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I feel like Chee-Kam should be given a spot on the bench. Game looks much faster now with the rule change, I suspect more mobile forwards will have a much bigger impact than big props.

Worried that Aloiai and Mikaele will gas quickly and we take a serious pounding towards the end of the game.

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  1. Luciano
  2. BJ
  3. Walters

Nofo looked pretty quick as well…

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Would love to get Adam Doueihi, think he showed lots of promise this year.

Sadly I don’t think Souths would let go of him.

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Really not keen on Moylan, would be a complete waste of money.

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Why are we going for Moylan? He won’t improve our team at all. If he comes here then I have to question Madges recruitment. I know it’s tough to get players to come here but this is just more of the same, average players coming here for a payday.

If we can’t sign anyone good then save the money!

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Definitely that second Bulldogs game. We were only up by 8 at half time and it was just the kind of game we always lose.

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@BigUnit said in Another year coming 9th:

Can take some hope that the tide can easily turn

Our AFL brothers Richmond tigers also were known for alot of 9ths and missing 11 straight finals from 2002 to 2012. There current coach started in 2010 and still missed 3 finals series but now have won 2 premierships in last 3 years.

Appreciate the positivity mate!

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We look better without Farah in the side. Tigers legend through and through, so would love to see him get a farewell.

But I’d rather make the finals so Reynolds needs to play 9. The thing I like about Reynolds is he always sees Brooks as the first option and Benji second.

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3 - Momo
2 - Benji
1 - Brooks

Tough to split them tbh. Gave the 3 to Momo for scoring more than half our points. Benji looked dangerous all game with a few try assists and a try. Brooks had the best defensive game I’ve ever seen him play and looked great all night in attack too.

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Still think he’s an average 9 but to be honest I thought he played decent today, aside from a few odd passes. Would be happy to keep him at 9 next year until Liddle fully recovers.

Benji looked good at 9 but he’s too old to be playing 80 in the middle. He’s best kept at 6.