masterton said in Harry Grant:

Anyone else suspect that Cam has been asked to not make public his decision for next season so every other club fills their cap and has no room for Harry?

I think he’s a self centred selfish smug prick that needs a smack in the mouth

would make you think someone like that would want a year of fanfare

I’m not sure. I think he is that self centred in a sense that he will be happy to finish his career at the end of the season without a care of getting a send off.
Remember he did retire from Queensland and Australia after he played his last game for each team.