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This kid is far beyond the realm of reach of any fan browsing the September 2019 forum when we missed out on the semis again and seemed to be in cap debt for the next 2 or 3 years.
If we sign Latrell we are so far ahead of where we thought we would be it’s not funny for season 2020, let alone if we get Leilua as well as the extension of a 23 year old Twal (who was apparently out he door).
On top of that we have signed up Lee as Chairman who is quite possibly the freshest thing to hit this place since Naiqama’s haircut. Things are certainly looking up in Tiger Town and Pascoe is far from the fool many wanted to say he was.

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@tigerap said in Lee Hagipantelis announced as new Wests Tigers Chair:

I reckon this Guy has been our best signing in WT history!..in less than 1 week he has managed to garner so much press for the WT

And garner Garner!

Seriously though this guy should be the CEO of the NRL…he speaks with such confidence and you genuinely believe everything he says. Appears to have the best interest of the NRL at heart as well. As PL, no one would be pulling anything over him either.

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This story will fade away to nothing…watch

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@The_Patriot Salmon? That would sum up the Tigers if that trade went through.

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Brooks needs to move to 6 and we need to chase a Maloney type halfback really badly. This would solve a lot of our dramas moving forward! Brooks has talent but he can’t lead a side around. Watch him go if all he has to do is catch and run and think structures second.

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Panthers vs Sharks and Eels vs Knights are definitely favourable matchups for us next week. I can’t see the Broncos or Manly losing next week and the other games are top 4 teams. A huge day of action today!!

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There will be no changes to this team, perhaps a bench player starting and someone dropping back to the bench. As much as i’d like it, I can’t see Talau being thrown out to the slaughter against the 3rd placed Raiders in Canberra, could set him back years. He isn’t enough of a junior standout to know he’ll handle it.

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Well actually that is a little incorrect. The stealing of children actually happened up until 1970 which is why this is still so fresh.

I don’t think its the words in the song, more so that Aboriginals were not really a voice when the anthem was chosen or written.
I dont see why people get so offended by the whole topic. What are you scared of? The song was created by some Scottish guy in 1878 and didnt become our national anthem until 1984.

I sing the anthem as a proud Aussie.

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I can see why. It’s the anthem of the white Australian and subsequent immigrants that followed.