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I’m having my homemade traditional unsweetened apple cider or homemade tangerine wine with soda water. Very refreshing.
Waiting on my passionfruit and banana wines to age. The banana is already good but will be great in 6 months or so. I haven’t tried the passionfruit yet but it smells good.

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I just have a quick question. It may have already been raised but I haven’t read back through all the posts, if so, my apologies.
Is there any inkling that Aloiai may have gotten his nose out of joint because WT signed Tamou and was pushed down in the rankings slightly?

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Understand why the club needs to keep it confidential, but I do worry about the next player that has a break out year. Seems pretty easy to get more money when they over perform but impossible to pay them less money when they over perform.

Do you understand WE RELEASED HIM coz it suited us to do so.

The next sook may need to play out his contract if it doesn’t suit us to release him

We’ll likely do the same thing if it happens again. Find a player unwanted at their current club and take him because we need a replacement within 2 weeks.

Very different to what the Storm do.

Dont be naive.

The Storm’s predicament has EVERYTHING to do with the player not sooking or saying crap like ‘I’ll never wear that jersey again’.

Okay champ.

If you think players sooking to get out of contracts happens at the top clubs you’re the one being naive.

I don’t know about that. There was a reason the Capons seemed pretty happy to let Latrell go.

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@Tcat said in Cronulla is at crisis point:

Love it how a thread regarding Cronulla all of a sudden turns to doom and gloom about Madge and his position at WTs.

It wouldn’t be the WT forum without.

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@CarltonDry said in Aloiai:

This is all out of character for JA, he’s very well liked amongst the players and staff. All I know is he had a chat with Madge and from that it went south very quickly so I’d be very interested in what was said.
There’s something not right at the club because Lee, Pascoe, Hartigan and Maguire seem to be on different planets, communication between the 4 appears optional because publicly it’s all over the place the grubby media are loving it. You just have to look through the forum and see everyone’s concerns about what’s happening with retention and recruitment so you’d have to say that those 4 have differing views on how to go forward.
The club needs a new motto
" United we stand Devided we fall"
On a side note who else is laughing at Seibold going to the Knights hahahaha

“he had a chat with Madge and from that it went south very quickly so I’d be very interested in what was said.” Yes, it would be interesting.
From the rest of your post, it appears you are assuming that Maguire said something untoward to Aloiai, and that what was said differs with what Lee, Pascoe, and Hartigan are saying. How do you know this?
Perhaps Aloiai said something untoward to Maguire that Maguire reacted to.

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@marzie said in Harry Grant:

Special player. As big a loss as Tedesco imo

Can’t lose something you never had.

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Have followed Tigers since I was about 8 years old and that is a very, very, long time ago and there have been a lot of disappointments along the way, but I have to say that today is right up there with them.

Quick someone Facebook message Sammy McIntyre and let him know his exit has moved into the upper pantheon with the 1989 Grand Final, the departure of Tim Brasher, the 1994 wooden spoon, the Hopoate hidden finger, the loss of Tedesco and the 2000 32-31 capitulation to Penrith.

I’m jumping straight across to the Laments thread!

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To this day I don’t understand anyone on this forum taking Rothfield or Hooper at all seriously. This is a football forum. Rothfield and Hooper are entertainment fiction writers. That is what they get paid for. They take an element of newsworthy truth (so that they are relevant on the day) and build a fantasy story around that. How often are their stories true? See it for what it is and don’t get your blood pressure up. I saw that article earlier on the internet and just kept scrolling.

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It’s playing out like exactly like last year. Miss out on LM, and BJ was the consolation prize. This year. miss out on JAC and get Mansour as the consolation prize.

I dont see Mansour as a prize.

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Ivan special


The strangest thing about this story is that there is a restaurant called Abbatoir Blues. Who calls a restaurant that?


I love the logo of a cow shedding a tear. I like the name.

That would trigger the vegans