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@TrueTiger said in Wests Tigers Team v Newcastle Rd 13:

I hope to see BJ and Tom T get plenty of ball from the halves in this game,I also think that Brooks will be able to run hard and have Tom and BJ suporting him and they all create havoc in the backline…this will be Brooks time to show us if he is a 7 or a running 6 that we all have asked for…

interesting game to watch I reckon and hopefully we will be back to our best defense and attack …

Yes if nothing else we get to see a few young guys get a chance to push for starting roles in 2021.

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I was critical of the spray (because it didn’t work). However, maybe Madge can then see who reacts well and who doesn’t?

I think he is the best option for us for the foreseeable future, but after supporting the last 2 imposters blindly I’m going to be more critical, mostly for my own sanity. It doesn’t mean I think he should go, just that he isn’t perfect and that’s kind of obvious for a human anyway…

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@Snake said in Does this club need the spoon:

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It needs relocation, so all the players that are comfortable living in Sydney and collecting their pay week in week out will not be keen to follow.

I have been one of the people who has expressed a similar viewpoint in the past. I would much prefer that the club stay in Sydney and build a power base in the South West, but this has not happened for twenty one years now. Can anyone see this changing? There has been some good recruitment of younger players, but I fear we are still the poor cousin of the Sydney teams. Yes - I could see a really bright future as the Wests Tigers relocated to Perth.

I’m not sure what the plan is with the CoE, but the way I see it now… WT should get the money to breath life into Leichhardt oval and play all their home games there. That’s where they’ve had most success by far. I dont Understand how moving to a remote location or changing the team’s colours does anything to improve efficiencies, profitability or increase the fan base?

The board needs to make the decision to play at one ground from next season … whether it be Bankwest/ ANZ/ Leichhardt/Campbelltown or wait a year and go to the new stadium at Moore park just pick one .IMO at this juncture this decision needs to be made as the club is just floundering around . Personally we would not like some of those grounds if selected but at this stage we see the relevance in making this decision and would support it 100% .

I want any strategy around stadiums other than the current one.

Even a 10/2 split shows some thought and establishes a clear home ground while allowing the odd game for tradition.

This current situation shows a tolerance, actually a preference, for taking the middle ground. The reality is in competitive businesses you win or lose, you don’t always aim for the middle ground.

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@formerguest said in If Madge fails.....:

@Tigerbuck63 said in If Madge fails.....:

i saw nothing at half time where the players respected what he was saying. We were completing our sets, In front if i was a player i would have thought give us a break we are trying but key players are letting us down.
What’s the game plan in the 2nd half coach, when is brooks on??
Walters was doing nothing i would have made changes at half time, that would have sent a message to the team instead of a spray.

Good to see others now joining in the chorus on this, as the spray seemed way out of place in the circumstances, with the failure to act on necessary changes not that far behind.

100% agreed. I applaud some extra toughness, but not the chair kicking and yelling when you’re ahead or in a dogfight.

I’m very confused by the Brooks situation. I reckon he thought he could get away with it one more week and beat the warriors with 16 if he had to. 3 playmakers didn’t help when there is no one to run a line.

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You can’t blame the ref tonight.

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With a gun to my head
3 Sam Mac
2 Blore
1 Grant

People giving points to Lawrence or Nofo should get a 1 week ban for trolling.

Talau was 95% solid and I can forgive him as a rookie. AD couldn’t walk and kept getting the ball from all THREE halves, none of whom had any ideas. Twal and Clark ok but ineffective in attach. The less said about the others the better.

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Sam Mac and the Huth have better ball skills than all our spine and utilities bar Benji and Grant.
Only half joking.

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I have no more patience for them after losses like this. I would go nuclear on the backline. Would prefer if we had a totally different 1-7 by rd 20.

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Pathetic effort from all of them including the coach.

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5 dummy half runs? Wouldn’t surprise me.